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Published: Tuesday, April 13 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Forgot to mention another dynamic that should help us.

Deron got in foul trouble last night and consequently never really played as many minutes. He had a bad game and he usually does not have 2 really bad ones in a row and so I would expect him to bounce back nicely knowing what is at stake.

Possessions were down in that GS game too so there was alot less running. GS never even scored 100 points so it was a slower paced game which means guys should not be as tired.

Go Jazz.


Be a man Korver! We want you to get that record but make it legit buddy. You hid from the 3 point line all night last night. Our team jacked up 18 three pointers last night and you did not shoot one of them???? We have to win tonight. We need good spacing in our offense. Spot up where you normally do. We need you to be a threat from beyond the arc. Don't be the baseball player who sits out the last day to win the batting title or Ricky Davis shooting at the opponent's basket to get a rebound and a triple double. We want you to get the record because you are the most accurate 3 point shooter in NBA history, legitimately. THIS GAME IS TOO IMPORTANT. Personal records do not matter at this point. We can't be dropped to the 5 seed because you are defering the 3's to lesser shooters.


jazzfiniga: They talked about this last night on the Bulls game. A couple years ago the rule changed. The only thing a division winner is guaranteed is top 4 spot, if a team does not win its division and finishes ahead like a Phoenix they become 3. In fairness, many of us including me did not know the rule


Go Jazz! It is a huge game against the Suns today! Win and they will be 2 or 3 seed, lose and they will be 5 seed in the west! I will be there!

The B.I.V.

We have the tiebreaker over Dallas so if we win and they lose, we tie but get the #2 seed via the tiebreaker. Denver holds the tiebreaker over us so if we lose then we tie with Denver but get the #5 seed via the tiebreaker...


the fans need to be as loud as ever tonight it is 830 plenty of time to get warmed up, missing 2 guys likely. Millsap, Price, CJ, and Matthews all need to do what they all did last night

? Where is Houdini and Miles


Except for the worst four or five teams in the league, the home team wins most games in the NBA. If the Jazz don't win tonight, even if they're missing the Big Three, they deserve the 5th seed. But I have faith in their defense, which has improved tremendously since brilliant Sloan came with his idea to have every player graded on every single defensive set. Once Deron and Boozer realized what they were doing wrong, they worked hard to correct it. In Boozer's case, the improvement has been stupendous. If the NBA's most improved player award were decided on the basis of defensive play only, then Boozer would win hands down. The rookie of the year in defense would be Matthews (for the entire league). And the coach of the year would be, that's right, Sloan.

Jazz Source

Houdini and Miles are afraid to signup for the new comments program it seems.

Not only is Miles scared to play defense he is scared of the D-news finding out his real identity!!

The Jazz should win on pure emotion tonight I think. The crowd will carry them.

The Suns were jacked up for the game against Denver and as a result I predict they will not be so energetic tonight. They ran alot and scored alot.

Deron missed alot, fouled alot, and as a result rested alot. He should be ready to douse the Suns with a good bounce-back game after last nights performance.

I say Booz will not be able to go tonight.

Notice nobody is talking about the results of that supposed MRI he was scheduled to get.

They don't want to inhibit fans from buying tickets for tonights game.

Everything is always about money.


it is over dear friends

Dallas is dominating the SPurs. It is cool win tonight and get #3 seed and play Portland, not the worst case I guess


it is over dear friends

Dallas is dominating the SPurs. It is cool win tonight and get #3 seed and play Portland, not the worst case I guess


So We lost the homecourt due to horrilbe Kosta and Fez and no one taking an outside shot! Great work awesome way to go.


sloan will not guard the 3

look at your leader/////

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