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Published: Monday, March 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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writing on the wall?

I wish Utah had a better basketball team in development. A strong league will aid recruiting.
Utah, unfortunately, is really hurting themselves in recruiting. What do you say to a potential recruit?
UHHH.. half of the team quit on me last year so you should get plenty of playing time? Those expecting this to be a great selling point with parents and uncertain kids will see a University basketball team that is obviously troubled. However I wish my red friends up north well.


The one thing no one has talked about yet is their type of play on the court. I was really disappointed when I watched Utah play in the tournament. There was a lot of standing around. The passing was not crisp. The energy was not high.
I was really disappointed to watch the freshman, Henderson, play. He is a dirty player and is really at this point not a leader on the floor. A leader is not necessarily the person who takes the most shots, but does the most to help the team get better.
Regarding BYU and March Madness: It's pretty hard to come back and win a second game when you had 3 OTs a couple of days earlier. Kansas State found that out last week.
The more the teams expect of themselves, the more they will get.


Boylen has an anger problem and I wouldn't want to play for him. The lack of class he has shown on & off (interviews) the court makes me think he is the issue. I don't see the Utes going anywhere as long as Boylen is the coach.


Sinking ship? | 9:02 p.m. March 29, 2010
...WINNING as opposed to what the Utes have been playing..... a LOSING style. BWAAAHAAAHAAAA!!!!


Odd coming from fans whose team won 10 games in two years in 97 and 98.

As far as Boylen, he as next year to turn the program if not then his days are numbered.

Lets hope he can turn it around. If not the beating BYU will take at RES next year will have to take me through another year.


re: Can't you people read | 8:57 a.m. March 30, 2010

And how did U guys do with your gifted 5 seed the season before last?


"One in done" ... you should now what that is since your the experts.

Utah: 2-2 since 2005 - During the down turn in the program.

BYU: 1-5 since 2005 - With its best teams.


"your" the experts?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Good job little bro!

2005 to now

Utah has been steadily going down hill and next year could be the worst year yet.

BYU has been steadily improving and next year could be the best year yet.

One fan base is excited for next season.

One fan base is dreading what may happen next season.

Better or Worse

Utah 14-17 7-9 5th MWC (tied with CSU)

Will Utah be better, worse, or about the same next year?

The Whizz....!!!!!

To all the YBu'ers.....it is a simple comparison.

Roger Reid and "1-n-done" for 17 years in the NCAA!!!!!!!!!


I think

Roger Reid is available when u finally admit you need a real coach!

Reid > Boylen and Giacoletti


best coach for the utes is?

coach norm parrish of SlCC. won a national championship. 20 yrs experience. major recruiting connections throughout the west midwest. understands how to recruit utah kids, return missionaries and out of state talent to combine for a winning formula. utah guy with roots here who is personable and could return the program to glory. best coach in the state not named morrill

poor ute fan

do i here a so called dynasty falling like a grand oak. at least the lady utes can win.

get a new coach

boylen has a love for the game but he is too worried about yelling at the refs than coaching his players. utah desperately needs a new basketball coach

bball fan

you people are stupid if you think carlon was the one taking bad shots. henderson was the most inconsistent shooter on the team and took the worst shots by far. get off of carlons back boylen is just a bad coach. gont get mad at carlon for being a great player leaving a bad program

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