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Published: Thursday, April 15 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kosta Koufos, Kirk Snyder.....while Eric Maynor was gold.


I think the Jazz will win the series if both Boozer and Kirilenko are able to play the whole time, and if no other starters get hurt. The last game against the Suns would have been completely different with them as well.


just get rid of both of them. Please do not bring Boozer back. Ditto for AK.

Boise Bill

Boozer could learn a thing or two from Malone. You're paid to play! Get with the program. Karl always play while he was injured. Considering the importance of that game, Karl would have done anything to contribute. Boozer will never have the heart of Malone.


These are about the lamest, whiniest comments I have ever read. Do many of you read what you write? Do you guys realize that Boozer has a partially torn oblique that was a confirmed by an x-ray and MRI? Do you also realize that in order to shoot a basketball you have to raise your arms above your head? Go tear your oblique, try shooting a basketball and then let me know how it works out for you. I loved Karl Malone (arguably the toughest guy to ever play in the NBA) as much as the next fan but show me one instance where he played in an NBA game 24 hours after tearing a muscle. (he probably never did because he was practically inhuman but that's beside the point)


Get over it fans, Karl & John don't play for us any longer. Yes what they did do while here was admirable we better face up to it--it's over! Now the Millers need to overhaul the team just like they would one of their prized vehicles if it needed new parts. O'Conner and the present coaching staff need to go to the recycle yards, and unmotivated players from this years team need to get their resumes updated and sent to other teams in this league. Get a "NEW" attitude started here and with the Knick pick make the right decision whether it be a pick or a trade. Bring in players that want to play hard with some heart.


AK is out for the Denver series which really puts more pressure on the rest of the guys. Even though the Boozer injury is appears more serious than initially reported, Boozer haters won't rest until they beat Denver. Denver is without George Karl so we do have the coaching advantage. Then we shock the Lakers, take care of Phoenix or Dallas... I'm getting carried away but we really have a good shot against Denver.

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