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Rockets blast off in 1st quarter to drop Utah from 2nd place in West

Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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They're still the same old Jazz.


Typical, unfortunate pattern for the Jazz - sigh. It's tough being a Utah sports fan. Jazz, Utes, BYU, whomever. Plus, I'm a hugh Minnesota Viking fan to boot. Loyalty has it's price - dissapointment.

But hey, how about that soccer team?

Let Down

Interesting to see OKC go into Denver after an OT game the night before and make a game of it. They were in it the entire time and had a chance to win. The Jazz on the other hand get destroyed by a 500. team. No energy and no look of caring. Is it just deep down that they're mentally soft? Sad Sad Sad.

No need

There is no need to watch the Jazz the rest of the year. They came out tonight and completely played with no emotion and no heart. I am so sick of Memo finding reasons to miss games. Ak and Memo are the most fragile players on the face of this planet. DWill also came out and completely was a waste, watching this team is getting way to hard on my stress level. Now it is basically guaranteed we are going to get the 5th or 6th seed and another first round exit. Well maybe on the bright side Sloan will finally retire and we can get some new blood on the bench, and we can pass AK off on that Russian Billionaire on the nets, and we can give Memo away to another team. The win last night was just wiped away by this debacle.

Same old Jazz

This is partly the players but mostly it is inferior coaching.

25 TOs by the Jazz are mostly because the the game plan by Adelman. HOU disrupted the Sloan offense.

30 points from 3 point shots. No surprise, every one knows HOU is a 3 point team. Sloan' defense lets teams shoot 3s and hopes that they miss.

Poor defensive effort and 17 rebounds by Hayes. That is mostly the players.

DEN won. DAL won. Good teams do not blow off their playoff hopes. They find a way to win.

At least the subs got a Q of playing time.


HAHAHA Jazz lost, drop to 5th hahaha, GO LAKERS!!!!


tonight is a prime example as to why they will have a tuff time winning a championship. 4am arrival into houston is no excuse. you're playing for homecourt through the first two rounds you have to be ready to compete. and this has to start w/ dwill's readiness and his ability to get everyone else mentally ready. and my 74 yr old mother w/ two knee replacements is a better defender than cj.

Our Jazz Failed..

and my french fries went cold

grandma jazzy

Any team that can hit threes will beat the jazz

Dwill was a ball hog and turnovers

Matthews was invisible

Korver should have played more. Sloan waited too long to but some energy players out there. Why can't the dude call a time out. The jazz will be lucky to finish above eighth place. We really need ak back



I didnt watch

because I knew this would happen. After a great game against OK it was a sure thing that this game would go like it did. What a disappointment. I agree that they wont get out of the first round.


Here is the funny thing:

The jazz could've drafted arron brooks, kevin martin, trevor ariza, and luis scola,

instead the jazz took:

Jamal sampson over luis scola
Podkolzine OVER martin and ariza
almond over aaron brooks

3 players NO longer in league,

over 4 who are having pretty darn good careers,

But that is sloan, KOC, and rest of the jazz management for you,

people who are PAYED to recognize potential and talent.

Is it truly any wonder the jazz have never won a championship?

remember too, that the jazz could have drafted boozer, korver, mehmut okur,

they took ryan humphrey, traded him for borchadrt

and missed tayshouan prince, boozer, john salmons

instead moving up in the second round, they missed out on okur and got collins

in 2003 the jazz took pavlovic and mo williams, and didn't keep either,

if they had movedup one spot in the lst they could've had david west,

they could've had korver in 2nd.

in 2003 they also missed on diaw, perkins, barbosa, josh howard,

yep the jazz sure know talent,

based on what?

in ten years of 2nd_round picks they still have an undersized overpayed pf?


I'm not a fair weather fan but that game was really disappointing & shows the Jazz are far from a team that will win in the playoffs.


There goes the haters again..

Iowa Jazz Fan 2

I've been pumped for weeks, expecting a deep run into the playoffs, certainly to the second round at least. No more. Tonight the air came out of the ball. I am facing the fact that it will be a triumph if they make it out of the first round -- no matter who the opponent.

On a side note: we've all known forever that Memo is not the most athletic guy in the league. After his performance tonight, I wonder if indeed he might be the LEAST athletic. Can anyone think of another contender??


That is how I feel about the Jazz performance tonight and most of these comments.

Some things never change and two of them are the Jazz performance in the 2nd game of a back-to-back and the Jazz beating the Lakers.

People should have seen this coming. Now the Jazz need to go win the rest of the games this season, which I think is possible. If that happens, then all of these "sky is falling" comments will change.

Ak Fan

If reserve got time earlier would've fine. Jerry with Deron give away game. In second Q everything going wrong Sloan did not do anything no timeout no subs nothing this is must be disheartening Jazz fans. Deron can't lead Jazz game after game thats why he just good player not agreat one.

So what?

To Jazzsmack 10:01: Hindsight is certainly 20/20. So what? The Trailblazers passed on Michael Jordan and Kevin Durrant. So what? I should have bought Microsoft at $2.06. So what?

Don't tell me where we've been tell me where we're going. Before it happens.

Chuck Nunn

I figured the Rockets would give Utah a challenge, but this was tough to watch. Deron looked like he gave it his all last night and didn't have anything left. I know he's not making excuses, and I'm not either really. It's just tough, and maybe more of the load at point should have been left to Price and Gaines. AK hurt, Okur leaves the game early over an injury, even Fesenko sick, and the rest of the team dog tired. It's just hard. But it's playing through that stuff that determines champions. Still the Jazz can bounce back against the Hornets on Friday if they can get some guys healed up a bit and get a little rest. The last three games will be crucial in this tight race, and I'm betting the Jazz can win them. It's going to take a lot more than what they were able to muster tonight to do it though.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


Deron Williams may have some skills that John Stockton didn't have, but he definitely does not have Stockton's heart, drive or poise on the court. But the Jazz management will ride him until he leaves, and try to start over...I knew this would happen tonight because there is no need for heart on the court when players collect a paycheck regardless...

As far as the NBA announcing that CJ fouled Durrant...where is the annoucement that the 6th foul called on Millsap was a phantom call and was total anticipation on the official's part. The officiating in this league is a disgrace. I saw better officiating during the NCAA tournament, from start to finish.

I need to find a new hobby...because being a Jazz fan is like motherhood...the highs are really high, and the disappointments are heart wrenching,...

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