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The animals are carnivores; one attacked Herriman family's pet rabbits

Published: Monday, March 29 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Individuals who follow the ALF ideology do not care what happens to the mink, or they wouldn't be releasing them. Neither do they care what happens to local wildlife or to domestic farm animals. They are so caught up in their "belief system" that is the only thing that matters to them. They are "true believers" and as such, a danger to society IMO. They do more harm than help to animals and people. However, they are a good example of those who follow the animal rights philosophy...because they really do not care about humans or human interests!

To terrorists

Eco terrorists like ALF and ELF are the worst kind of scum. Thankfully, the FBI has been successful in infiltrating such groups, and many of their leaders are now in jail or on the run.

Animals aren't People

Comparing human rights to animal rights is stupid.

Comparing slavery to raising animals for food or clothing is stupid.

Animals should be raised and slaughtered as humanely as possible.

But, the hyperbole and wild accusations of animal "abuse" used by "animal rights" activists goes over the top.

The fact that they have to resort to terrorist attacks just shows that they don't have the popular support their extremist views on the use of animals.


That there are people who think setting animals free is better for them.

I remember a couple of years ago when someone released a bunch of mink from a Davis county farm. The highway was covered with dead mink for months. What a waste.

If you want to do something for animals, join Ducks Unlimited or Pheasants Forever or Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. Any one of those organizations does more for animals in a week that PETA or ALF has done in 50 years.

Don't care for fur

from a practical standpoint. However, I'm thinking of buying some as a statement against the PETA and ALF facists.

@corvus 9:21AM

Also, mink are wild animals and they do not starve to death or die of dehydration in the wild. THey are perfectly capable of surviving. Actual scientific studies (not sensationalist media stories) show this. All of these complaints need to be directed where blame is due- the fur farmers and others that mistreat animals.

Wild mink survive in the wild very well. The mink that are being farmed have never been in the wild and would have no survival instincts and in most cases die terrible deaths when freed.


Can't believe they were put in jail! When will Sarah Palin or the crazy right winged militia be called what they are - terrorists. AR activists have never ever hurt a human being - EVER, but these crazy right winged militia groups are killing cops and they aren't terrorists!!

Thank you for freeing the minks and stopping their tortured existence at the hands of the fur farmer terrorists. We can only hope that Utah is someday a fur-free state : )

And also, pet bunnies shouldn't be imprisoned in cages either. Shame on that family. How would you like to live trapped in a closet?

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