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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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For the past 22 years, there were only 7 teams have won the championship. Bulls (6 times), Lakers (5 times), Pistons (3 times), Rockets (2 times) San Antonio (4 times), Miami (1 times) and Boston (1 times). And in this 22 years, Jackson won 10 championship, and Popovich won 4 times, Riley won 2 times.

Jazz, at the same times, have winning reord 21 out of 22 season, 2 NBA finals appearance, missed playoff twice.

And now, people is saying Sloan is outdated and other teams moved on? Hello, last time I checked, they only award one championship a year. Be grateful Jazz is not like Clippers or Timberwolves, or even Bucks and Knicks.

The Final Word

WHO KNEW...that Steve Nash and Dragic were such defensive stoppers?

They sure put the brakes on Deron last night.

What pretender Deron was last night.

He and Korver can exchange stories of valor in the offseason. Both veterans were AWOL!!

Okur surprised me the most--injured and played anyway and ended playing better than the healthy players.

That ought to tell you something about the healthy players effort. What bunch of lazy mental midgets these players are!!

I understand we were horrifically overmatched with 2/3rds of our starting talent on the bench but where was the stinking effort!!


I'm afraid I have to disagree with Todd on most of his comments. His "knowledge" of the game from coaching or reffing semi pro basketball was confined to bashing sloan in every post. I think he secretly has a crush on him and every Jazz game curls up on the couch with lipstick on to watch the games.

2 Starters are out, one being a monster against the suns in booz and everyone is acting surprised.

As soon as I heard on the radio that Booz and AK werent playing I cancelled my Tivo for the game. There wasnt a chance they were gonna win a game against a team that with a full Denver line up, dismantled them by 26.

I really hope Jazzcop has been watching his boy Korver over the last 2 weeks because he has shown why he's not a starter in this league. Matthews at least tried to play D and attack the rim, Korver was a ghost.

Now I do not agree with how Jerry has developed his bench because it could be better, but we are still a deep team with everyone healthy.


9 guys deep with our regular starters not injured is a good bench, Not every team can be 10 deep like phx, though Collins never plays except when lopez is injured so I shouldnt count him. take away booz's nearly 20 and 11 or his 25.5 and 14.8 he has averaged against the suns and you can see why we needed him in this game. Biggest game, but he didnt play and that I can somewhat understand with the injury coming last night.

With that said, I see no reason why AK doesnt play, slower or not we're a better team when he's playing and the guy continues to sit on the bench with an injury booz had earlier in the season that only sidelined him a week. Shows the kind of mentality AK has, SCARED!!!

There was a lack of hustle in the second quarter and memo was doing everything he could to keep us in the game, but he's injured and cant be superman.

The difference between Jer and Gentry is gentry has older bigs that have at least 2 more years than our KK and FES

yankee doodle

Hey Jazz Source? Didn't the Almighty Boozer play in the Houston loss? Yeah that's what I thought. And he can't even try to play on what you said yourself was a game of this magnitude, even the hobbled Okur gutted it out and he is considered soft, so what does that make the Almighty Boozer? You have your opinions and we have ours!!!! So get of your high horse and come back down to reality. And on a side note, what happened to the Jazz with ALL of it's talent at home against the Lakers without most of its talent, THEY GOT SMOKED!!!!

Jazz Source

re: ya he did...and he played in the other 77 games as well that got us in position to play for the 3rd seed.

I'm just as ticked as the next person Boozer got injured and did not play--it cost us an exciting post season playoff experience.

Seiously though, this guy has a history of injuries and he is WITHOUT A CONTRACT and you seriously think he is going to sit when he could have actually played? That is a ridiculous premise.

As far as your Laker comment--I agree Boozer is too short to compete against the Lakers but last time I checked they are the reigning NBA champions and there are 28 other teams that have the same problem.

We would not have even sniffed the 2 or 3 seed if Boozer would not have delivered the impressive regular season performance he did.

Don't speak on others behalf because the stats don't lie. Boozer delivered all season long and that is a large reason we had the chance we did.

Is he the horse to beat the Lakers? No I don't believe he is but that doesnt mean he's worthless.


Do any of you think that Boozer was trying to help the Jazz by healing and not making his injury worse
for the playoffs?

What do you think of this thought? Since in some ways, Boozer has actually stuck with it this year...


NGB now with doug and Blauche "the Thee AMigos"

Keep it up "sloanaholic"



re: Jazz Source and The Final Word

You're right that Deron didn't play his best game, but lets not throw him under the bus. Last nights performance was the result of him trying to do too much, or trying to make up for the team not having Boozers 20 points. He shot a bad %, and made a lot of turnovers, but don't forget that he shot 14 free throws. That is what great players do if they struggle from the field. I guarantee that he has a few nagging injuries as well, but he suited up.

Alright, that is all the negativity I can handle. Let's move on and talk about the upcoming matchup.




Phoenix averages over the season 9 out of 21 3 point shots. Over the previous 10 games they are making 10 of 23. And that is what they did against Utah 10 for 21.

