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Published: Wednesday, April 14 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Utah Alum

Mike is sugar-coating the defections. Players left under Majerus because they weren't getting playing time. The same cannot be said for Brown and Henderson.

Having your two leading scorers leave the team reveals deeper problems within the program.


Ha, that's funny. Lose 5+ of last year's team and you'll improve?

I think he means improve his choice of words from: ball didn't go in the hoop to: hoop didn't accept the ball. And he means improve his choice of behavior from: stealing the ball out of players on hands in live play to: stealing the ball out of his own teams hands in live play.

Boylen, stay forever even Henderson couldn't handle you!


"Jim Boylen says U. will improve despite defections."

Time will tell, but from my personal opinion... things will get worse before they get better.


Please don't waste another year waiting for Boylen to turn the Utes into winners.

Under him the program has almost died. It's time to hire a new coach with new ideas to turn the team and program around.


Well, something for Cougar fan to smile about. With comments like, "Boylen, stay forever even Henderson couldn't handle you!", what else do I need to say.

I know, when teams such as UNC and UCONN are playing in the NIT, this was an obvious "mid-major" season. Butler was 28-4 and played like winners. BYU fans felt that beating "NOBODY" gave them some kind of upper hand until that is... they ran into K-State, who shut down Jimmer and made the rest of the team beat them. We all know that didn't happen and became what I called the "Worst 30 win team in 10 years", it's really insulting that a program that has never sniffed a winner feels that they are better by beating bad teams all year, had a chance to make a statement, and failed miserably. Enjoy your current success BYU fan, because success and failure are a neverending mathematical system. You will have your time on the bottom as well... it's only a matter of time.


It's funny how a program that's had 3 losing seasons in the last 5 years still feels they're superior to a program that's beaten them 7 out of their last 8 games.


I see the Y-ners are out providing lots of cat scat. I am always amused when after finally winning one NCAA post season game the folks from Happy Valley think they are a basketball power. Coach Rose is a fine man and coach, but Y-ner basketball fans now seem to have a sense of entitlement that they have not earned.

U-ltimate Fan

Re: THEeyepatch | 3:18 a.m
I agree. The U is down, but we'll get back on track. I like giving Boylen one more year to prove something. Our program is heading south, but I'm not sure about him yet.
The Y is the worst 30 win team. Other mid-majors showed better team play. The pride of the Y is SO IRONIC!



Worst 30-win team
Best team with a losing record
Runnin' Utes

In the world of crimson-colored glasses, the glass is always half empty for the Cougars.


BYU is getting better every year, 78% the last 5 years, with a team that is already being projected as a Top 10 team next season.

Utah is getting worse every year, 52% the last 5 years, with a team that will be lucky to finish better than 6th in the MWC next season.

In reality, the Cougars are leaving the Runnin' Utes in their dust.


I think Boylen has done a decent job so far in his time here. In my opinion, he's been hit with a perfect storm of bad circumstances this year.

He lost nearly all major contributors from an above average team last year, and the one major holdover had an attitude problem (C.Brown).

Like Majerus, he lost 2 more due to playing time, which as the article states isn't that uncommon.

What really has pushed people over the edge is Henderson leaving, being a bright spot for the future, leaving so quickly, and pushing the total number to 4.

Any of these incidents individually wouldn't be a big deal, but all together and I think it looks worse that it actually is.

My opinion: this program needed to clean house, but Boylen still must prove himself. Circumstances aside, he still had a team that struggled to improve offensively this year. Unfortunately, he's learning on the job, but so did coach Whit and look where football is now. I remember being frustrated with Whittingham early on too, so lets keep the faith that Boylen can turn it around.

Go Utes!

Chris B

The Utes are going to turn it around next year. We got rid of those pulling down the program. We're going to push new mexico and unlv for the crown next year.

BYU got help from refs in several games this year - look for them to struggle next year. They won't be ranked after week 2 of conference play.



Re: THEeyepatch - One problem with your post, you're talking like BYU has peaked. Next year's team will be better than this year's. Much thanks to Utah though, their joke of a program allows BYU to get any and all good recruits in the state of Utah.

You're probably right, BYU at one point will probably not do as well but what is the point of that? So not only do Utah fans live in the past, they now also live in the future? I guess anything to take you guys away from your miserable present. Well, as a Cougar fan, I feel it is my job to make sure you guys continue to relive moments like this last season, the season before and look to speak about all things to do with this upcoming season as well. Your coach belongs in a zoo yet he is the head coach of your basketball program. Sometimes I just lay in bed at night laughing about some of the things I've seen from your program in the last few years.

Lastly, Just like BYU hasn't peaked, Utah hasn't hit rock bottom yet, just wait!!!


Chris, could you please keep it down about the refs helping us??? I don't want our secret to get out!!! Its been nice as a Cougar fan to watch guys with zero talent like Jimmer, Cummard, Keena Young and Travis Hansen do so well because of help from the refs.

I'll make you a deal, don't mention our reffing help and I wont mention Utah's during their run to the championship game 12 years ago or their reffing help to get them to 2 BCS games. Deal?

yankee doodle

Duh, what else is Boylen gonna say? that the program is in the toilet and they won't win for another three years.


BYU needs to recruit a couple of bigs and they will contend. Utah is in trouble.

I am not sure how much of that is Boylen's fault. If you don't have the players it does not matter if the jersey is red or blue the wins are not going to happen. Ditto for football.


How does Boylen sugar coat losing recruits to Wichita State? How does he plan on getting quality players when so many are leaving? Everyone knows you probably shouldn't go into a building when everyone else is running out.


Re: sportsfan, you are obviously a Y-ner. Quit being so obnoxious. Everyone one knows that the Utes B Ball had down year. and the Y blue FINALLY won a post season game. Why don't you gloat on the Ybu articles. The cewgs only true success this year was to beat a very bad Utah team. Wow, what a great accomplishment.


re: bindependent

Down year?

Try a down 5 years!

And soon to be 6.

The ewes are so pathetic in basketball that the Cougars don't even count destroying the ewes in the Huntsman this year as a big win.


"The Utes return three players who started a combined 61 games in center David Foster, forward Shawn Glover and guard Jace Tavita. Also returning is Jay Watkins, who averaged nearly 10 points off the bench and will likely start next year, along with center-forward Jason Washburn."

Foster and Washburn - both great defensive players, but they would have to make huge leaps offensively to become decent.

Tavita - shoot .29 FG%, .31 FT% and .18 3pt% - Awful. Nothing good can be said about him.

Glover - Never did anything enough to impress me. Kind of like Abouo - a good role player, but not someone you can build a team around.

I actually like Waktin, but he is a senior - Teams are just going to zone in on him.

Even if the recruits are very good (I heard good things about Lee). Utah will struggle to win 1/2 of their games in the MWC. 8 and 8 would be amazing, and I wouldn't be shocked with 4 and 12.

Hopefully they are better - we will see


I was at the opening meeting for the section F group at the beginning of the year. Coach Boylen opened things up to any questions we had about the program. I asked him who was going to take over the point with Kepkay and other ball handlers gone. He said that they did not really run a system with a point, that it was done by committee. He mentioned Drca and Brown. I am thinking Coach has changed his tune now.

Let me just say this now. WE NEED A BALL HANDLER AND DISTRIBUTOR THAT CAN SCORE!!! I love Tavita and his defense, but he is the black hole on offense.

I hope things can improve quickly but it does not look promising.

Oh and to the ybu fans that think the utes had such a bad season, 1 win seasons in basketball are not in our future or our past. Can't say the same for you though. LOL

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