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Rockets blast off in 1st quarter to drop Utah from 2nd place in West

Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Same old

Same old story of the Jazz folding with everything on the line and having the chance to play with the second seed. Either way they would have still lost to the Lakers. 5th seed here we come!

re:Same Coach | 8:04 a.m. April

And over those 25 years, how many franchises have won championships?

Seven. Out of 30 franchises.


Only 14 Finals MVP's in that time. Most won more than one.

Only 10 different teams, really. The main man for each of those teams was almost always the main man for multiple winners:

Bird-McHale-Johnson-the Chief

The point is, no one "falls" into a championship.

Nevada fan

Put this on the Coach! His coaching style has come finally to haunt him. This team is so predictable. Even Phil Johnson has said that what you have to do is crowd the passing lanes and make them shoot jump shots. Plus this team played their guts out the night before, and he should have put fresh legs out there in the 2ND quarter instead of when the game was out of reach. He should have been giving the rookies PT all a long. He also should have made a trade to make this team better like Dallas did. You can't convince my that he doesnt call the shots on who comes and goes he has held this organization hostage for a long time.


Pray LA and SA beats DEN and that the Jazz win out.

That is unlikely.

What do you expect. Sloan isn't a motivator by his own admission. The jazz by design will always lose to athletic teams that shoot well. Teams in the west now are longer, tougher, faster and better shooting. The Jazz? Fun and competitive.

Defining The Problems

This team has no mental toughness, no intestinal fortitude(guts), no physical toughness and quite frankly are a "soft" team. In the past teams from Denver, Phoenix, Golden State, and a few others have taken the route of trying to outscore teams each night. Where did it get them-nowhere! Until we get players with the ability and desire to play defense this team will "NEVER" go anywhere! The best thing that could happen is for Sloan to retire, fire O'Connor, let Johnson retire, Corbin go to DePaul, and Layden decide again the grass is greener somewhere else. Bring in new management and let them rid themselves of these fakes we have here called players. How about it Miller family?

die hard

The Jazz are in some kinda trouble with injury's to Okur and AK!

Giving away players to get under the cap isn't working out so well for the up coming playoffs?

RE 9:16 You are kidding Right?
Jerry and the management are doing amazing with the talent we have here PERIOD.

So what is the NBA thing?

I stumbled across this article. Is basketball a real sport or is it like WWE wrestling? It sounds really, really boring. UT, should try to get an NFL franchise, that is a very exciting sport.

Ohhoo here comes the meltdown...

@LA: Blowout
Oklahoma: Bailout by refs
@Houston: Blowout

@NO: Toss up
@Golden State: Pressure mounts, I think this a loss
Phoenix: Toss up


Yes I wonder what happened to D-Will....But when Millsap was making 3 blocks, steals and points he should have been in longer. Sloan goes by the clock way to much when making substitutions.

Jazz 2222

This is what happens when Sloan dosen't give playing time to the bench all year. Fes & Koufas should have been given 5 - 8 minutes every game Not Sloan they haven't "paid their dues".. C.J. is not a consistant player wouldn"t even play for most teams .Sloan needs to retire. Gets out coached by the top 8 to 10 coaches in the league. They know what he's going to do before he does.

Agree with Mater

The 2 is out of reach, the 3 is a stretch.

Shoot for 6 or 7, avoid the Lakers in the 2nd round.

Hanging Chad

Re: Nevada Fan

You want to place all this on Jerry. Where would he go on the bench? Korver had some okay moments but he's too slow to defend. Price and Gaines were erratic, though they gave some energy. Kosta was weak and had his shot blocked and got tied up on a jump ball, couldn't defend the paint. Jeffers showed some nice hustle but he can't shoot, like Brewer. Millsap got his minutes. Miles was great when driving to the basket but let Ariza cherry pick him all night. Matthews struggled. Okur was non-existent on D. D-Will was low on energy. Boozer played pretty well.

Where does Jerry go for help when his starters aren't into the game and the reserves are ineffective? It hurts to not have AK, who gives us better depth/flexibility to the lineup. Is it Jerry's fault that the team is chucking up 3's all night leading to multiple long rebounds and easy layups. I'm sure he was hassling the team all night to pump it inside. When they did, the Rockets couldn't handle our inside play. Players need to hold themselves accountable.

