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Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No more

Foreign players. The Jazz need to learn their lesson. If Memo has had a sore achilles the last couple games he hadn't shown it lately, but that has been the pattern lately he will take time off then play a few games then find more excuses to not play then come back a few games then more excuses WE ARE SICK OF IT. It seems that Fes has watched our "star" players take time off for things they don't need to be missing games for and he is developing a bad habit of finding excuses to not play and still get paid. This Jazz organization needs a complete overhaul starting with SLown. He has planted a seed of decent but still mediocre play on this team for many many years. Our foreign players are about as strong as cardboard, and our two best players dont play with any heart in the games that matter. When will us tru Jazz fans get a team we can be proud of????? It is getting very taxing to follow this team its hard on your heart and stress levels


as i pointed out in my previous post, fesenko must be a really sickly person! he missed so many games because of illnesses not related to basketball. i thought pro athletes get all the best medical and nutritional care. apparently not fesenko.


should have been pulled 2 quater you could tell by watching him he wasent right. i just said they are playing him to much. you would think the coaches would have seen that if i did? fes is probly tired of getting aBUSED BY SLOAN NEVER ANY THING GOOD TO SAY LOOKS LIKE HE KNEW THEY WOULD BE PLAYING HIM ALOT THE LAST SEVERAL GAMES AND GOT SICK.I THINK HIM AND KUFUS WANT OUT.

Calgary Jazz

to no more: I think your very own american player Boozer missed more games then all foreign players combined.

No more guaranteed contracts!

Team owners need to allow the NBA to go extinct before they agree to guaranteed deals in the coming negotiation process. The NFL is the monstrous success that it is because players can be cut at any time. Players in the NFL are forced to give their best effort or they find themselves out of a contract. NBA players get guaranteed money. Fesenko can relax at the beach with a "sore throat" and a "headache" whenever he feels like it because he gets his money no matter what.

Playing in pain........

........it is foreign to the Foreigners. Memo, AK, Giracek, Fesenko..........when they hurt....they do no play!

NCAA basketball is

where the true competition is!

Jazz Cop

This is sloans excuse for not doing what he doesn't want to do, blame it on fesenko. could the case be different if sloan was actually sincere in wanting to play fesenko, yes, posssible, very possible, it is for sloan to eliminate the human factor in his dealings with other humans, beware, when dealing with sloan, you deal not with another human, this person is so wrapped up in his own beliefs about things, so far off base, so blind to reality, so callous towards a human element in things, and, a master of self contradiction and finger pointing.

this team was not prepared, it is sloans job to make sure the team is prepared, sloan just shows up=team character, no planing, no thinking ahead, while the others who plan and think ahead obviously have a huge advantage over us and the jurassic methods that many of the fans support, this old skool stuff is garbage, i'm so over it.

that said, if okur is injured, at thsi point of the year you have to start millsap, sloan will probably start koufus instead, wrong time to get the rookies some time bub.


What does sore throat do to playing basketball. Headache? I think Fesenko is headache to the team.

Jazzfan 8

Great. I had a nice laugh at that stupid who says foreign players are foreign to play through injuries.
1) Memo's injuries and number of games missed due to injuries is MUCH MUCH less than CArlos' who is a AMERICAN.
2) Memo Okur played whole lakers series in 07/08 series with two serious injuries and avreaged better numbers than CArlos who was said to have family problems.
3) Memo risked his health and tried to play in games 4 and 5 of LAL-UTAh series last year.
4) Name me a game in which Carlos tried to play through injuries.
5) Memo had a 250+ consecutive games played record while Carlos has showed up only in %60-70 possible games.
6) AK and CArlos are two of most vulnerable sissy soft players when it comes to accept the physical punishment and hardiness.
Any question?

I hope Memo will be OK. We need a full roster and still have a chance to finish in top3. Take care Memo.


I stand by the Jazz regardless of all the media hype, even in the Stockton n Malone era the Jazz were under-rated so whats new? GO JAZZ!! Deron Williams is a solid point guard, all the others have an off night too but no one focuses on them!

re: NCAA basketball is

I have been in classes with several college basketball players, at a couple of universities.
These players are not very good players who are pretending to be students.
Anyone who is a great college basketball player these days leaves after their freshman year.
You are watching guys who usually aren't good students or that great of basketball players.

Players don't come to class, they get free tutors, who know exactly what is on the exams.
Good college basketball players take 1 easy semester their fall semester, pass those classes.
Then they don't have to do anything, as they know they will leave after the 2nd semester, so they don't care if they fail in the second semester, because it ends after March madness and they'll be gone after that.

Thank you...

I would like to thank the Deseret News for this posting forum. Its pretty rare to have such an esteemed group of basketball geniuses all in one place.


Re: Thank you... @ 11:56 a.m.

"Its pretty rare to have such an esteemed group of basketball geniuses all in one place."

You're right ...

Amazing group of posters on this forum, every one of them an Einstein or Newton.

Unfortunately, that's Fig Newton and Rodney Einstein.



Okur, kirilenko and Fesenko...are softies. Thez spend more time riding the pine than any three players in the NBA...Kirilenko makes Boozer look like an Ironman..
Kirilenko is the Jazz max player, lets not forget..
There never was a reason to give this guy as much cash as say Malone, Stockton or Williams...
Really people if he was not in the lineup permanently would anyone really care...The problem is people like Durant and Odom are too big for our tiny cadrea of swashbuckling second rounders and nameless gym rats....All of the NBA is finding out that Euro players are as soft as the Euro, but as bloated as ever with hype and expensive contracts.

todd from santa ana

Hail to Sokol and Jazz Cop, they took the words right out of my mouth, of course rvalens2 rivals Blaunch and Doug as homers... However, the truth is expect Okur or seemingly anyone outside Deron when "50-50" whether to play or not, "0-100" they will not.

Last night was a despicable effort, I predicted the 3 ball, i could see when they tipped off the game was lost- Midrange jumpers wide open, Hayes crashing the boards, Boozer and Okur and even Matthews just watching-biggest game of year and likely cost Jazz division title.

@ No more guaranteed contracts!

Right on! This is the real problem! The players get payed whether they play or not. NO PLAY...NO PAY!


I agree with thank you. and by the way thank you for making my day!!


Fes. You gotta toughen up man. We need you and you will get a chance now that Okur is in a boot. Take some pepto bismo, eat some vitamin C, have a little faith and go play NBA basketball man. If only I was seven feet tall...

Chuck Nunn

I have to say, six games out of the 79 so far this season isn't that much, so although I appreciate Coach's comments to a degree regarding Fesenko, he's been available way more than he hasn't, so not getting him into the rotation as much as he needed to be can't be hinged on six missed games from illness. Also, I doubt that anyone who's been on the receiving end of one of Fesenko's hard fouls or had to try to fight around his block-outs would way that he's soft. The criticisms of Okur and Kirilenko over their injuries is unfair as well, although the frustration is understandable. I'm just pulling for Fess to be feeling up to snuff for Friday's game and hopefully we get AK and Memo back before the playoffs.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!

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