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Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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"I share their anger."

No Mr. Hatch, we are angry at you.

Enough is Enough

Here's the thing -- Hatch says we need to return him and Bennett to the Senate because they have been leading the fight against the Obama administration's socialist agenda. Even if you accept that as completely true, then they have been a dismal failure. If what you are trying to do is a failure, then it's time to let someone else try.

Utah Republican

Senator Hatch you are out of touch. You believe healthcare is a priviledge for the wealthy and not a basic human right. But don't worry, if you ever get really sick, you can just drive right over to the hospital and your government paid insurance will make sure you get good care. Your fellow Utahns who are sick can just rot in the street because they can't afford to get care. We need better in America. Time to replace Senator Hatch.

Voter in Utah

Our Representatives in Congress have let us down. In November lets vote for change. We need new Senators representing the people. Vote for Senator Hatch's opponent.

pat spencer

Mr Hatch, do you mean to say a senator with seniority get more votes per call than novice senator?

and the truth is...

Hatch and Bennett are actually the voices of reason and wisdom in this state, strangely enough.

7 opponents

Bennett could not ask for a better gift. 7 opponents will divide up the anti Bennett vote so many ways it will be meaningless.

If you are serious about doing anything except making a little noise, get smart and lose 6 of the opponents.

There is lots to be mad about but you have to act in ways that will win or it is all meaningless.


It is time for a Constitutional amendment that places TERM LIMITS FOR CONGRESS - just as Congress got one years ago to limit the term of the President (during Roosevelt's time). That is the big problem that faces the people. Congress becomes so mired in personal benefits that they become too susceptible to lobbyists and special interests. WE NEED TO THROW ALL THE RASCALS OUT OF OFFICE AND START AGAIN! And that includes Hatch. The longer he has been in office the more liberal he has become - such as his buddying up to Teddy Kennedy.



Yes, what Obama cried for change needs to occur -- beginning with both houses of Congress and next with Obama. Throw every one of them out, starting with Pelosi and Reid.


Hatch and Bennett are a vote for reason?

When Hatch and Bennett were rubber stamping every boneheaded idea George "W" Bush had...were they reasonable then? The only real difference between Bush and Obama is scale. Obama is pushing more debt then Bush but not too much more. In fact, look at the Republican counter-proposal to the Obama Stimulus. Obama is doing $9.6 trillion over 10 years, the GOP wanted to do $8.3 trillion. So the difference? Both support MASSIVE debt, just the Democrats a little more.

So $8.3 trillion in new debt is reasonable? But $9.6 trillion is not? Hmmmm I see.

Both Hatch and Bennett belong to the same good ol boys club that is fighting over scraps with the Obama administration. In the end all three are cut from the same massive 'government knows all' clothe.

Bennett in 2010 then Hatch and Obama in 2012.

pat spencer

Mr Hatch, do you mean to say a senator with seniority get more votes per call than novice senator?

Another voter in Utah

ALL of our laws should apply to all Americans, specially the ones who pass said laws....I don't understand what 'problems' would arise if the politicians were held accountable for their votes? If they were affected personally perhaps they'd be more frugal in who they accepted monies from & how they vote?
Get rid of the class warfare...starting in D.C.

From a distance

I am a staunch conservative from Idaho who works in Washington, DC. Sen. Bennett is an outstanding man, a stalwart statesman who represents Utah values and deserves reelection. I hope Utah keeps that good man in office. He is a voice of reason in an often insane place -- Washington, DC.

Justify another term?

I love how Hatch tries to justify the idea of running again in 2012...when he will have served TWICE as long as the man whose seat he originally ran for 34 years ago, a senator Hatch proclaimed as 'out of touch' because he'd been in Washington too long. If 18 years made that senator out of touch, Orrin, what does almost 36 years make YOU??

@Voter In Utah 8:55 p.m.

Senator Hatch isn't up for reelection this year.


Vote them out. Make them go by the Utah state workers pension and benefits - oh, wait, then they would not get socialized medicine for life like they currently do.
Vote out all incumbents - they don't want term limits? Then we will limit their term with our vote.
Get 'em out!

Apply to Congress

Everyone I talk with about this awful health care bill wants to know one thing -- what does it mean for me and my family? Congressmen don't have to worry about what it means to them because they exempted themselves from it. Senator Hatch, why is that a good thing? Congress passed a bill when they didn't care how it affected themselves and their families because they knew it wouldn't apply to them. What hypocrites.

Utah Conservative

Hatch is a career politician that needs to retire. He is a perfect example of why we need term limits!


Neither Hatch nor Bennett have shown any passion in opposition to what the progressives are doing to damage the country. We need senators who will FIGHT for American values! Speak up! As for Hatch's comment that Bennett's tenure gives him strength in Washington....we want new senators who will champion conservative values and lead out in the battle, not elite insiders of longstanding! Both Senators Bennett and Hatch need to go....and take McCain with them.

Not Karl

Mr. Hatch and Mr. Bennett have both forgotten we have a Constitution and thus cannot remind anyone in Washington--in any kind of serious way--that the federal government should be limited by it.

Time for both of them to go. Too bad Mr. Hatch must wait until 2012.

By the way, when was the last time YOU read our Constitution?

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