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Published: Monday, April 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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no surprise that the jazz lost to the lakers. THE JAZZ CAN'T PLAY FRIGGIN' DEFENSE!!! players keep saying defense is the key. but they always start the game like zombies on the defensive end. sure the jazz can (probably will) beat the suns, the mavs and even the thunder come playoff time. but forget it if they face the lakers and/or nuggets. they'd get creamed. period. BECAUSE THEY CAN'T (OR WON'T)PLAY DEFENSE!!!


As someone who has never believed much that Sloan has been responsible for all the Jayy success, watch Durant light the Jazz up for over 40...watch Sloan not doubleteam until it is too late, watch
Sloan not stop the momentum when the team starts falling apart, watch Sloan not play their one solid big man Fesenko.
When a team makes a run Jackson and Popovich take a time out to motivate their players or to point them in the right direction or to stop the momentum...The answer has been a total of 13 World Championships by being a real coach....No, Sloan when the players are taking the wrong approach and 'wearing a tuxedo' thinks that during such a let down they will all of a sudden realize they need to play better....He is in my opinion second rate at best, and KOC without a shotblocker, someone they could even pick up from the D League is not a msster stratedgist either.

No more stupid loss

Watch out for struggling teams like Golden State and Houston.


theory--why Sloan did call timeouts? He usually doesn't know what else to tell his players besides playing hard.

Jazz Cop

It's not too late to give fesenko some minutes in the rotation. The la game showed why it might be a good idea. As a memo, the three guard attack was working with boozer playing center, but I wonder what sloan is doing, when he subed in okur, as you'd expect, we lost the advantage we had with that lineup, which was quickness. And, unless we get some more length and talent in the front line, we'd have to physically be tougher than them to have a chance at beating them, which would mean flying bodies, which wasn't the case at la, i didn't see many lakers flying, but if we're going to have to put up a fight like that, better to save it for when it really counts.
Even though matthews did a respectful job on kobe, there should be a way to involve korver more, I'm still not convinced this is the best move sloan could make for the team, that seems to be the only other real issue, korver should he start? while most agree fesenko deserves minutes, it looks that way and seems obvious
mailman hof bestever.

Hugh. G. Hater

Worry about the other teams in the fight for second place.
Denver needs to lose at least one more game.


The Jazz will be in the playoffs obviously, but that's all they will do. Can't beat quality teams when it counts...


I hope San Antonio gets the Lakers in the second round, and knocks them out. They won them at LA a day or two ago and seem to match up well, but if we have to face the Lakers I don't think there's a very good chance we'll win.


why do you Jazz fans think you're apart of the organization to say the word, we?

@ Anonymous 8:11

Oh really! I don't think we can "won" them either.

The Reality Is

Accept or reject the Jazz for what they are. A 4 to 8th seed in their conference, nothing more, nothing less. This makeup we have with this team "Will" not win a championship, they will entertain and be more respectable than approximately 8 to 10 other teams in their conference though. We haven't got enough athletism or length to topple the top teams and quite frankly never have. Classify this sport for what it really is, that being a very expensive entertainment sport that interests some of the people in our state! Where else can you see a high school graduate make 30 million plus a year like the revered "Kobe". Ridiculous but keep on paying fans.

LA game was "Buckle Up" time

And the Jazz couldn't get it done. Not a very good indicator of the preparation and playing level going into the playoffs. The Jazz are still a second tier team, in spite of their record. I'm sorry to say. They better pull a lot of things together before the playoff start, or it will be a quick exit.

The problem is still the

coaching and front office. They think in terms of creating and maintaining a team that is a mediocre playoff team.

They do not think in terms of beating LA, DEN, OKC and the other teams that can beat LA (POR and HOU when healthy).

It is obvious that Millsap is not the PF of the future for beating LA (and clones).

If Boozer stays then Okur is not the right C to beat them either.

There has to be a change in the front line either at C or PF or both. If Boozer stays then Korver will not be resigned. That means the Jazz have to find a SF who can shoot and defend. They need to do that anyway.

Mathews may or may not be okay at SG next year.

Fez and Koufos will not be much better as they never get the playing time they have to have to improve.

For the Jazz to contend they have to have a tall athletic PF, a Fez type C to back up if Okur can't hit, an SF who can shoot and defend, ditto for SG and a better back up PG.

Many changes are needed.


Well the game with OKC and with PH are going to dicide the Jazz seat. I think the Jazz can win these games. heres how I have the seats. 1.Lakers 60-22 2.Utah 55-27 3.Dallas 54-28 4.Phoenix 54-28 5.Denver 52-30 6.OKC 51-31 7.Portland 51-31 8.SA 50-32. With help from these games LA vs Den (4-8), Port vs Dallas (4-9), Phoenix vs Denver (4-13). Denver drops 2 games we need 2 games because of the tiebraker. Dallas 1 game,Jazz better record. Phoenix we beat them better record and tiebreaker, of course we have to win all our games

If only

We had not lost those stupid games to Minnesota, especially the one at home; and several other unexplicable losses to lottery teams, we would be solidly in second place.


Think about this for a minute. The Jazz struggle against the triangle offense. They are lucky to beat MN and can only beat LA on a fluke.

The offense of Kobe, Gasol and Odom (or Kobe, Bynum, Gasol/Odom) can easily over power the defense of DWill/Mathews, Okur, Boozer/Millap.

The losses to LA and teams similar to LA are built into the Jazz. The Jazz simply do not have the defensive talent to beat such teams.

The problem is in the coaching and front office. They insist on players at key positions who are not the best fit for the Sloan system.

Name one player besides DWill who is ideal for the position they play in the Sloan system! The system has to carry the players not the other way around.

That only addressed the offense. Name one player who is a great defender? Mathews, a rookie is maybe the best on ball defender. AK is a good help defender. Neither are great and the rest of the team are worse.

The current roster is not designed to maximize the Sloan offense and it is a poor to mediocre defensive team.

They can beat weak teams.


face the fact LA has are number.Jackson has the Jazz right where he wants them. can not for the life of me see why sloan wont play Fesenko.


killed the Jazz at IND. Hibbert was projected to be drafted by the Jazz. Koufos is actually a better player than Hibbert but Hibbert got developed and Koufos did not.

Hibbert was nicknamed the "turtle" because he was so slow. Amazing what a little development can do. Also amazing how bad the Jazz interior defense was on a slow player.

If the current Jazz bigs can't defend Hibbert then how can they defend Gasol or several other bigs?

Avoid the Lakers

Not going to happen with Sloan as head coach, but the 6th seed may be a lot better than the 4 or 5 spot.

Change management

The problem with the Jazz is they don't read the comment boards to get all the brilliant basketball coaching and management tips. It must be frustrating that no one on the professional level is calling to offer millions for your obvious insight into the game, let alone on the college, high school, or junior high school levels. There's no question that if the Jazz fired all coaches and replaced them with Josemg, Sokol, Jazz Cop, and The Problem is Still, the Jazz would unquestionably go undefeated and have an unchallenged dynasty for the foreseeable future.

You can't keep that kind of basketball genius down for long. I'm sure the call will come.

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