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He plans to introduce bill to expand Wasatch wilderness areas

Published: Friday, April 2 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Where is the editor?

Wayne Owens was indeed a congressman from Utah, however, he did not die in an ATV accident a couple of years ago....that was Bill Orton...another congressman from Utah. No wonder newspapers are losing readers and credibility. About two seconds of research could have told you this. What a joke...and yet you think we should take you seriously.


Thank you, Representative Matheson. And I mean that very much. As a registered Republican, it's guys like you that change people's minds. Like mine.


While I support this, I wonder if Matheson got approval from his Republican masters.

Where's the money?

This rhetoric has been waved around many times as a political issue until the votes are counted then the first green flag waved in front of their noses changes their minds real fast.

Zoning laws already exist by the USGS and state to preserve those areas for the very reasons they are quoting now, but the green flag has the power of persuasion that no law can obstruct.

The green flag has put many lives and families at risk throughout the valley to violate zoning laws, so why will their speech make any difference? To get such laws passed they have to fend off special interest developers that are fellow legislators.

Thinkin' Man

I think those lands are perfectly fine the way they are, thank you. Changing designation will only prevent fewer Americans from enjoying their public lands, reserving that right for an anointed few.

Ever try to visit closed lands with children? With the elderly? With a physical disability? Public lands should be accessible to all.


Matheson is losing his job in. He is now panicking. The republicans are not going to cross over and support him this time so is is trying to hurry up and do something liberal.


Thank you, Representative Matheson, for again showing how to accomplish consensus and do what is right. Protecting local watershed is the right thing to do. Well done.

Ready to give up

Wow, why not just declare all of Utah a wilderness area, kick us all out, and get it over with. The torture of adding 10,000 acres here, 10,000 acres there, slowly, painfully, is not fun anymore. This is yet another example of losing freedom, thank you Jim Matheson and Obama.

Larry Tavaci

Wilderness designation is not partisan. It is taking a look at the bigger picture and not through
selfish blinders.
Locking up federal lands is a myth! Slowing or stopping foolish use of diminishing and finite resourses is wise.
It is a tired argument that children,elderly and the disabled can't use wilderness. Check out a popular backcountry lake on a summer day.
Where should the line be drawn for our own overuse of oil,gas, and the Forest Service green light approach to ski areas.

Lincoln Green

How many more acres of land needs to be protected by the federal government?

Everytime the democrats occupy the White House takes thousands of acres taken away from the little guy.


To Thinkin' Man- I have taken my kids to "closed lands" quite a bit and, amazingly, they lived to tell the tell. They, in fact, enjoy it immensely. If you have ever spent any amount of time actually getting out of your chair and did some hiking you would see that a large amount of people out on the trails are people you would consider "elderly".

It's pretty obvious within two sentences that people who complain about having land "closed" off to them have no idea what they're talking about.

2 bits

Just be carefull of the UNintended consequences... that's all I ask.

When Politicians start doing stuff like this it's often to please the radical environmentalists... and they are a hard group to please, unless you are willing to go ALL THE WAY and do it all THEIR way.

Personally, I don't see why the canyons NEED more protection. The areas he is trying to give wilderness designation to are ALREADY protected from development (they are part of the National Forest System). We can ALREADY protect them from development.

All too often, the quest to protect certain areas, becomes just an effort to limit access to it. To make it harder and harder for PEOPLE to enjoy it. I don't like that.

The effort to "Protect" also seems to eventually become the quest to keep the rifraf (normal population) out and only allow easy access to the elite people and environmentalist-elite, who can afford time and money required to access it. I don't like that.

I don't like efforts that focus only on adding RESTRICTIONS.

Don't focus on Restrictions Matheson. PLEASE!


"Everytime the democrats occupy the White House takes thousands of acres taken away from the little guy."

That's right, conservatives have been convinced that walking is an elitist activity. Walking doesn't sell expensive toys, gas, repairs or helmets.


USGS does not practice zoning or have the power to zone. Where do you get such misinformation?

thank you

Thank you Rep.
You are doing a good job and the right things.


Was this an actual Jim Matheson sighting?
Has it been confirmed?

@ "Ready to give up | 9:16 a.m."

Ready to give up | 9:16 a.m.

How will this protect local watershed???

These areas were in no danger of development anyway, were they?

To me... this just looks like a politican looking for something to do to impress somebody.

The main problem I have with this is... What is Matheson doing in MY BACKYARD, Litterally, when I have no ability to vote for/against him?

He should be doing this in his OWN district! Not trying to regulate land in other districts that have no say in whether he represents them or not!

Life's Not Fair...

"Some of us can only get there with the help of wheels,"
and some people are blind, but we don't let them touch the works of art at the museum so that they can enjoy them too.
Life isn't fair I hear it again and again from those claiming health insurance shouldn't be forced to cover people with pre-existing conditions.
Yet I hear complaining how it's not fair that you can't visit wilderness without motorized wheels.
Why should you be granted special rights, you have the same rights as the rest of us. Wont your religious or charity group carry you into these places?


Why is this a federal matter? Rep. Matheson, please stick to the narrow scope of issues that the Constitution expressly allows you to deal with.


When I saw Matheson is back in his blue shirt and leather jacket, I knew he is back to try to drum up some support. He is also using the phrase "alotta folks" which makes us feel warm and fuzzy.

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