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Published: Tuesday, March 30 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Great Victory for the Jazz, lets just see if the Jazz can pass up Dallas. The Jazz, in my opinion, only have 2 really tough games ahead--OKC and LAL. If we win the games we should and maybe steal a game from either OKC or LAL, who --lets be honest--have dominated the Jazz this year, the Jazz can win the second seed.


You forgot to mention that we gave the Knicks ANOTHER loss to help out our cause for a better 1st round draft pick!

This game

is a prime example of why it is hard to have faith in Utah. There are times when both DWill and Price just do not run the offense. The defense was also poor at times. But the big problem is pace. NY zoned at times and the Jazz offense faltered.

Ordinarily I would blame Sloan but I think he just does not have control of this team. They flat out do not run the offense unless they want to.

DAL grabbed DEN by the throat and never let up. Utah almost blew it at home against a bad team. PHX is breathing down their back.

GS is a another really bad game. If the Jazz try to fun and gun with them or PHX they are going to lose.

The Jazz has to play to their own strengths and not try to play another teams game. Experienced, smart teams do that.

I could become a Price fan if he would play smart (run the offense instead of jack up shots) and play under control.

Missing AK was a big

problem tonight. Korver could not hit given the fast pace. CJ played pretty well much of the time. Korver made some great defensive plays and some clutch FTs.


Ugly ,you took the words right out......just like the Wizards game we won,but geez,can`t we play a little d? We miss AK a bunch more than most want to admit.I`m not one bit pleased with this effort.If we play this way aginst GS,they`ll beat us handily

Price Block

Price's block and then layup was pretty cool.

CJ Miles fan

I loved it when CJ smoked McGrady on that dunk.


DWill and Booz had very good games, Milsap pretty good, everyone else just OK.
Maybe it's just me but I don't see the Jazz playing with enough emotion and determination.
They won tonight but it wasn't pretty and they didn't clamp down on D and exert their will enough on O.
CJ in particular hasn't been playing with emotion, he is trying to play within the system and that is good, but he needs to play with excitement, emotion, & energy.
I think by Sunday, Phx will be ahead of the Jazz and I'm worried about NO they are playing well lately, since CP3 came back.
Houston is a back to back and that could be trouble.
I don't see us beating LA, there.
I would like to see only one loss but probably 2 and possibly 3 if they don't step it up.
It a good thing several of the teams, like SA, OKC, & Denver have more difficult schedules than the Jazz.


Re Houdini : Didn't see your post until after I posted, but I agree with you, this was an ugly win and I'm not happy with the way the Jazz have been playing. The way they are playing makes me worry.
Everyone from 2nd to 7th are so close that there isn't any room for error and if the Jazz aren't careful they will lose out on home court advantage.
If they play well, definitely 3rd and maybe 2nd, but like I said, the way they are playing worries me. they don't seem to be playing with enough emotion, intensity and determination.

There were great plays

by all of the Jazz players.

BUT they were not working that well as a team. This is not a playoff contender. If they play this bad at home don't expect much better on the road. Beating WAS on the road and NY (barely) at home does not impress me much.

The Jazz are not as hapless as DEN right now but they are flirting with it. PHX has an easy schedule so does DAL. The Jazz might back into the division win and a 4th seed. They may or may not have home field advantage.

There are to many good teams in the West that are actually playing well. The Jazz are not one of them.

If they do not get their offensive act together and and put forth a consistent defensive effort you are going to see a repeat of last years swoon.

The Jazz played hard. Part of the time they played well. Most of the time they did not play smart.

Al Harrington would be an excellent pick up for the Jazz if Boozer leaves.


a win is a win & at this time of the season that's all that matters......

2nd seed is possible, here's hoping....


a win is a win & at this time of the season that's all that matters......

2nd seed is possible, here's hoping....

todd from santa ana

A real struggle. I am happy we won. However, New York could not hit a pea in the ocean or it would have been a different story. Mike D' Antoni is trying to remain Phoenix East. One problem you need good dishers and shooters to make the offense work. Talk about stubborn. He makes Sloan look like Tommy Edison....

The game was won the first half of the 4th quarter. This is when the Jazz finally stepped on defense enough to win this game. Millsap, Price CJ each a block, Korver. The Knicks had problems scoring with the intensity around the basket which was critical.

Despite this we could not gain separation. Sloan as usual gave up the 3 point shot and once again survived the strategy because the Knicks stunk from the outside. A good shooting or even 1/2 way good shooting night from an opponent, we lose.

Another concern not scoring the last 4 minutes. Luckily, New York again failed to capitalize. Boozer and DWil restored enough order. DWIL 5 and Boozer 2 in 7-0 run gaining enough separation 103-93.

A win is a win, but Golden State can shoot better. Cannot repeat this Wednesday


44 point 1st qtr and then the snooze button, hard to wake up after the snooze button was pushed. But really it was the Knicks so not a problem. They usually don't hit the snooze against quality teams so relax comment posters. Look for a dominant performance Wed.

@ todd

Agreed Todd, The Warriors can also be hit n miss, so we will need to step up from tonight performance just in case they get hot.....

It's not far off a year ago that an under manned Warriors came to the ESA & beat an under prepared Jazz.

to get 2nd seed, history cannot repeat itself !!!

DEN may only win 2

more games. That may or may not drop them out of 5th. SA lost but has been hot lately. OKC has also won 6 out of the last 10 and POR has won 8 of the last 10.

One or more of them could catch DEN if they can't right the ship.

If the Jazz don't get their act together they also could drop to 4th or 5th very easily.

If Utah were playing well I would expect them to get the 2 seed but right now it is very hard to tell what teams are going to have which match ups.

How soon is AK back? He makes a tremendous difference in how the defense performs and also ads rebounds and shooting that is lacking. Korver tried really hard but the fast paced effected him. CJ played well at times. He is doing better.

The big problem is at PG. The offense just does not run much of the time. Great individuals plays but the offense does not run. Lots of TOs, bad timing on shots, bad shots. Not an efficient offense. The does not get to the right player at the right time.


the moment price entered the game in the 2nd quarter i knew the game would become close. price is clueless when playing the point. i've seen that in a few games before. when price subs in for wiliams, the jazz game goes sour. but it's not entirely price's fault that the game was close. as always, the jazz couldn't play defense! how else could you let a bottom-feeder score 60 points at utah's home court?!? no wonder the jazz can't beat the lakers, nuggets and OKC. the suns might even beat them in the playoffs the way utah plays defense. just awful.

No AK...

No defense...it just continues game after game.

I wish he could get healthy because the bad defensive outings are piling up and each one brings risks of losing games we should not.

Denver is imploding. Pretty amazing really. I find it difficult to believe Kenyon Marting can make that much difference. I don't think it is the fact the coach is out either--its not like they listen to him.

The team stunk till billups got there but even now he can't hold them together. I said at the beginning of the season they are always just a step away from blowing up even with all their talent.

They could spiral clear to the 8 seed and play lakers 1st series--how great would that be?

We can dream!

way too critical

As always the posters are way too critical of the Jazz. From the comments it seems that you expect the Jazz to win every game by 30 points.

2nd quarter the Jazz were hoping that NY would lay down, they didn't, played loose and got back in the game.

NY runs the most complicated offensive sets in the league, its stuff the Jazz NEVER see and the unfamiliar can be surprisingly effective.

NY has wins against DAL and DEN, yet the Jazz swept em. Give em credit instead of getting upset over every turnover.

This time of year?

I keep hearing about 'this time of year'! In fact, where we be with W's in Minnesota that 'other' time of the year?

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