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Published: Monday, March 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Carlon is one of those people who has never taken responsibility for anything he has ever done wrong. Some players take a play or two off, Carlon would take whole games off and blame everyone else for the problems. His leaving will be addition by subtraction. For those that were wondering, he does have a redshirt year which he can use so he will be able to go to a D1 school and have one year to play.
Boylen has made some mistakes in recruiting but he is going to put his stamp on this team. Hopefully the new players he brings in will play the type of ball he wants to play (can you say Michigan State).
One last thing BYU fans. Rose is a very good coach but he didn't save your program. The thanks for saving your program go to Steve Cleveland who came in and cleaned up Roger Reid's mess.

Really? Seriously?

Asking if Carlon can play at a lower division -- like Weber State? This just in -- Weber State, like Utah, Utah State, UVU, SUU and YBU ARE ALL DIVISION I.

Carlon, looking for somewhere to play -- go to Dixie State. They went to the tourney this year and I'm sure they'd be glad to have you step right in and lead them for a year.


Brown inept? I know of one game where he wasn't...he killed the Aggies.


carlon will still have 1 year remaining.

re: Dark Times

right....your BEST player is leaving. You, my friend, have a problem. When players leave, they leave for a reason. The reason is they aren't happy playing for their coach. Why do players not leave on other losing teams? Because they believe in and respect the coach. The Ute players don't respect Boylen and don't want to play for him. Hence, the departures....more to come. Stay tuned!

ute fan

Utah could have 5 Carlon Browns and would still be no good. They need to start over from scratch. Get rid of all the players including the coach.
Have you been watching the NCAA tourney? All of the teams have several bigs that can shoot, run, play defence and are mobile. Why can't Utah come with even one of these types? We get players under 6'2".
I can't understand why.

just wait

there will be more in the coming days. you guys will be very surprised as to who else is leaving.

Good News

I am glad to see the Giac era finally come to an end with this transfer. Brown led the team in turnovers and has not improved since he was playing a freshman, just like Tillie and Drca. He was terrible in the last few games of the season and this team lacked leadership all year that these 3 players should have provided. Brown could have been a leader next year, but is making the choice to walk away instead. True great players at Utah go on to play in the NBA, they don't transfer. Carlon should have asked Justin Hawkins how his transfer worked out going into his Senior year.

It is interesting that fans get after Boylen, and don't acknowledge that Green, Nevill, Borha and Kepkay all improved under Boylen from year one to year two. It is obvious to me that Tillie, Drca and Brown were never the caliber of player to lead the Utes where they are used to being.

Watkins, Henderson, Hines and Washburn at least showed they cared this year on the court.


Hey, cut the coach some slack. The people who left weren't helping the team anyway. Give Boylen a comple of more years and I think he'll turn it around. He's a decent man and a good coach.

Hines Too

Sounds like Hines is also going to transfer. No wonder the Utes went 14-17, I agree Boylen had no leadership on this team and it appears half a roster full of quitters. At least he wants to win.

Smile utes

you will still have marshmellow!

I Support Boylen

As a season ticket holder (6) I have NO problem with these athletes leaving. I don't know who was at fault, but Drca and Brown did not step up last year. Either they couldn't learn/listen or Boylen can't teach, but their consistently poor choices in shots and passes were maddening. Now we might soon see which it is. Of the four, I wish that Matt Read had stuck and achieved. After watching the NCAA's in SLC, one is struck that we need a bunch of 6'9" studs, not a group of 6" guards. Good luck, Jim.


Hines is better than Henderson. Had a better feel for when to shoot. Took better shots. Made a better percentage. Should've played more than he did.

Unloyal fan

Departure of these guys is another indicator or weak coaching!

Big Ben

Of these losses, Hines hurts the worst. Brown was a disappointment this year. He clearly is not a jim boylen player.

If we can get some solid Juco talent in, we will be fine. Now, our most urgent need is a point guard. Our defense is solid. We just need someone to direct everyone around.

should have

kept coach Rahe. But there is no reason he will leave Weber State. Maybe Boylen can scream at another beat writer for the Utes.


are jumping this sinking ship called the ute basketball team(?). They're tired of this buffoon of a coach. I, for one, certainly hope the u keeps him on indefinitely. The loner boylen stays, the better for the Cougs.

Can't you people read?

To all the posters who obviously can't read and prove it by saying things like "three are leaving?" or "who else is leaving?" or "sounds like Hines is going to transfer too" - the article is very clear: two more Utes are leaving (Brown and Hines), they join the other two who left last week (Reid and Cyphers) 2 +2 = 4.

To be clear, brown has a red-shirt year and one year of eligibility - he stunk this year so good luck elsewhere. We need athletes, ball-handlers, defenders, and SHOOTERS. We'll have room to bring in some players now - two graduated, four transferred and one is leaving on a mission. Go get some great players, Coach Jim and bring back the winning ways of Utah basketball since no other team in the Mountain West can get past the 2nd round in the NCAA Tourney.

Former Ute Fan

I heard rumors the Southeast Baptist was recruiting Brown!!!

Any truth to this????

it happens

How many players left under Majerus? Maybe now the U can get some players that want to be there and will work and be coachable.

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