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Medication money in limbo do to questions on reform

Published: Wednesday, April 7 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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NO thank you!

What ELSE can Utah legislature do in defense of 'your' rights?
HIV research? flu shots? federal grants for roads? Police? Fire department?
Goverment spending has been existing a LONG TIME!

Where were all the cries of goverment spending during Iraq?

Oh my heck

Waddoups is out of control! How dare he deny money that came from Utah state citizens to come back and help sick people. Shame on him!!!!


I'm ashamed to say that Waddoups is my state senator. In all the years I've had to put up with him he has always been so certain that he is right that he won't listen to the people he represents.


Political grandstanding like this should have no place in getting needed services to the people of Utah. Shame on you, President Waddoups.


This is very disturbing. I remember Ryan White, and it's sad that Sen. Waddoups is letting a political agenda interfere with needed care for Utahns.


Waddoups is disrespectful and uninformed or just plain obnoxious in his 'stand' against the federal government. It's amazing to me that he would put people's lives at stake with his antics. He doesn't know how a person could get HIV. My good friend got it from a blood transfussion because of his hymophelia.

As I see it, Waddoups isn't getting do this to get his questions answered, he's just making an excuse so he can express his racism and hate for different then him.


Political points should come in second to citizen needs.


Message Bill

STOP the political games! Be it political grandstanding or possible bias against people with HIV, stalling this grant is wrong. Remember these shenanigans next election.


Please contact Waddoups. It needs to be known that Americans want to be put before grandstanding.


If Utah had to pay for all the needs of the state without any of the Federal Money that flows our way and we no longer gave the Federal Government a single penny we would have to stop all services and payments for anything (medical and social) by the 15th of February. If you are going to complain about government then be willing to atleast understand the issue. We are dependant on the Federal Government. That aside our representatives are trying to look out for our money. I am personally tired of being told that I have to give most of my hard earned dollars to those who are apart of the entitlment generation.

Gee thanks...

A single article in the news has never made me more angry then this one. I will certainly be contacting Sen. Waddoups as well as each member of the committee. I found out I was HIV+ just last month. I'm also unfortunately unemployed. At present, the Ryan White program is CLOSED to anyone but pregnant women. On top of that, programs like the Utah Premium Partnership that could help me pay for COBRA insurance is also closed since I'm single. There are many with HIV that have no means to afford the medications that keep HIV at bay and from doing damage. The medicine I am taking would be $1500 a month if I hadn't found a way to keep my COBRA insurance.

C'mon Legislature. It is one thing to be conservative and all, its another to play with the health and well being of your citizens.

sue them

The state should be sued. This grandstanding could be considered attempted murder.


Remember, remember, the denial of HIV research in November....

Hatch co-sponsored

Orrin Hatch co-sponsored the Ryan White Act. It is shameful that our legislators want to politicize something that should be common sense.


disgusting behavior, I have pit in my stomach just htinking that these type of peole exist in our legislature.



Already on my FB!


'I don't know why you have HIV of course, but if it's like most cases it was directly tied to consciously chosen homosexual behavior.' - 11:39 a.m.

Voice of Reason, please do not tell me that for someone to HIV they must be gay.

How much more generalized can you be?

Having muiltiple sex partners leads to sexually transmited diseases, like HIV.
Not the gender of those partners.

What? A straight man who sleeps with 700 people can't get HIV?

Perhaps then we should encourage those who are gay to be monogamous and only have a very limited amount of sexual partners?
Thereby encouraging them to have ONE partner instead of many?

Hmm, what does that sound like?


Regardless, your assumptions are just that. Your opinion. Not based on any information (The CDC does no research on lesbians. Apparently, they do not exist) or any real research.

Also, why should you get to cover any legally married straight couple and the others must foot the bill out-of-pocket?

Have you ever given thought to your wife's medical bills if she could not be covered by your insurance?

I did not think so.


What a sad person Voice of reason must be. WWJD

@ Voice of Reason

Too bad you lack reason (or reading comprehension) -

This program existed long before Obama came on the scene and has nothing to do with him.


Aside from opinions, know this: A person with HIV/AIDS who misses a single dose by more than one hour risks mutation of the HIV. This can lead to drug resistance and reduces their options for treatment. Being on HIV meds greatly reduces the risk HIV transmission. Tell women who got this from sexual assault or cheating husbands and boyfriends to just go off and die. Tell this to the children with AIDS. Read the statistics and you will see that HIV cases increased around 32% in UTAH. This is still a DEADLY disease, one hour, one week, one month without meds increases infectiousness and advances the disease. What about prevention measures, testing, etc? Are you going to blind yourselves to that as well? Hey, next thing you know, the paranoid legislators will round up all People with AIDS and exterminate them. That is the net effect of this lunacy and indifference.

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