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Published: Thursday, April 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As an employer, would you like to use a system that has an error rate of 54% in identifying who is legal and who isn't. As a legal resident looking for employment, this bill will impact me. The Governor should have veto the bill.




BIG MISTAKE!!! This bill already has no teeth!!! Herbert will pay at the polls for this.

How many more incumbents have to be taken out before they stop representing illegals and businesses??? Apparently many many more. Bennett will be next.

Herbert needs to hear from you. Call his office and give it to them. I did. This issue needs to be made a top 3 issue for voting someone into office. Use it as a test of their conservatism. It never fails to weed out the phonies.

All the state delegates need to make Herbert listen at the state convention.

Take him out!!!

Angry vet

Gov Herbert has got to be the dumbest polictian to date.

If he had a shot at getting elected he blew it big time.

These politicians just don't get it. We have 12 to 50 million illegal aliens that have invaded this country. Their negative impact on this country is undeniable.

We are tired of politians who have allowed this to happen. Allowed is not the right wording here "sold out" far better discribes their treasonous actions or in this case non action.

Vote out Herbert along with the other politians who are far better at lining their pockets rather than serving the people.

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