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Rockets blast off in 1st quarter to drop Utah from 2nd place in West

Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Lousy effort, no emotion and no focus. That being sad I do believe the Jazz will still get the second seed. And people who blame Sloan for 25 turnovers are idiots, the turnovers they had were because of a lack of focus not Sloan. People give Adelman way to much credit and sloan way to much blame.


Sloan sits there and watches while D-will, Memo, Boozer, can barely run up and down the court. D-will is either a mental case or seriously lacks heart. How do you not show up tonight? Houston played last night as well. No way Dallas and Denver lose 2 out of their final 4 games. And the Jazz will be lucky to beat PHX and get 4th. For once in my lifetime, can Jerry bench someone when they make a turnover? Out in the first round....


If the Jazz can't make the 2nd or 3rd seed they need to drop to 6 or 7, avoid 4 and 5 and avoid the Lakers as long as possible. It's not about seeds it's about matchups. The Jazz can beat anybody 2-8, home court or not, this team won a game 7 at Houston so they have done it before. Don't get worried about the number 2 seed, all that brings is more pressure, imagine getting the 2 seed and then losing your first game at home, all the regular season battles don't mean a thing come playoffs. There are no back to back in the playoffs. One bad game after a draining playoff type game the night before. Get over it comment posters and look ahead. The playoffs are a new season. Do you think anybody 1-7 doesn't think they can win a series once the playoffs start, and nobody is going to care what your seed is.

Still 2 seed

Final games Jazz 3-0 Denver 2-2, Dallas 3-1, Phoenix 2-2, Jazz win division, tie Dallas have tiebreaker and 2 seed. I am a Laker fan tomorrow against Nuggets, its too bad the Thunder could not beat the Nuggets tonight. The tiebreaker might be costly for the Jazz against the Nuggets and that means 4th seed


I looked through the remaining schedules of all the games for all the western conference playoff teams and this is how I project it will end up:

1. Lakers
2. Mavs (own the tie breaker over Denver)
3. Nuggets (own the tie breaker over Utah)
4. Jazz
5. Suns
6. Spurs (own the tie breaker over the Thunder)
7. Thunder
8. Blazers

If it plays out according to my projections above I think Utah wins a tight first round series with the Suns, and loses to the Lakers in the second round.


Good comment! Everybody needs to relax and enjoy the journey. If people don't have fun following the Jazz, find another hobby. Both teams from the overtime game were flat tonight. I watched both okc and jazz tonight and neither team was a shadow of what they were the night before. The nuggets were so lucky theyplayed okc tonight, they were awlful and they still won. Jazz could win out still and would all be happy for a while

re still 2 seed

no way jazz get the 2 seed, loving the optimism but lets be realistic here. I'll believe it when i see this team actually play with heart on the floor, and if they can stop amare when they play PHO

same ol

they're back...their true colors came through tonight. take a picture of the standings before the game cause the 2 spot wont have the jazz in it again. bueller, bueller...bueller....yawn


Oh like this lose comes as a shock. The Jazz never look good in back-to-backs. It was a given they wouldn't show up tonight. That's the type of team the Jazz are. They don't have the killer instinct or the heart to be champions.

Short memories

Last night OKC hit 13 threes and the Jazz won because the Jazz made 12. The Jazz couldn't have thrown the ball into the ocean tonight. Too much adrenaline spent the night before.

OKC lost tonight, too, even though they flew for a whole hour and a half last night.

Give Denver credit for hanging tough.

The schedule still suggests the Jazz will come in second. We need Kirilenko back!

Worthless Optimism

Im as big a Jazz fan as anyone and have had Jazz googles on for a long time but I can't do it anymore. I kinda knew this loss was going to happen but you want to believe in your team but this Jazz team just doesn't play with any urgency. That starts at the head, I know Jerry doesn't feel like he needs to motivate but dang Sloan. Your team is in the drivers seat to have homecourt in the first 2 rounds and you don't stress that on your players???? DWill looked like a 2nd round pick while Brooks looked like the top 3 pick, Millsap got paid than just got lazy it seems like he is just mentally not there this year he is absolutely not our Power Forward of the future and if management thinks he is than we are going to have some bad losing seasons to come. Jazz will end in the 5th or 6th seed and get blown out of the playoffs. Hopefully Slown will take a hint and finally leave along with Memo and AK


They looked terrible. Why not adjust the defense to guard the perimeter? Although that would not have mattered, they had no energy tonight.

