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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That was just a dumb game all around. The Jazz were horrible. The Refs were horrible. If the reffing was fair, the Jazz might have only lost by 8 or 10! They will need AK and/or Boozer to be able to play if they want any chance of beating the Nuggets


about Todd from Santa Ana
thats the one great thing about the end of the season...i won't have to read his crap anymore..

Todd you were YAHOOING a couple of games back forecasting a 2 or 3 seed..now you're breaking you ankles jumping off the wagon..
we don't need you breaking down the game with who played great and who didn't...we all watch...

your posts are predictable and have become tiresome...

give it a rest friend...

oh and by the way.....AVERY JOHNSON????? really....WOW!!! sell me some...

jazzy boys fan

I know Korver had a really bad game, but come on... give him a break. He did not purposely not shoot 3s to get that dumb record. He is a good teammate and has too much heart to do that. He was not open. Had he been open and had he been given time to get into the rhythym of shooting he would have taken a 3 when available. I agree it looks bad, but he wouldn't sell his team down the river for a record!! Keep supporting Kyle!


JK you frighten me...I am shaking....I could care less what anyone thinks....I do hate Sloan, of course. The fact is he is never blamed for one thing that goes wrong. "it is not the players that have to self motivated and focused". Phoenix guarded the 3 point line far better "watch the tape" oh sure a few times they did not, the Jazz NEVER DO Then again when I called for a #2 or # 3 seed that was EXPECTING AK AND BOOZER WOULD PLAY. Still, the Jazz rushed shots because when they tried to go inside to Milsap he was smothered and had nowhere to go with the ball and badly deficient in height.

Still. Sloan philosophy is why players are not in position to rotate and help, it is HIS DESIGN


I will say it again....If someone with strength to discipline or someone with RINGS (Riley, Jackson, Popovich, Rivers) were in charge last night, either theyr'e words and teammates pressure KIRILENKO AND BOOZER WOULD HAVE PLAYED.

Fes getting 2 minutes is a joke. You guys just do not like me and that is cool the truth hurts

Captain L

What a bunch of fair weather fans, complain, complain, complain, whine, whine, whine. Without Booz & AK the Jazz were just overmatched. If both Booz & AK can return for the playoffs, we have a chance. Denver hasn't been playing well lately & if the Jazz are healthy they can beat the Nuggets.
Let's hope Booz & AK can regain their health and play like they can. Go Jazz.


Forgot last year another mental breakdown losing the last game at Spurs putting us in Laker Bracket 8th.

Care less. Expecting loss to Nuggets because we do not seem to have enough character-keep supporting Sloan, keep supporting average. The Boston Bruins made playoffs like 20 years in a row and they had noting to show for it. Maybe a new coach would bring his own system could even be better more defense oriented, and different type of players. ...such as a #2 guard who may be available Like Salmons and Matthews can back him up, A high pick to draft an athletic lengthy big man, try and get a legitimate Small forward,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,or Paul move there, Okur to #4 and a true center

You will be shocked to learn Jazz basketball will not "cease" without Sloan. Then again you can rid us of Greg sell to the team and move them to Honda Center I am down with that-here greg and 'Jer" accountable
I am ere to "shock you"

Life will not cease and neither will Jazz B BAll without Jer and "his Sloanaholics"

You all may learn other methods, you know 21st century stuff frin ither cocd


Todd, you keep saying we need to run people off the 3 point line, but then you complain that we dont have a true shot blocking center. Where is your logic???

sloan does prefer instead of running at the three line and letting them penetrate, he prefers to approach to guard the penetration since we have no big man with blocking capabilities down low, but in the zone where they started draining threes is not the same concept.

So running the three off, made them make an extra pass to another good three point shooter and he drained it. Rotation is too slow, not running off the three.

But you would have us run at shooters so they can pump fake and drive and go straight to our "lack of the true center" so they can have a higher percentage shot?? where is the logic, 40 percent shot vs 80 percent shot in a layup that is basically uncontested with memo being slow and booz playing Ole.

Great personnel coaching Todd, knowing your players is what a semi pro coach should know, its coaching 101 in the book for dummies. Oh well, lets let teams drive on us.

the Mailman

Are you guys serious???

Sloan is not the problem? He is the only constant in 22 years of coming up short.

The answer is staring you in the face, you just choose to look elsewhere.

big daddy

The JAZZ just looked & played tired & they only have 2 days off to get ready for the NUGGETS.

The good thing is they don't have to do anything to get ready they just have to be ready to play and beat them in Denver atleast 1 game to start off with.

If Boozer & AK47 are not back they don't stand much of a chance.

Last night the SUNS took advantage of the refs leting them pound on the JAZZ in the paint - but that is the way the ball bounces or should we say gets blocked.

Come on Sloan & your coaches - kick them in the buttt. It is a long play-off - into May to start off.

Jazz Cop

@bug off-exactly, these changes would make us a better team, it doesn't seem out of reach.
@sincenow-you are probably the same person who denver pays to post, or something, r u kidding, lastnights game was the equaivalent of a playoff series, and we lost, you gotta find a way if injured to play.

@todd-perhaps the boozer injury is a front office conspiracy, they secretly hold boozer out so they don't have to risk looking bad by losing to phx with boozer, instead they garuantee a loss and they secure the reason to say they thing you quoted, that the team should stay together because they haven't been healthy together yet.

which is actually false, the team was healthy for a short stretch, ak played amazing, but he fell off then got injured, everyone else was playing good too, defense was focused on; but ak was playing really his best ball in a few years, which case if that was what 16 mil gets you fine, but this is the case of ak showing up which he sometimes does, but usually doesn't, injury excuses or not.


I am so irritated,not that the jazz lost but how they lost. I saw absolutely no effort in a game that meant so much. I put that on sloan. I have been saying this for years and people still praise sloan. If he was the coach for any other team he would have been gone a long time ago. It is the same thing every year.3 years ago the jazz got to the western finals and they were the up and coming team, since then they have gone backwards. Again,it goes back to sloan. HE NEEDS TO GO! It's been the same way throughout the years with different players but the same result. The one thing that hasn't changed is the coach. WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU!! Why are other teams getting better while the jazz stay the same? Instead of building a playoff team why not build a team that can win a championship. This up coming offseason is stacked with big name free agents. Get rid of boozer and AK and get a quality big man. Show the fans that you are at least trying to compete for a title.

Jazz Cop

What last night showed along with the season, w/o ak and booz, the team gets destroyed, w just ak-the jazz are an eighth seed, w just booz the jazz are a fifth seed, w both, i think we'd be looking at a second seed, the injuries took their toll, as far as legitimate injuries go, this is a matter that relates to tough decisions, being the fact that the millers are probably not in a position to operate it like the wealthier owners. thus, the philosophy of continuity, which has become the jazz gold standard-ok, this standard is not some law and even laws sometimes need to be broken, and because how everything relates maybe changes need to be made, doesn't mean that those decisions are easy to make, but not being easy is not excuse for players-as this is how sloan talks-so it is not an excuse for managment and coaches, to always do the easy thing and making it easy by always taking a min risk,
we could've traded for s. jackson,
ok, players are available that the jazz are afraid of.

Jazz Cop

@ng-the reason why the jazz are going down is because they are doing the 'stupid' things that you recommend and back.


anyone who believes that the Jazz lost that game because of their defense needs to stop watching basketball. Just stop. You don't understand the game.

The Jazz shot 30 for 80 from the field. They lost because of their offense not their defense.

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