Todd - you just do not understand the first thing about basketball. The reason the Jazz lost had nothing to do with Phoenix 3 point shooting or the Jazz's Defense.

The Jazz lost for the same reason they always - They fear shooting outside. There is no reason the Jazz did not shoot 40 3 point shots yesterday. They had multiple open shots. And Miles and Okur were the only players who were willing to shoot any of them.

Phoenix did not defend the 3 point line either. The Jazz just did not shoot them. KORVER WAS AWFUL.

Koufas is a worst player than Collins was. Yet the Jazz Ran 4 low post plays for him and 1 for Fes for zero points.

Fans who say we need to play Fes and Koufas - If they were good sloan would play them


great comeback Todd, I can see why you are so reverred. I disagree with many of sloan's philosphies. I hate that Fes didnt start playing more and the start of the season when he seemed a little more focused. I hated at the first of the year when he wouldnt let this club shot the three ball more often. But you've even admitted Todd that he's made some adjustments so give credit when its due. Matthews, a rookie starting and playing big mins. They've been playing more outside game lately and have designed 3 point plays.

So unlike your own biased, i've bashed when needed and have given praise when deserved, maybe that's why you only made it as a semi pro coach. Learn to give praise and blame when its due.

You will never win an arguement that its Jerrys job to motivate these guys to play and to play with heart. His job is to create a scheme to help them execute and win. The players have to play with the desire and focus, no matter what he did last night they didnt have enough fire power.


oh Todd and his fearsome club of naysayers, i'm seeing the validity of your past arguements against me come to fold as well. Todd's buddy jazzcop would argue with me all day about starting Korver since he's such a saavy vet, look at what he's done lately in pressure situations. Todd's bashing on sloan when the players arent coming to play is exactly what he's now saying is the problem. Doesn't matter what sloan says in the locker room or doesnt say, if the players dont come out to play or execute or try (in the case of AK and Booz) then it doesnt matter how great a coach he is.

Talk about worthless, Todd's arguement, being a semi pro coach is outdated and jealousy is abudantly clear. Blame Jerry all you want, I have in the past, but the fact is when two of the 4 best players on the team dont want to gut it out, it doesnt mean your coach is bad, it means the organization shouldnt resign them, cuz they have no heart or will


Boozer and Andre are great players but they are both made of glass, a hang nail and they are out. Having them injured all the time is the same as not having them. It's a tough dilemma.


I agree with you guys, they didn't show up last night, this supposed to be the biggest game and became the biggest disapointment in franchise history. Loozer and AK-47 sitting out? that is weak, they have no heart and they don't care about the fans, team and teamates, they are here just for their money. I love soccer and I remember Beckenbahuer playing for Germany in the world cup final in 1974 with a broken arm, going into overtime, that is heart and I'm sure that was a sharper pain than loozer's.

We need to rebuild the team around DWill, we can get great pick and let loozer and Ak go have some money to go out on the fre agent market this summer and land C-Bosh!!

And I think we can still beat Denver if we show up. Go Jazz



Last time I checked his name wasn't Jared Collins it was Jarron... Get your facts straight before talking about players... And I think we are in some serious trouble especially if BOOzer and AK don't play at all... Specifically BOOzer!! We should just send AK packing, he has been worthless the last part of the season...

And isn't it time for Steve Nash to retire, I can't stand hearing his name or even seeing him!!

And I watch Hollingers Playoff Odds on ESPN everyday and it still has the Jazz with the highest percentage of going to the NBA Finals out of anybody in the West... I just wish it would be true!!


While it was extremely frustrating to watch the Jazz MELT AGAIN in an important game, I think if Boozer and AK 47 show up, we can take care of Denver in 6 games. By the way...... The reason AK47 is called AK47 is that we A.ll K.now he will miss at least 47 games per season.
Memo, Boozer and AK are all wimpy. They allow hang nails to keep them of the court. This is why I say they will beat the Nuggets, then lose to whomever they play next.


I had Milsap on my fantasy team and he was VERY inconsistant. There were so many nights where he'd have like 4-pts and 4-boards and 4-turnovers and that's it.

Then one good game about once every 2 weeks.

Boozer is a MUCH more consistant player. He just happens to be hurt. (again)

And an oblique strain is not going to just go away. He's going to really feel it everytime he raises his arms. This is not a good sign for the Jazz. I hope he can play to a high level but I would be surprised.


That won't be a problem for Loozer!! he never raises his arms when he is playin D, I hope he got some pain that means at least he is raising his arms!! And I agree Booz is more consistant if he is healthy, or should I say he is more consistan with his injuries!!


Didn't Ron Artest drink alcohol at halftime in the locker room...? Maybe Boozer should live up to his name while he is injured... I for one feel no pain with a little bit of alcohol in me... Just a thought... I think we can beat Denver, Lets just pray that OKC beats LA which they most likely could do!!

here we go

Last night was pathetic...definitely a game the fans wanted to win - but the players didn't care. Should have been treated like a Game 7 in my opinion.

As for the Denver matchup, maybe I'll boycott so I don't have to see Ty Lawson run circles around DWill for the next 4 games. Why is it DWill makes Lawson look like an All Star?

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