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Published: Thursday, April 1 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Now we know whose side he is on (rich and powerful), no point arguing about it, we now just all know who we need to vote for in the next election.

He signed the bill...

and lost my vote.

I agree with Gov

What's the point of private property if you can't keep it private. I agree with the governor and the legislature %100 on this one.


Nepotism is thicker than stream water. Too bad.


The rich have our big game blocked from us for the most part. Now they want our fish and rafting. Wonder how much they will want to charge us, to fish, and raft in our public waters.
When I was a kid, hunting with my family. It was the way of the land, going through fences, to get after our game. Now you get a ticket, or go to jail.
I was born in Provo, a native, this is my birthplace. It's sad to leave, because of the greedy few, that deprive the many.
One thing is for sure. When the greedy leave this world, the land won't go with them, but their actions will, good luck with that.


If fishermen can't access streams on private land then why should ranchers be allowed to graze cattle on public land, poluting the streams there with cattle feces and detroying the native vegetation?

Good 'ol Gov

Waits until the last minute to "decide" on something so then there is less publicity about it. This can't guy decide anything on his own! He has also lost my vote! Go Caroon!


What a stupid piece of legislation. You can't leave the water? Is allowing fisherman and boaters the ability to use the first few feet of riverbank really such a huge imposition? This is an intimidating tactic intended to stop access to these waters AT ALL, and the governor should be ashamed of himself for signing such a piece of nonsense.


Howzabout I come and light a campfire on your front lawns and roast weenies? Oh, you just think it's okay to go on someone elses propoerty, not yours? That's what I thought.


Finally, someone that cares about private property owner's rights. I am not rich or powerful, but I do own property. What is mine is mine and what is yours is yours. Stay off mine!!!!

fly guy

Anon @ 2:10, if my front lawn was maintained, stocked, and improved by your tax dollars, then you'd be welcome to roast weenies on my doorstep.

re: chris

Hey, no problem chris, just promise to keep your cattle off of my public land so they quit destroying the public stream where I fish, and have the DWR put stream barriers where our rivers enter and exit your land so our public paid for fish stay in the public section of our state's streams and rivers.


Thanks Governor. My land that borders the Weber River deserves to be just as private as someone's land that borders State Street or any street. Just because I have a river on my property, should anyone, at any time, be allowed to trespass? No, private property rights are the same.

A Man's Perspective

So, is the Supreme Court a non-issue in Utah now? Its rulings no longer mean a thing?

This ruling hurts relationships between land owners and river users.

When are you Weber River owners near Rockport/Echo going to finally clean up the rusted cars on the river? Actually, who cares. Since we probably won't be able to access that river anymore.

See what I mean?

To Chris

But the water is public. Now we can't use it. Also, the easement defined is no longer accessible.

What is ours can't be used.

Unanimous Supreme Court overruled.


Life Long Republican

Just became a Democrat.

re: Landowner

Try putting up no trespassing signs and barricades on the sidewalk public easement on your private property and see how long that lasts.

That is the same thing this law does to the rivers.

Vote against Herbert!

He just lost my vote! Money and power rule our country and state! Why do my Tax dollars go to stock and reclimate these streams/ rivers that I dont have access to. It's a shame! Only thing we can do is vote them out! HB 141 is a slap in the face to the tax payer and The Utah Supreme Court

Herbert's out!!

Utah is not getting more new rivers and streams every year...but the ones we do have are being sold to developers and land owners at record pace. There will be no where to go fishing in 10 years. There is nothing wrong with Idaho's approach to public water that crosses private land....stay in the river to high water mark and no problem. It should be the same in Utah!! Period!!


Last time I vote for a republican in this State.

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