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Published: Monday, March 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Carlon 'transferred' in December

Carlon was set up to be the man, but he flopped in the pre-conference schedule. Not a little flop, a big, painful belly flop. After that, he never accepted his role as another option instead of the man. He sulked, gave half efforts and pulled a lot of the team down with him. A bit of a surprise, but he won't be missed.

Still, the biggerst mystery is how Tavita is getting any playing time. If I were Hines, I'd also be frustrated when I saw that hack playing minutes in front of me. He's the only transfer that I feel bad about.

Funnier Utah fan

I noticed you conveniently left out Utah's overtime win in 2005, or it could easily have been 4 of 5 for BYU.

Bottom line:

Bronco has a better overall record, more MWC championships, more Top 25 finishes, more 10+ win seasons than Kyle, and Bronco is 3-2 head-to-head versus Kyle.

Try to minimize it all you want, but a win is a win, and the overall records speak for themselves since Kyle, Bronco has finished ahead of Kyle in the MWC standings 4 of the 5 years they've been head coaches.

Utah fans didn't have any problem taking full credit for a couple of lucky wins over Oregon State and TCU in 2008 now did they!

Reaching rock bottom

What's left, a bunch of inexperienced freshmen and sophomores who weren't good enough to be starters on a lousy team?

But we still have a hot-headed gunner who shoots 33% and a 10-foot wall who averages a couple of points a game.

ute fan

Once again, all the experts are sure about what the reasons are behind the players leaving. Were you all at every practice, team meeting, and game?? Or, are you basing your opinions on just a glimpse of what you saw, or what you may have heard?? That would be like you trusting decisions being made on behalf of the company where you work on partial fact or information!! None of you would allow that to happen!! So, why should your opinion matter when it comes to who plays for Coach Boylen?? One of the reasons the Utes had some of the wins they did have was because of Coach Boylen's commitment to defense and his demand for toughness from his players. Without this, they win fewer games than they actually did!! It was still a year of transition between recruiting classes of different coaches and it really showed this year because of the lack of overall talent, with the departure of last year's seniors! Majerus said it best, "Players win games, not coaches!!". So, give the Utah staff a chance to recruit and coach and you just be a good fan and support!

Ref: Can't you people read

should have, could have, more whining from the ute faithful. Harline should've been covered, Collie should've been covered, and George should've been covered. Henderson could've shown come class, but didn't. Keep the whining up, love to hear it.


Boylen needs to move on so we can get a Coach Like they have at USU that can win every year. I can't beleive that Stew Morrill stays at USU when he could be the best coach in the Nation with a Bigger College.

UTE booster

time for Dr. Hill and Boylen to get fired. they have no clue what they are doing.


AD Hill are you out there?????????????????????????????????????????????

Good news!!

More playing time for the real stars like Jace Tavita!

He is the best point guard in the MWC.

Boylen Over

Time to move on. This is ridiculous. Utah basketball is the laughing stock of the state.

BYU fans

And with all of the BYU "domination" all you have to show for it is one NCAA tournament win in almost two decades and not a single significant bowl win. Yikes! And this is your best? Hardly impressive..........

Look at the NBA, I dont see a single BYU player. Look at the NFL, I dont see Austin Collie making an impact week in and week out and thats it.......so yeah, i am not impressed.

every BYU poster who has posted on this board reeks of insecurity.

BYU fans

* my post should have said "I see Austin Collie being productive week in and week out, but thats about it."

re: Funny BYU Fans

Nice job, way to put a nice "moral victory" spin on those losses.

NOTE TO ALL COUGAR FANS: utah fans do not count losses as actual losses. They are all moral victories, so back off.

re: re: can't U people read

Ooooo good move. Yes when the chips are down then play the "we used to be great" card. No one can top THAT by referencing any of the recent results. Right...if the present is too painful then live in the past instead.

jealous Ute | 12:13 p.m.

BYU Utah Basketball 2006-2010

Last 5 Seasons (MWC finish)
2010 BYU 30-6 (2nd) Utah 14-17 (6th)
2009 BYU 25-8 (1st) Utah 25-10 (6th)
2008 BYU 27-7 (1st) Utah 18-15 (6th)
2007 BYU 25-9 (1st) Utah 11-19 (1st)
2006 BYU 20-9 (2nd) Utah 14-15 (6th)

BYU 127-39 (77%) 3 MWC championships, 4 Big Dances
Utah 82-76 (52%) 1 MWC championship, 1 Big Dance

Utah lost as many MWC games this season as BYU has lost in the last THREE seasons.

So go on spouting off about ancient history.

As a BYU fan, I'm very pleased with the direction of the BYU basketball program.

Can U honestly say the same thing about the U?

re: UTE booster | 11:19 a.m

I guess being conference champions last year was done without a clue. Were the Utes good this year, no. Did they perform about as predicted in conference, yes. They lost a lot of talent and players like Brown, as talented as he is, were unable to step up and be a leader.

RE: Roy Boy

Please don't hold your breath on the Utes getting invited into the PAC 10. Unless Ute basketball gets better you will have a tough time getting invited into the WAC.

Utah basketball history

good, but never great.

If you want to compare great, see Kentucky, North Carolina, Kansas, Duke... true bluebloods.

Nowadays, Utah basketball doesn't even compare to the upper half of the MWC.

6th, 6th, 6th, 1st, 5th in the Utes' last 5 seasons.

re: re: UTE booster

Having Luke Neville for the '08-'09 season saved utah's bacon. Without him u guys would have had many more losses.

Reality Check

At least some Utes can face reality. Not so good to be a Ute after all. Face it, Cougar basketball is to be envied compared to what you've got going on on the hill. To say otherwise, is only deceiving yourselves.

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