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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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When will the EnergySolutions crowd give up on chanting "M-V-P" to Deron Williams? Deron is a great player - even an All-Star most years - but he is nowhere near an MVP.

We needed Williams to have a big night, but instead he went 5-17. Tuesday he was terrible as well. I love Deron and I'm glad he's on our side, but it's time to give up on the MVP chants. True MVP's relish the opportunity to step up big in games like this, but Deron basically laid an egg. It's not the first time he's done that in big games either.

Nuggets in 5.

Chris B

Nothing like another early exit in the playoffs.

Oh well, there's next season, right?


Like my name, it is what everyone is on these boards isn't. It's kind of funny how many opions there are. I bet half these blow up the ship comments were the same ones that thought we could give the lackers a run for their money in the western conference finals. I do however think that there are some changes that need to be made, starting with the 29 million that was sitting on the bench for the most important game of this season. This one game was probably more important the the whole series that the suns will now be able to enjoy.


The bigger problem that Boozer is AK. We pay him way too much money, and he has played in 2 of the last 18 games. Last night wouldnt have even mattered had he played in those other games. We have lost 7 games since he has been injured. I am sure we would have won half of those had he not been weak. For all the Booz haters. He averages 19 and 11. We would be horrible if we didnt have him.


The only gripe I have is the lack of production from the bench. You've gotta be ready to play. Boozer is a big reason for why the Jazz were in a position to take a 3rd seed into the playoffs, so you all can lay down your pitchforks and blaming injured players for losses. If I had to pick between Booz and AK playing in the last regular season game (as big as it may be) and having them for the playoffs, I pick the playoffs. If they'd aggravated their injuries during this last game, things would be a lot worse. Of course, for some of you, that would have been a reason to come out and post "Boozer doesn't want to play in the playoffs".
Like I said, no bench production last night, plus poor shooting from our shooting guards, a tough night for Milsap, and a strong Phoenix team.
Not what I wanted, but I'm still psyched to see these guys play with all of their roster. There's still loads of potential. Go Jazz!


Yes, it is time to send Kirilenko and Boozer out the door....How can the Jazz keep this Russian frail scarecrow with no heart and no soul? Then you
have Boozer, in a suit on the most important game of the year...
Frankly, I am tired of Sloan, the Millers, KOC and this team....

Henry Drummond

When you have Fesenko and Kofous on the floor at the same time during a critical stretch of the game you know you're in deep trouble.


todd to Since Now

This is the predictable scenario:

Jazz Lose in 6 or 7

O Connor says "we love tis young squad, we still have not seen a Full Jazz roster because of the untimely injuries by Kirilenko and Carlos. We would have been likely #3 seed if they had been healthy, then no one is negative. I say we keep this fine young nucleus, we will have a higher pick on draft, we will make a move only if it makes fiscal sense and help our squad and confident the Jazz when healthy can be fun and competitive and challenge as a top contender. We will likely make few changes, you may see this same roster, either way I love our future"

The "sloanaholics were aroused like Doug and Blaunch and united in support for Kev and his main man "Jer" for another season bright ahead of 50-32 and early playoff exit.

The "sloanaholics" felt great and were more than happy with just 82 games to keep them occupied until Bees Baseball or Gardening work could be done.


Quit all the hating on our team!! Bring on Denver baby!!


They were only slightly better than an NBA Development team last night..Why do people continually praise Sloan?


I cannot understand why either AK or BOOZ did not play. It would have been a huge confidence boost for the team. Even at 90% phx would have had to guard booz, not allowing double teams all night on d-will. Play this game, win it, the take the ENTIRE series off against Portland to heal. At home, without Roy, it would have been easy. Then healthy, I like our chances against Dallas or San Antonio, then on to the conf finals and who knows, maybe its not the lakers and maybe we have home court. The Jazz franchise just went from 8 to 10 more home games, to probably just 2. So if the Millers are so worried about the money, they should have demanded they play so they could get the extra revenue. Both have "promised" to be back by the playoffs. If that is so, there is NO reason they should have been in street clothes last night. Wes Matthews takes a pounding every game, giving 100%, and yes, makes rookie mistakes. He has probably been kicked in the leg and punched in the gut, but he keeps playing hard because HE WANTS TO PLAY!


