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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Hard Reality.

1. Sloan's defensive philosophy is obsolete. The coaches/players knew PHO would shoot 3s. They left them open. The philosophy of hoping a team designed to shoot 3s will not make them has to change.

2. Boozer needs to move on. He is good in the regular season but not against tall line ups. Millsap is not the answer either. It is better to have someone who scores 3 points less per game but who plays D and is not injury prone.

3. The Sloan system makes the Jazz too dependent on the PG and PF positions. If one or both play bad, get disrupted or hurt the Jazz YO YO. There has to be more balance and more production from the SG. There has to be more consistent shooting from the outside. The problem is Sloan and his philosophies again which are out dated.

4. Gentry developed his bench and played his young bigs all year. They are ready. Sloan did not he worried to much about Vet egos and stats.

5. Sloan is not a play off coach. This team is designed for the regular season. It is designed for the flawed Sloan system.


Just when you had the entire state excited about the playoffs Boozer shows up to the biggest game of the year in a suit. I want to watch a Jazz team that shows me they want to play and that they actually care. I'll skip the playoffs this year.


Well, I guess the Jazz wanted an early summer. Too bad, if they won this game they would have gone to the conference finals. I'm not seeing much success over Denver.


Just like I called it a few days ago

53 wins and a 4th or 5th seed depending on how tie breakers worked out

since it turns out to be a 5th seed,

and since they do NOT havbe homecourt advantage over the beat in regular season we call the playoffs as probable the jazz will lose in the first round.

thus again proving my other words,

the jazz have NOT improved over 4 years now.

Will NOT win a championship with this team and this coach.

I have seem the same things happen in the 80s' and 90s' and now the 00s'

and same excuses and wishful thinking from the management and media and fans,

real change is needed.

Let's just hope they don't blow the draft as usual,

and do nothing to improve the team.


I really hoped we'd get the two or three seed. But it is what it is. I hope Jerry Sloan learns hoe important it is to develop his young players through out the year instead of waiting till the final most important game of the regular season. And I realy hope we can play well against Denver. Though I can't see us getting past the second round since we can't seem to beat the lakersor the thunder.


Horrible help Defense on 3's, Sloan should have tried man to man D!

Is there any doubt Malone, Stock or even D Will would have played given Boozer's or even AK's injuries? Take some advil, get some magic spray and buck up in THE MOST IMPORTANT REGULAR SEASON GAME IN JAZZ HISTORY! I guess Booze figures this is not his team/gone next year, so why push himself!

I would like to think there is still hope for a first round victory, but without home court advantage, that appears tough! 1 lousy game away from playing Portland (with home court) instead of Denver and NO Lakers until the finals; how sad to see that effort and No Booze/AK for a game with such importance!


I called all of it....Boozer and Kirilenko can leave on a boat and send them to SS Minnow

SLoan makes no adjustments. He will not guard "3s". I do not care if Blauch and Doug and all of society come here and "defend Sloan". Mark Jackson commented everyone in the Jazz Camp should take "a look in the mirror" and "no Adjustments" (Meaning 10 3s in 3 quarters) Phoenix who you "all said" played no defense controlled the game with 10 blocks, and Jazz committed 19 turnovers. Ironic that even Jared Collins did a good job patrolling the paint-all of this is so Ironic...

When they lose to Denver, this ship "needs to cast away". Anyone almost makes the playoffs in this league. What do you do when you get there? I guess when Adrian Dantley who has struggled (another ex Jazz Man) outcoaches Sloan, Maybe the state will ask like me "Jer please move on and go"

You all know I am right...

Lastly, did you notice the bench. At least Boozer cheered for his teammates. "Your AK 47 16 million dollars worth" acted disinterested the whole night.

The 2 headaches can leave and free up money


Avery is a call away


Both AK and Boozer were out, and Okur playing hurt, the game was ugly to see. Too many outside shots. But then, just take one game at a time, we can beat Denver. Go Jazz.


I would like to thank the Jazz players for wasting my time and money tonight. You guys are a joke. I can deal with a losing, if you try. Sitting in the stands I saw no effort. To Bugoff, you could have the greatest schemes ever, but if the players don't execute (read in this case just hustle) it doesn't matter. The Jazz were slow, passive and played soft as warm butter on a day when they had everything to play for.

Dwilll has "no guts no glory" on his arms, well that's true the Jazz showed no guts today, and will have the glory of a quick exit from the playoffs.

