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Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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and down the strech they come

It will be interesting to see who can progress the best without the coaches around over the summer.
nelson has the advantage of knowing more of the program. Lark can make some hey but i think it's a long shot for him and Heaps seems to be a gym rat type so I doubt he'll lose much ground at all. The nice thing is that there is so much time whomever has the best summer will come out on top.

Wensday STATS !!

Wensday was a complete "CENTER " position break down. All the QB's had the ball rolled back on the ground, snapped to the left and right, and down so low that they all had to scramble, dip down and scoop the ball off the ground several times.

To quote "offensive" stats off of this day is simply "NUTS" no one could sustain measurable success.

On the other hand, RB looked very good, the tight ends are running faster and cleaner routes and are coming along.

Wow gotta nail down the center position, it will happen fall camp will be much sharper and lazer perfect.


FYI, the cowgirls play the Y in Provo. The NC team resides in Provo. I think Sleepness should read: Sleep deprived.

to sleepless

Thanks for reminding us why we love Wyoming fans!


Replacing Johnson will be BYU's most important job this off season. There is no reason to believe that they won't be able to do it.

Jordan Johnson will be a DB - He is too small to play Free Safety. Gains might make a good safety.


Put the QB's under center and it would be less of a problem. It would also be better for taking advantage of the best running back corps in BYU history.

St. George Cougar

Being from St. George (even though I graduated from Dixie and didn't appreciate Lark very much when he played for Pine View), I find myself hoping Lark will prove to be the best out of the QBs, and that he will become the next great BYU QB. Of course, I will be happy with any of them, as long as they are able to lead the team to another good season.

Re: Anonymous

I think of the available candidates right now for the free safety position, Steven Thomas is probably the best. He is the smartest of the bunch and probably knows the coverages the best. I also think he's at least as athletic as Scott Johnson was, maybe more. They had him returning kickoffs for a short while and he looked pretty quick.

Kori Gaines would be a great option except that he is a freshman. I don't know that Bronco would start a freshman at free safety, because he'll have to take a real crash course on how the plays work in Fall Camp if he is to contribute at that spot right away.

They could move Andrew Rich, but he is a great strong safety already. If he turns out being the best candidate for free safety though, and they move him, then for the rest of the bunch I guess it comes down to who can contribute the best athletically for Andrew's replacement at strong safety. My guess if that were the case would be that either Kori Gaines or Jray Galea'i would start.

We need Jordan Johnson at corner, for the future sake.

holy cow!

Heaps just keeps putting up the numbers.

It is an awsome set of 3 QB's that BYU has. It is a great position for the coaches to be in.

Bright Side

Look on the bright side of this QB battle. Whichever of the BYU QBs get left out in the cold could probably get a starting spot on the Utah Basketball team right now.

Re: Bright Side

Whoever of the BYU QBs gets left out in the cold couldn't even get a starting spot on the Southern Utah football team, let alone their basketball team.


He's a true Cougar. Regardless, he's putting in work to make the team better, and he will get his shot even if it's another position.
Cougars with Class

Re: Lark

Lark has terrific potential as a quarterback and it would be a shame if he were forced to switch positions. He would be better served to switch schools. I bet there are more than a few schools who would love to have him.


Of course he is mature he just got off his mission!


"Quarterback James Lark was passionate about BYU when he signed with the Cougars out of Pine View High in 2006."

Good grief...how old is this man??

Dixie State College

will be honored when the 3rd string Lark comes looking for a scholarship.


Don't be surprised when Lark is a starter for BYU. It may not be at QB, but He will be a class act at any position. This guy is a great person.


3 QB's who are all unproven.

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