Has Koufos improved at all in 2 years? I wish the Jazz would get rid of the loafers...


I haven't been hard on Booz too much all year, everyone knew to expect big numbers as he was paying for the raise he guaranteed he'd get. I had been open to him returning next year but to not show up in the biggest game of the year w/ a mild injury is weak to me. To say that it is more important to have him rested for the playoffs is weak also. I'd take a Portland matchup over a matchup w/ the Nuggets. Even if Booz is sore.

With all that said, I don't know that Booz would have been the difference last night. It just would have said more about him. I still like our chances against the Nuggets with the way they've been playing lately.


The world didn't end - it was just one game! Denver is a mess and Utah will see the Lakers in round 2...and they might still be a mess too. DWill can dominate Fisher.

As a Suns fan I have to say WOHOO - I have been to about a dozen games in SLC to watch my team, I am glad they finally held a lead.

In case you didn't notice, PHX is pretty good. No shame in losing to them without Boozer and AK. I expected more of a fight, but cmon, this was not the biggest game of the year. Saturday's is.


koufos is 7 foot tall and was blocked over and over and over. no idea how to score in a league where everyone else has height and more talent. Good college player, not an NBA player.

Jazz have lost all their toughness. I cannot think of one player willing to put someone on the floor once in a while. Ostertag was tougher than most of our current lineup. The art of OLE! is becoming perfected in Utah


I have reaced the point of hatred for AK and Boozer. AK is the one that really takes the cake. He is the highest paid player on the team and has no heart or soul. Go back and play for Russia AK. Void your contract next year. You don't care to be here. Same with you Boozer. Any "real" athlete would have played last night. Give your heart to your team or get out. Besides Mathews and Deron, this team has no heart or character. Everyone is trade bait. Why is Koufos playing over fess all of a sudden? He is horrible. Milsap is not good. Blow this thing up or you will start losing more fans then you already have.

Jazz Source

What a bunch of hacks!!!! And that could apply to many of the COMMENTERS here AND THE PLAYERS!!

Sloan is the problem?


Okur is hobbled.
Boozer is out.
AK is out.

Please tell us what other team is going to beat the 2nd or 3rd hottest team in the NBA since the allstar break with 2/3rds of its talent sitting injured on the bench?

Get serious!!

Now, what I will add to that is the fact that the remaining players (with the exception of Memo) were GUTLESS, PATHETIC, LAZY, AND GENERALLY APATHETIC in last nights game.

Sloans system has beat the Suns before and come from 20 points down to do it so save your flawed logic.

The help defense and rotations were slow and weak. The players stood like witnesses as the Suns jacked up threes. THE PLAYERS did nothing to stop it.

The PLAYER EFFORT for a game of this magnitude was just unforgiveable.

Back to back pathetic games from Deron after he hardly played at Golden State.

Hope everyone enjoyed a PREVIEW OF NEXT SEASONS TEAM WITHOUT BOOZER!!! All you Millsap lovers got a good taste of what will happen next year!!

Uncle Rico

Bring on Denver!


You know that 15 years ago, with Malone and Stockton, in this same type of situation, would NOT be denied the chance to come out and show their stuff if they were injured like AK and Boozer. Why can't they have enough guts to play in the most important game of the entire season?



What a sissy...planning his shots to preserve his precious 3 point shooting season record.

That guy should be fired/waived.

A guy that leads the NBA in 3 point % and he can't make a single shot.

I have always said it...he is great at making shots when it does not matter. Last night it mattered and what did he do?


What a pretender!!

If the Jazz get on the other side of the bracket they easily get to the second round and possibly win that series also and end up in the WCF.

Now they quite possibly lose to the Nuggets and if they magically beat them then they get embarrassed by the Lakers.

Deron? I thought you were supposed to be a leader for your team?


Nice legacy.

They all be "GONE FISHIN'" very soon anyways.

You get a chance to see what your players are made of when it matters most and I guess now we know what we have got!!

No wonder they "turtle up" every time we play the Lakers. MENTALLY WEAK!!

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