Tin Man

Please don't make me watch another year of Miles and Price....one turnover after another...one bad shot after another. Miles has sucked up enough money, cut our losses and get rid of him. Worthless.


I think the Jazz have a really good chance against the Nuggets, it's pretty even, if BOOZ and Pop-Gun comeback. If not, keep your fingers crossed Jazz faithful.

Does this become another "won and done" season for the Utah Jazz, Western Conference Finals I say.

the Mailman

Hey, thats what happens when you don't put time into your reserves. You lose 20 and 10 like he says, but get no numbers from his replacements (Kosta and Fez)because no investment, no time and effort was put into them on game days..

Just like it was always going to be, the Jazz will be bundled out nice and early, with the same old problems as usual..coach Sloan being the main one.


With Stockton and Malone the Sloan system could not produce a contender without sufficient outside shooting, very good defense and a deep bench.

This team has none of those elements.

I live in a major market city. Other teams are afraid to acquire Boozer.
1. He is injury prone
2. DWill/Sloan make his stats look better than reality.
3. They fear he will not play hard with a new contract.

Memo matches well some night and poorly others.

Sloan has not designed enough consistent outside shooting into the SF and SG positions.

The defense has trouble with 3 point teams by Sloan design.

Jazz management has tinkered with fixing the above problems. Now they need to get serious.

If you insist on Sloan then put enough shooting into the perimeter. Get a taller PF. Get a traditional C. Guard the 3s.

Design a playoff team, not a regular season team. Sloan is not a playoff coach. He got out coached by Gentry.

The mind set has to change in Jazz management. Stop planning for the regular season. Plan on beating LA/DEN/PHO and design for it. Force Sloan to make changes.

Losing is not entertaining.

John Wicks

The Jazz went on vacation early. Pathetic play, no savvy, heart, or sense of urgency. Korver won't shoot protecting his field goal%. Miles still a boy playing in a men's league. D-Will not as good as he thinks he is. This team needs to be dismantled starting from the top. Hand C.J., Boozer and A.K. their walking papers and get some players who want to perform! Wake up Greg before it's too late.


Utah sports just keep breaking my heart, why don't I learn and just stop believing?

Hugh G. Hater

Bugoff is right.

What I'd really like to say would never get posted due to the vulgarity content.

This team is a joke. We've stood still with Sloan for 22 years while (especially this season in the west) other teams have moved on.

All I hear from Greggy boy is how much the team costs. What a crybaby. If you won't manage it to win why do you have it? Overnight, this team is no longer "fun and competitive".

This team needs to either be blown up or sold.


The Jazz were outmatched and injured, but let's face it. With so much on the line, we should have at least been competitive. One single game took us from the Western conference finals into a first round exit. We're not beating the Thuggets, and we're sure as heck not even going to compete with LA if we somehow make it that far. Amazing how one game could blow a really good chance to go far in the playoffs. Really hard to see us competing when we're on the road.


It was a lot more positive around here yesterday, looks like the worst case scenario happened.

This is a game Booz should've played. He needed to still show everyone something. What did he have to play for? His future contract, the fans, maybe his teamates respect? I'm sure the last one of those reasons is totally gone now. I have to think that at least AK's injury is legit, even Sloan said he just didn't look ready. Todd, I don't know why you'd be surprised that Booz was into the game, he always is. He has perfected the art of looking like he's into the game. All that talking and yelling is all for show, makes you look like you're playing harder.

One positive I see happening now is Booz having a monster series against the Nuggets. I bet he puts up around 25 and 15 for the series. Obviously playing for his next contract, I just hope it's not from the Jazz.


the sky is falling the sky is falling..

Todd is jumping in front of buses and throwing Sloan under the same vehicle.

Jazz lost with the two highest paid players sitting on the bench. Take away Amare and Nash and see where the Suns end up.

Many comments condeming Sloan yet it is not his fault Boozer scored as many points as Korver and guarded better on the bench. Sloan is not at fault that Matthews could not hit for half the game.

Sloan may be at fault for keeping Price, but not because Deron can't hit a 3 in a meaningful game.

Millsap needed some testosterone prior to the game and again at half. He maybe left what he had to offer in Golden State, he did not show up for the Phoenix game.

Trashing Boozer about injuries is not helpful. AK makes more and is hurt more often and is less useful so what good does it do to trash Boozer? It is obvious to me he has carried the team on his shoulders this season, played more games than Deron and has proved himself.

that is more than the fair weather fans who comment here

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