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Published: Monday, April 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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All I can say is Amen "Conservative LDS." Couldn't have said it better myself....


I enjoyed Conference very much! If the world would follow these inspired mens message, the world would be a better place. God loves each of us and wants us to return to him. May each of us "follow the Prophet" He knows the way!

Conservative LDS

I give to the Church and other charities liberally for humanitarian efforts. I provide free care to the poor on an almost daily basis. The difference is I do that by my own free will and choice based on the faith that the money and service will not be wasted and will be used efficiently to the maximum benefit to the recipient (like "the canned peaches" story).
I am sorry, but I have no such faith that the money I give to the government will be used either wisely or efficient. The track record of gross misuse and waste of public funds speaks for itself.
I am for charities that truly help people who need help. Not ones that disable people in the long term. I am the first to admit that I can always improve my charity toward my fellow man but don't preach to me that my conservative ideals make me less compassionate than liberals. . . .that just ain't so.

re;John Kateel 5:37 p.m.

A friend who is B'hai said -- We are ALL Prophets. All good comes from God.

Each and everyone of us are children of the same God and share the same ability to communicate with him on a personal level.

The right to speak for God for others is a heirarchy -- as Mormons we call it "Stewardship"

It begines with the one-on-one.
Me for me, with God.

then -
Me and for my family.
my flocks, my lands, my business, etc.

If more "Stewardship",
then more responsibility and inspiration for those whom you serve.

It works progressively.
I believe that other possess (in goodness) this ability to know God's will. Yes.

This is what I would define as Inspiration

As to the actual title of Prophet.
That would be one who posses all the rights, and privledges God has given man -- called keys.

There is massive power aboard a nuclear sub.

For safety & security, keys and codes for launch are given to a number of seperate members of a team - who provide them the need ever arises.

Only one man holds all the keys,
the Captain (a prophet).

And even he takes his orders from above.


I believe that anybody

can be "inspired" of God if they truly wish. That doesn't mean I believe that anybody that says so (without any credentials is). But every church has a little different beliefs. What the LDS say is a "prophet" is not that necessarily to me. If they mean inspiration he maybe is that. But I don't believe that "God" personally tells him things. He and many other "prophets" are also fallible...I don't believe anybody is not somewhat fallible.
Also, as far as resurrection...it is almost common knowledge now that this is not literally true. Both anciently and today most people believe that the resurrection is a spiritual thing of the soul both when living and dead. Hardly anybody believes that people will or have risen up litterally from death. If you really read the New Testament I find this evident of even them. If the thought that eventually the body will rise up (even though it may be dust at that point) gives hope, that's up to you, but not the majority.

Joe Smith

...everyone will be resurrected to either eternal life or death...Revelation chapter 20.


Why do they call it a general conference; why not be more transparent and call it a meeting of the board of directors of the Mormon church corporation and give a written corporate report with financial statements.

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