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Published: Sunday, March 28 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Kinda hard to complain about a win,but does anyone else kind of sense we were just going through the motions? We beat a very bad team,yes,but would that same effort have beat a playoff team,maybe I just expect too much from this group with all the talent they have

Dump cj

he is a coaster!

todd from santa ana

Maybe its best I had to do other things and take a night off, missed the game I heard we beat the "generals and Red Klotz"

Houdini, could have been acting coach and guided the win and still use Fes and Kousie and more than just garbago time

Now DOug, Blauche and the Sloan discipiles will be on here saying how we all panicked over last night.

It is still a huge loss to 26-46 team you never get back. Now we need miracles such as Dallas losing at Warriors would help to offset

todd from santa ana

"Lets go Nellie Lets go"

Problems Developing?

Whats going on with Milsap? He hasn't played a solid game for a long, long time. Also CJ is still up and down, with poor efforts too many nights. I just think we are in a funk again, but hope it's not true. Jerry is squezzing the lemon again and I'm afraid nothing will be left for the playoffs. How many times has that happened before? That's Sloans history, to play his players into the ground during the regular season and have nothing but exhausted and spent players for the playoffs.


is justified if it is a pattern that reoccurs for years. The Jazz have long history of choking very badly when they should seize the opportunity and move up the pecking order.

This team has consistently blown opportunities to establish themselves as a legitimate contender. If the game is on TV and maybe at home then they will play.

At least this year they have a better road record. However, they have no poise.

There is something wrong with the team leadership or lack. The team personality is self defeating when it comes to winning games to get a good seed.

Every team has a few surprise losses. DEN comes to mind. The Jazz have a lot more than average. Given the Jazz track record they could easily lose @LAL, OKC, @HOU, @NO, @GS and PHO. I do not expect them to lose all of them but it would not surprise me if they lost 1/2 of them.

Given the Jazz tendency to not run the offense and not play defense unless they feel like it, no game is a safe win until it is in the W column.

Sloan is part of the problem.

I actually watched the game

in person, and I disagree with Houdini. There were a few moments when they were out of sync (start of the third quarter especially, terrible effort on rebounds) but for the majority of all 4 quarters they put in a good amount of effort and were working hard.

Good Defensive Teams

often but not always give the Jazz trouble. I am not sure what makes the difference.

@IND it was very clear from the start that they were not running the offense. They would make a pass or two and then take a jump shot. I am not sure if they were open inside? Or if the ball was not getting to them at the right time. If they weren't open is that the fault of the bigs, the screeners or DWill?

The outside shots resulted in 4 Pacers ready for a rebound and a fast break. It looked like the Jazz of Nov and Dec.

Sloan either does not control the team or he does not know how to counter certain defensive situations.

The Jazz will never contend if their offense is disrupted.


When AK doesn't play, we win. Stop playing guys before they heal.


The haters didn't just panic about last night, they come out in droves over every loss and believe that they are better equipped to make personel decisions based on casual observations.

This doesn't mean we can't be critical but it does place desnews msg board criticisms in its proper perspective, wannabes thinking they know more about basketball than the guys who succesfully teach it, live it, and coach it for a living.

I also wish Fes would get more playing time but what is that based on? Me watching games from home? I've never had to develope a player, and I don't pretend to know the first or best move about it.

I do trust this organization to make the right decisions and will be critical about the wrong choices that are only clear in hindsight, as only a fan can be.

The attitude of this team seems a lot different from last seasons meltdown, I think it will be a fun playoff run this year.

Sloan part of the problem?

Sloan is part of the problem but the team wins when they run the offense, essentially doing what he tells them. Your logic is faulty. Every year there are the “if only” losses, every playoff team has them. You only think the Jazz have more than most because you only closely follow the Jazz. Moreover, how do you compare your stat between teams with different records, situations, etc? Phoenix has had some terrible stretches; Denver has probably dropped more than the Jazz in your useless non comparative category.

Face it, the Jazz are one of the best run organizations in the league. Become familiar with any other organization in the league and you will realize that we have something special here, and Sloan is very much apart of that.


There is no problem with team leadership. DWill is a stud. Kirlinkos injury, Miles inconsistancy, Prices inability are what makes it tough to be consistantly elite.

don Mac

Tim howells needs to go...he has done nothing to develop our young big guys like fes & koof!


On and on we go perpetuating LIES about the Jazz record against "bad teams".

Todd and other coverts here showing how their bias and IGNORING THE FACTS and STATISTICS that prove their bias!!

Read for yourself.

