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Published: Thursday, April 8 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I totally agree with the last call, which was a foul on the Jazz. rnHowever, I think that only makes up for a handful of no calls that went the Thunders way last night. Instead of looking at the calls that go against the leagues best players, these officials should be looking at every game.rnThe Jazz showed a lot of heart in the game last night, and in the end, I think the better team won.rn


Probably was, but sometimes the bad call goes for you, and sometimes it goes against you. This time it was for us. That's sports!

Henry Drummond

Confession is good for the soul! Thank you NBA for confessing to the obvious. How about coming clean with the numerous other fouls that were mis-called last night. Any comment on the blocked shot that landed D-Will on the floor?

Henry Drummond

Confession is good for the soul! Thank you NBA for confessing to the obvious. How about coming clean with the numerous other fouls that were mis-called last night. Any comment on the blocked shot that landed D-Will on the floor?

No one is denying Durant

was fouled. Sorry OKC.




If you don't remember, go watch the end of that game. Watch Paul Millsap get hacked to death.

Justice was served last night.

All or None

I understand the frustration Thunder fans may have at the non-call at the end of the game. However, how many other fouls were not called during the course of the game? Let's be honest, not every foul is called during a NBA basketball game. It's true that the non-call in question here would have made a difference. However, so would have every other non-call during the game. If the NBA were to go back and give Durant the chance to shoot free throws because of the non-call. They should review the entire game and allot free throws to every player who had a non-call foul.


Did they review the phantom call Durant got a couple posessions before to get within one? I would like the NBA to publicly make a statement to say that it definetly should not have been a foul. In fact, I demand it.


The NBA has no business releasing statements like that unless they want to go through the entire game and point out every bad call made. It just happened to be the last one. This isn't the first time that the ref's have swallowed their whistles on the last play of the game and I'm sure it won't be the last. For the NBA to single out this game and that one play is hypocritical at best.

Suns Fan

You have got to be kidding me. First, why on earth are they coming out saying yes, it was a foul. They were not there, next to the players in real time. Basketball is a contact sport, and contact is made every play. The officials are there to interpret the contact, and it was interpreted as no foul, therefore, no foul occurred. How can they undermine their referees like that? Should all contact be interpreted as a foul?

Foul Foul

When will people learn that the game is not about whether fouls are real are not. The uncertainty of the ref's decisions, his OPINION based on what he SEES, is a facet of the game both teams deal with. That's basketball, my friends. Welcome to reality.

Crazy Jazz fans!

I can't tell you how hardheaded Jazz fans can be! My fanatic Jazz friends were practically yelling at me last night telling me that Miles didn't foul him.

I wish refs would stop getting so intimidated at the ESA (aka cement box).

Last second

If this would have happened at the end of the 1st half this would be a non-issue. What about the no call when Deron was pummeled going to the hoop? Not a last second shot so therefore no statement by the NBA claiming Deron should have taken a couple of free throws. Does it change the outcome? No. Jazz win, Thunder lose.


Let's be good sports and give OKC the win.


Yeah it was a foul, but in an average NBA game, how many fouls are missed? Even in important situations, it seems like there are missed calls (fouls, traveling, etc) on a pretty regular basis. But for the NBA to come that quickly to the defense of one of its stars... come on!

I love Durant's game, but if Serge Ibaka takes that last shot for the Thunder last night, you wouldn't hear a peep out of the league office. That's the one thing absolutely wrong with the NBA--2 sets of rules, one for stars and one for everyone else.


How bout when Deron got tackled going up for a dunk

They're probably right...

...but I obviously don't follow sports closely enough, because I don't ever remember a statement like that from the NBA. Usually it's the opposite.
For example, if it had been the Thunder's coach
complaining about the ref'ing, he would probably be reprimanded by the NBA.
So why does the NBA take the unusual step of criticizing it's own officiating?


Refs are intimidated at Energy Solutions Arena? I opine that they are probably more intimidated at the Staples Center. I would guess that intimidation has to do with the players (stars) involved, not the court or arena. I will grant that there are exceptions: LA, New York, any other place that has lots of celebrities in attendance, particularly courtside.

The replay does appear to show a foul on the last shot. I didn't see the whole game, only some of overtime. I don't know about all that happened. However, I did see a foul giving Durant free throws that was a bad call. Maybe the bad call and the no call cancel out each other?


Since when did the NBA start reviewing plays and issuing statements as to whether the plays in question were fouls or not? Maybe they will start printing that with the boz scores: how many no-calls there were. Wow. What a stupid thing. Kevin Durant is just crying because he isn't getting babied as much as Kobe yet. Must be a hard life. Play basketball and get paid millions for it. Some people are never happy with anything.


If the NBA is making statements on fouls, I wish they would of started when Michael Jordan pushed Brian Russell out of the way to win the championship. Win some you lose some.

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