Do they know this its the end of the season and not the beginning?

I am not a fairweather fan however, this was as important as a playoff game and they came out like wimps.

This is not encouraging for they playoffs. WRT to not drafting Martin, Ariza, etc. LOTS OF TEAMS PASSED UP ON THEM NOT JUST THE JAZZ. Compared with the other teams, Sloan and Kev do a good job for their consistantly high picks in the draft.


Can the Jazz swat the bee, or will the bee sting the Jazz, a la Mohamad Ali. Hopefully, they will get enough rest on their off-day and have the energy to take it to the Hornets. Then next Tues at GSW and Wed at home taking on the Suns. I think the last game will determine whether the Jazz will have home court advantage in at least the first round of the playoffs. Hopefully, they do not do a no-show as they did last year the last 2 or 3 weeks of the season. Good luck Jazz and each one of you give a 110% effort like Deron did against OKC.


This was one of the few games where almost everyone was bad. Boozer probably was the only one who halfway redeemed himself. Hopefully, we got this out of our system on this one.

Matthews had one of his most invisible games of the year, certainly his worst since he started, as the only Jazz player not to score. On the other hand, he was also the only Jazz player not to commit a turnover, so he was the only one to folow the doctors' Hippocratic oath: "First, do no harm."

DWill was terrible. Miles and Okur had some good moments, but their heart just isn't there. If they played with real heart, they both could be good. But they're usually only half there.

The Jazz simply aren't good enough to win unless they play with 100% energy, 100% heart, and 100% focus. And there was none of that last night. Unfortunately. Very disappointing.

As for the NBA's stupid announcement about the foul, it just proves that CJ almost ruined even that win. But let's have similar announcements for every even-more-obvious noncalls against the Jazz, including 3 or 4 in the OKC game.

DWill was the only bright spot

What a dismal night for a bunch of b-ball wannabes. They looked sluggish and pathetic. DWill did his best to wake up the crew, but the others would not respond. I can't recall worse defensive play by anyone any time. Did you see how many times a Houston player was wide open under the basket and Okur was in the next county having a beer? WAKE UP JAZZ!!! It's time to show up for important games.

to Jazzsmack

How many other teams passed on all those guys?? That is how it rolls in the NBA. It is like picking your varsity high school team from a bunch of 8th graders... no one can tell for sure how a person is going to develop.

What I would like to know is why the Jazz always travel in the early hours of the morning instead of getting a night's sleep and then traveling the next day.

Also, why not start Ronnie Price to guard a quick point like Aaron Brooks... especially after a back to back?

Hoosier jazz fan

I was excited about watching a Jazz game and not staying up until 1 a.m. in doing so. The excitement ended at tipoff. I have one question after that game. When the starters clearly looked a step slow and the lead crept to double digits. Why not go to the bench? I would put most of the blame on sloan. Given the outcome of the previous night's game and the short turn around, he has to know the situation and go to the bench earlier and more often. That was the poorest I've seen williams play. Tired legs. Why not play price and gaines more? wow. That may have cost the Jazz a decent seed.


I can't believe these over paid whining wimps. Don't give me this crap about quick turn around no energy on and on. This is just a bunch of heartless spoiled over paid cry babys. If you can't get up for very important games and give your best effort what can you get up for. This team will go no where but on to summer vacation, man if they was paying me that kind of money I would never take a night off. Same Jazz same story one and done.


Now those losses to those "pesky" Timberwolves have come back to haunt them. They would be comfortably locked in the 2nd seed if those had been wins. Same Jazz, different year...

Same Coach

You keep the same coach for 25 years you get the same result for 25 years. A coach who has never won a championship. You would think he could fall into one after all these years, instead he sits there with his mouth open and swears and runs at the refs once in a while, but the end result is the same, a season without a championship.

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