Tell me, does this show a team that has "choked very badly" and "blown opportunities"?

vs. below .500 teams
Jazz 23-7
Dallas 25-8
Denver 24-9
Orlando 28-7
Boston 28-8
Cleveland 32-3
Lakers 28-2

Clearly this shows that the bashers here have an agenda or a reading disability...one of the two for sure but based on the comments...it could be both.

Clearly these posters who perpetuate the LIES and FALLACIES about the Jazz record against bad teams and how bad our coach is for letting our team lose to these bad teams have an ulterior motive...it certainly is not the truth.


So now when you read these guys comments you know that

1. They don't know what they are talking about


2. They tell LIES to support their ANIT-SLOAN BIAS.

No credibility. None.

re: panic

Your comments are laughable!!!

If Sloan is the problem because the team does what he says then I guess that makes him JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR WINNING 65% of their games in the best conference in basketball?

I guess that means SLOAN is also responsible for the Jazz having the 2nd best record IN THE ENTIRE LEAGUE only to Cleveland since Jan 9th?

I guess that also must mean that SLOAN is responsible for having fewer losses to sub .500 teams than Denver and Dallas?

I guess that also must mean that Sloan is responsible for our team having THE 3RD HIGHEST point differential 5.9 PPG WHICH IS NOW BETTER THAN THE LAKERS?

I guess that means SLOAN is responsible too for doing all this with a starting lineup currently composed of the NON-DRAFTED MATTHEWS, THREE 2ND ROUND PICKS, AND ONE LOTTERY PICK (D-WILL)? There is not even a single team in the league with that level of talent on the floor let alone the playoffs.


The New Jersey nets have 10 first round draft picks on their roster and MULTIPLE LOTTERY PICKS!!

Sloan has done more with less than any coach in NBA history.

re: good defensive teams

It is a natural tendency for most people in life and ESPECIALLY younger players in the nba to do the minimum required.

Look around the league. When you historically analyze the biggest winners it is teams that have more veterans and experience. Young teams with young players don't win NBA championships no matter how talented the might be.

Look how long it took Jordan despite his talent level.

Kobe could not win diddly in LA after Shaq left until he got another veteran big man Gasol.

Winning in the NBA is a progression filled with some ups and downs.

Compare last seasons road record of the Jazz to this seasons. We are over .500. Now compare the first half of this seasons road record to the 2nd half.


Players have to learn how to win and that only comes from playing more games and having veterans who really want to do something more than put up stats...otherwise the team may never win anything that matters.

There are tons of guys that can fill up stat sheets yet their teams are perennial losers when they are on the floor.

Michael Redd
Gilbert Arenas

to name a few.


Great showing by Utah's bigs last night. When Boozer and Memo score like that there's no need for Millsap to do so. Paul was a beast defensively vs a Wiz frontline that has been putting up a ton of points and big plays.

The Jazz did exactly what they were supposed to do in this one, with 3 guys! putting up double-doubles, and coming out strong in the 3rd to put it away for good.

Sloan and Co. have done an outstanding job developing the young guys at the wing spots, namely Matthews and Miles, the latter who showcased his new defensive skills yet again. Since the wings have been the soft spot, the hole in the Jazz's game, thus far, this is an encouraging sign that they can indeed compete at the highest level.

todd from santa ana

How soon we forget:

Did the Lakers lose twice to Minnesota and at home to Sacramento?

The games count in NOvember as much as March

Did they stink at a game vs The awful Clippers I went to? Yep

You have to minimize these kind of losses...

AGain (23-7) is good vs under ,500

However, it is being special...It is about winning the World Championship Trophy.

The problem is people are worried about morals that winning rings.

Jerry Jones got crucified for firing Landry for Jimmy Johnson the organization gets a zillion draft picks for Herschel Walker

WE need a Jerry Jones that is serious about winning not being fun and competitive

I will say it again-a loss in round 1 or 2 means a mediocre season..

Memphis and Minnesota lost several playoff series in a row,

After 30 years, I want more because this talent exceeds teams that reached the Finals years ago,,

I want more than a scripted 55-27 record and early playoff loss.

The only season I consider truly successful since 1998 was when we made the Conference Finals 3 years ago.


Re ON THE LIES : Good post.

Role Players

Our 3 stars played very well in last nights game, but let's not forget the role players that feed the ball to Memo and Boozer so they can score. CJ and Korver are both getting rebounds, assists, and steals while they look inside! These two could be the high scorers every night...instead they are playing team ball ! Way to go guys! Love to see your all around game shine!

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