SoCal Jazz fan

No wonder the Lakers don't take the Jazz seriously, they aren't a professional team yet. A "Professional" team doesn't melt down, just because it is a game on the "Road". Especially when the game is soooo crucial for them to win. Let me know when there is a professional baskeball team in Utah so I can enjoy watching them again. Until then, I will be watching ESPN to see how soon the Jazz will "MELT" themselves out of the playoffs.
Between the UTES and the JAZZ, there isn't a whole lot of fun baskeball to watch in Utah this year.


People really blaming Sloan for this? Is it really his fault that his players are so tired from Tuesday nights win?

Look who he has to work with:
3 First round picks (Williams, Koufus-horrible, AK-hurt)
6 2nd round picks (Boozer, Millsap, Okur, Miles, Korver, and Fes)
4 undrafted players - Matthews, Price, Gaines, Jeffers

Most games they only have 1 First round pick play (because Koufus is horrible and AK is hurt).
No wonder they lose to the Lakers.

same coach

So what you are saying is that Karl Malone, John Stockton and Jeff Hornecek were not good enough to get the job done. I think they should be in the same group as you mentioned but no championship which is sad. The coaches with many wins, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson, Papavich, Brown all have a ring on their finger. Same coach same result, no rings in Utah


What's up with this streaky inconsistent and pathetic team called the JAZZ? I have lost all excitement to watch any playoff run by this team! ...FORGET IT!

todd "encouraged"

You guys are back seeing the light about SLoan., Good Job, do not worry it will only get better save for the usual defenders

Read Devin Harris quotes yesterday of the Nets

The Nets are thinking of Hiring Avery Johnson who has .735 lifetime winning percentage in 4 years

Harris: "He did a lot for me and my career, I would love to have him here, he could coach ANYWHERE in the NBA"

I suppose he made this up. This team goes out early, Sloan should be made to quit financially, then again THE SLOANAHOLICS AND THE STATE would stop it scared if it happens and we had a transition year or two, civilization would end. No more Basketball and Greg sells and moves the team.

I have got the people figured out-experience. Few of us make sense and tell the truth regarding SLoan, Jazz Cop, JAZZ72, JazzID, Purple People eater, GDOG, Sokol, Chico and few others.

If you can accept Sloan because you only care about reg season, then might as well go for Avery who can motivate and teach defense.

If this team goes out, "house should be cleaned out"
If anyone doesn't like they leave


RE: SoCal Jazz Fan: Really is that the real case?? the LAKERS don't take the Jazz seriously cuz they lose games like this??? Hmm, I want to go back 2 weeks ago when the lakers lost to a worse off team than the rockets, the Hornets, whom the lakers lost to on the road just 2 weeks ago. Then last sunday they got blown out by San Antonio at home, Blown out by 19!

People, if you didn't see this coming then shame on you, I wrote a post last night but i'm guessing it was offensive since it's not on here. They are not going to win every game, especially a back to back when they are short players.

Does this mean they are sinking and can't get up?? I don't know... The lakers have lost 4 out of their last 6.. Are they done too??? The Nuggets have been on a spiral and lost 4 out of 5 on their last road trip, 1 coming from a buzzer beater from Melo.

These are the two best teams in the west and you guys are crying over one game. Wow


Kevin Durant on the close loss to Denver (which didn't even play the night before)
"No excuses. No excuses."


Todd come on, Avery?? He didn't get his team that had elite status players that are probably going to the hall of fame with him and couldn't produce, what makes you think he's going to be our catalyst??

I didn't see Dirk playing any defense when he was coaching there. Oh and it's easy to have that record when you have the league MVP and hall of fame Point Guard.

Give some better options than that, there's a reason he doesn't have a job yet and it' not because he's being picky.

I'm quite interested Todd in what your opinion is on the Lakers and Nuggets whom, both have lost more games over the last 2 weeks than the Jazz have with the Lakers having an easier schedule and yet you still seem to have this woe is me attitude.

The real problem on this board is you got fans that dream for the perfect 82 win season and that just isn't going to happen in the west, there are good teams from 1 to 11 in the west, Case and point: Lakers lose to the Hornets 2 weeks ago

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