Comments about ‘Former Miss America Vandeweghe left legacy of family, faith’

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Published: Tuesday, April 6 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Jimmy Is Right

It is indeed sad that both the Miss America pageant and the Mormon church have become anachronisms of the past.


Marrying outside of the Church does not a bad Mormon make. And sometimes, a non-LDS person is a better example than a "good" LDS person. This, coming from a woman who has been married to a man outside of the Church, and now, to a good, kind, loving and worthy member of the Church. I have a daughter-in-law that espouses no religion, yet raises her children with strong moral values, and sets a better example than members of ANY faith.


Not having heard of Colleen Hutchins before today, and having read the articles about her since her passing, I do not believe that she would have been appalled at reading the article and the possible mistake which states that she graduated from the U of U. Who knows but what she received a degree from there after graduating from BYU? And her personality doesn't seem the type to become appalled at a newspaper article making a mistake. She appears to be a person of high integrity.

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