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Rockets blast off in 1st quarter to drop Utah from 2nd place in West

Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Chokers and quitters, to come down to houston and not even show up is embarrasing. At least OKC showed up in a playoff team in denver and made a game of it. Jazz do not deserve to be in the playoffs. PATHETIC EFFORT!

go jazz.

that was a tough game. houston had no pressure on them as they are already out of the playoffs which made for them hitting tons of threes. jazz have the heart and they played with all the energy they had, they just didn't have much. they'll bounce back and win the rest of their games. the game against the suns will be one to watch for sure.


Re: STD, I bet STD and the other negative posts that are on here saying, pathetic effort and they don't deserve to make the playoffs are the same guys that after the Cavs game where the Jazz won with a game winner are the same guys that bought Jersey's the next day and were saying Jazz fans for life.

The Jazz don't need you type of fans, they are called bandwagon fans, when the going gets tough the scared ones always turn on you.

They beat orlando, boston, cleveland, swept portland, swept san antonio, but yeah, you're right STD they don't deserve to be in the playoffs after a loss on the road to the rockets, how pathetic of them.

Lets bash on the lakers too, whom lost to charlott, whom we beat on the road, the lakers lost to them by 15... I bet your the same type that says we need to be more like the lakers, but they seem to have lost to .500 teams too on the road...

Oh how the wheels come off on fair weather fans


i wasnt able to watch the game but judging from the comments in here, i think it was really a very bad game for the jazz. but i dont blame them nor anyone for it. its tough going back-to-back games especially doing it on the road the nxt game, and facing two .500 teams. the record of houston doesnt show how tough they are to beat cause when theyre on, theyre on. it also didnt help the morale of the jazz when theyr were constantly criticized of being lucky to win over okc. man, the jazz can beat them any given day, even @ okc. with the way thing are leading to, i predict that the jazz will take the 3rd spot, why? with denver having the toughest 4 game sched and the jazz will face pheonix for their last game of the reg season. if they win their last 3 games, and denver doubtful to sweep their remaining 4 games, theyll win a tie-breaker bet pheonix to secure the 3rd spot guaranteed


@NGB, Just because we bash on our beloved Jazz doesn't mean we are fair weathered fans. It's called passion for your team. If the loss in houston didn't bother you, either you are an optimistic fan or your ok with mediocrity. Keep in mind if it wasn't for that no call against Durant, the jazz would be riding a 2 game losing streak. I could stomach that a lot more than the effort they gave in Houston

todd to ngb

Front office? You too?

Avery was a finalist for Detroit-his probably stubborness wanting the perfect deal was why he did not agree to terms. You are becoming like Blaunch and Doug. When will you guys see the light? Hello?

Maybe a prayer can happen and the Fakers win tonight, Outside of this-we are not talking about losing a game or two. You must watch little NBA outside Jazz, it is not only the loss but lack of focus, and effort. Period. Back to back is garbage. It is an excuse. If it a must win game the Lakers will win the game. The pressure has not been on the Lakers, they play possum. They have been the #1 seed since training camp. they know come playoffs the refs are in theyr'e corner also.

There is no defense on this squad. I have no rhyme or reason to convince you, I am not playing I am not getting paid. You have to hope for effort every night as a fan but cannot control any of it.

I am not defending Fes. He probably feels "what is the difference I am sitting anyway".

That is a natural human reaction


@Todd, ok well if you are going to say that the lakers can lack focus because the refs are on their side then it can be easily stated that the small market is affecting us and we're doing the best we can.

Todd, I agree that things aren't perfect here. No I am not a front office man or trying to protect the shield, but you were right in your observation, i watch a lot of basketball, both college and NBA and what I see on these boards half the time is garbage.

As for you and your gangs posts, I actually quite enjoy reading them and look forward everyday to checking them. I dont always agree with them, but I value the opinion and thats why im always asking you questions and trying to see how you'll respond.

Agreed with the effort, it wasn't there, but effort comes from within, No matter how much you hate jerry all he can do is draw up the diagram, but it's up to the players to play and give the effort. Blame them, not Jerry, the CJ's on the jazz are whats hurting this team

Agree with NGB

Tired of the Jerry bashing. Todd and the like believe that everything will be better after 2 seasons if only Kev and Sloan are replaced. Magically the Jazz will never lose on another back to back neither will they be defeated by a below .500 team.

I understand the frustrations but get a grip and come back to reality. Welcome to the highs and lows of an NBA season. Who believes that the Jazz are the only ones that goes through games like these?

Lakers lost to SA, -they don't have any heart blah blah blah

SA lost to PHX -Back to back is no excuse blah blah, can't believe we got swept by UT, Coach POP is past his prime, get rid of him its all his fault.


San Antonio matches up better with the Lakers. Lakers do not intimidate San Antonio in any way, on the other hand Jazz players soil their pants when they have to face the Lakers

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