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Published: Monday, March 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Three leaving now? Whats up with U?


The players vote with their "feet".

The fans vote with their "feet".

The AD won't do anything.

A dark post season for Utah Basketball.

Sinking ship?

The mass exodus continues. Players can't get off the team quick enough. What cracks me up is his mention that playing with the Utes wasn't his style of ball. If you read in-between the lines, he was saying his style of ball was WINNING as opposed to what the Utes have been playing..... a LOSING style. BWAAAHAAAHAAAA!!!!



Okay ... this was totally unexpected.

How often do Juniors transfer schools? This makes no sense. Unless he has a redshirt year to burn, his college career is effectively over, but even if he does have a redshirt available, he has one year to assimilate to a new school, program, it's playing style and compete for playing time.

Carlon - I hope you know what you are doing. Good luck to you in the future.


Yet another exmaple of an erosion of confidence in Boylen...with very little returning next year and losing rank and file players, sure beggining to look a lot like Ray J. of a few years ago...to bad seems like a very nice guy, but maybe not a good coach.

Ute Program Struggling

Players exiting - BYU owning them in basketball this year and Football 3 of the last 4 games! I would say the Ute Sports Program is definitely struggling. Come on Utes - Make it competitive!


Who else has left besides Brown? What is going on at the U? Boylen was a terrible hire; too bad the Utes are 0-for-2 in trying to lure Stew Morrill away from Logan and that he'd never leave at this point.

Atomic Boylen

The bomb is blowing up underground for now. Boylen has lost his team and nobody wants to play for him. Next year we'll be looking for another coach.


This is crazy, what is going on? Seriously.


He was the player I enjoyed watching the most. I don't blame him for leaving, he should be a potential NBA draft pick, and he's not even on the radar. Switching schools doesn't really bode well for him though, I doubt he'll be successful elsewhere with just one year left. Boylen should have convinced him to stay, seems like it should have been an easy sell.


Brown knows. When will the Utes learn?

Strange Choice

Agreed. Brown effectively loses his eligibility unless he goes to a lower division to finish his career. Could he play at Weber State?

The fact he will basically be done playing basketball speaks volumes that he would rather leave than just put up with it another year.

Of course, with everybody finally leaving, Boylen can get his own guys. He may be happy with these events. I'm a Cougar fan but I wouldn't wish this type of situation on any team, except maybe New Mexico.

boo hoo

So what? A bunch of players are leaving a team that didn't win. If they were so great they would have played more and they would have won more. Maybe the guys that are staying are hard working kids and will turn out to be winners.

About Time

Good Riddance

Carlon Brown was the most inept player this year - even though Drca gave him a lot of competition

Bring in someone who decides what to do before jumping into the air and then creating a turnover


A 4th is leaving now, I forget his name.

Supremacy in this state in hoops (and football) looks to be BYUs for the next few years at least.

Re: ute program struggling

It's been 3 years since byu has won a conference title in football. The utes have two undefeated football seasons in the last five. Give me a break I wouldn't call taking 3 place in a very good football conference struggling. As far as hoops go, u r correct go cougs. U have one good season and all of a sudden Dave Rose and Jimmer(who I actually like mostly because he is amazing on the court and he dosent act like a punk in front of the mic or cry all the time like other high profile cougs) invented basketball. Good luck this year with your all-world qb sounds much like the hype ben olsen had.


@About Time
ROFL - exactly

Roy M.

Yeah, unfortunately for the Y, with their obviously superior talent, the Pac-10 is bringing in Utah.

Dark Times

Dark Times are upon BYU won the MWC this year in Basketball, BYU beat Utah in football this year. I guess that means that BYU owns Utah right? Yeah right. When is the last time BYU has been ranked in the top five in any sport? When is the last time BYU has gone undefeated?

The wheel will turn, Utah will break cougar hearts again. The sun will come out, tomorrow.

It has been mentioned for several weeks that Utah doesn't have enough scholarships for some of their players and some would have to leave.

It's not like the good players are leaving.

re/ strange choice

Brown will have to sit out a year and will have a year to play anywhere he wants. The only time you lose a year is transferring within your own conference. FYI, Weber st is just as much D1 as anyone else in hoops. Not sure what you meant there.

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