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Published: Monday, April 5 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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James Albert Heilman

We are so fortunate to have these men as church leaders. We don't hear anger,hatred or discord. Instead they bring a message of hope,love and forgiveness to all that would receive it! If you have doubt,are confused by the world or have been hurt or insulted then take your cares and lay them at the feet of the Lord. From your knees ask his forgiveness and protection. He refuses no one. Christ lives!


Yes, we will resurrect when Jesus comes again. Jesus will not come in this life, but in the next generation. There is not a Heaven and a Hell only for a few, but a Heaven with a Father in Heaven that loves us unconditionally. It is a place of peace, joy, and love. It is not a golden brick road with a castle and a mean Old Testament God. How do I know? I had a near death experience.

We are now in end times. Just look at what is happening in the Middle East.

We need to listen to the prophet and his leaders because they are annointed of God.


Great to hear your church speak of Easter! HAVE A GOOD EASTER! GOD LIVES SAY AMEN TO THAT!


A wonderful conference...We Testify of Christ, we love Christ. He is the center of our lives and the Saviour of all mankind.

RE Cats

"The Savior of all mankind'
"For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son,that 'whoever' beleives in him shall not perish,but have eternal life." (John 3:16)also
"Whoever beleives in the Son has eternal life,but whoever rejects the Son, will not see life,for God's wrath remian in him" (John 3:36)


What an wonderful weekend celbrating Easter and the resurected Lord and his mission at the feet of prophets of God in our own day. Perhaps there really is hope for this world. Not perhaps, certainly if we will but follow their counsel.

@anonymous 1:04

Didn't we meet you in December of 1999 when you were crying "end times" then too as you guys planned your trip to Missouri ?


I hate to be critical but wouldn't it be more appropriate to have the article titled "LDS General Conference" rather than "Mormon"?


These are truly men of God.

John Kateel

Even though I am Unitarian and have never been LDS, I feel great comfort in hearing the words of Prophet Monson. I think his message of humility and following the teachings of Jesus Christ when it comes to showing compassion to the meek and the poor and the different is wonderful. I have always believed that the LDS church has a message of social justice that is in tune with the desires of Christ but is drowned out by the political rhetoric that is espoused by the Republican Party. I feel that Jesus was more of a socialist than a capitalist. The more closer we follow Jesus, the more socialist we become.


John. I am glad that you found the message inspiring, as did I. How could it not be inspiring? It was about Christ and his teachings.

I do think that this issue of social Justice needs to be understood. There is a huge difference between what Christ teaches: freely giving of ones substance to the poor out of love, and what socialism is: the forced redistribution of wealth by government. Christ has never advocated for the latter. In fact, the war in heaven was fought so that men and women would be free to choose to do good or evil.

I do agree that as men and women grow closer to the Lord they tend to be much more charitable. I submit that there is a difference between Christian charity, and Social justice through government, aka socialism.

I know it is possibly semantics, but that is what most conservatives believe, especially LDS conservatives.


I watched the entire conference. I felt the Savior's love over and over again during the talks. I was uplifted. I felt the confirmation in my heart that Jesus Christ lives! I felt the Holy Ghost witness that President Thomas S. Monson is God's chosen Prophet for the world at this time; and never before has there been a greater need to have a Prophet of God on the earth!

John Kateel

Jesus was not a socialist!

He does advocate socialism, not one bit.

He advocates compassion and love.

Socialism is government control of the means of production. It is your money taken by FORCE and given those the government determines is "needy".

That is not compassion and love.

To John Kateel

I agree that Christ was very emphatic about caring for one's neighbor, feeding the poor, adminitering to the sick. But, as with all things, He encouraged these things to be done with a "generous heart." Social justice should be motivated by Christ-like love. It should not be government mandated.

Re John K

Several problems with your statement . Thomas Monson has the title "President Monson " and this applies if you think he is a prophet or not . Socialism and capitalism did not exist 2000 years ago so Jesus could not have been either a socialist or a capitalist.When you say "the political rhetoric of the Republican Party . Actually its not the GOP but radio hosts like Glenn Beck( who most Mormons agree with )and Rush who spout the rhetoric. Was jesus political at all ? Based on the "Render unto God " I dont think so You miss the point that most LDS in the USA are right wing Republicans who agree more with Glenn Beck than they do with President Monson.


i agree !!

esus was not a socialist!

He does advocate socialism, not one bit.

He advocates compassion and love.

Socialism is government control of the means of production. It is your money taken by FORCE and given those the government determines is "needy".

That is not compassion and love.

Twittering Levite

"I just walked by this bloody drunk passed out on the road. I'm sure glad we don't have any government services to bail out these freeloaders lying in the gutter along the roads."
"Wait a minute. This dumb Samaritan just stopped and gave him a handout. Stupid liberal."

His name isn't Jesus

First of all, His name was never Jesus. Jesus is a Greek name, and He was clearly not Greek. His name is Yeshua, and He is, was and always will be Jewish. He also didn't celebrate easter, nor did His disciples. Easter is the name of a false god that clearly represents pagan fertility rights, and has nothing to do with the resurrection of the Savior. Do you realize that our tradition of dying easter eggs come from an ancient pagan tradition that involved the sacrifice of babies and dying the eggs in their blood? To this very day, Greek orthodoxy dies their easter eggs only one color - blood red.

He and His disciples celebrated Bikkurim (First Fruits), and all the other Appointed Times found in the Torah, such as Passover, The Feast of Weeks and The Feast of Tabernacles. Easter is not God's feast, it's MAN's feast, and He takes no pleasure in it. The same applies to Christmas.

It is time for those servants of the living God to come out of the paganism of so-called Christianity, and return to HIS ways, and HIS commandments, and not the commandments and traditions of men.

Mark Kent

Yes. Although most Mormons are conservative, look at Harry Reid. He's a Mormon, and I am assuming in good standing with the church, and he's as liberal as they come.

RE: His name isn't Jesus

True,in Hebrew James's name is Jacoby,Paul is Cephas(Shaul) and Elias is Elijah. But since you seem be be a legalist, Jesus said,"Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,This is the first and greatest commandment,and second is love your neighbor as yourself."((Matthew 22:37,39)Therefore the greatest transgression(sin) would be not too, and remember God demands perfection.

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