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Published: Saturday, March 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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re: Dennis

So, the Dead Sea Scrolls..what about those? What about the authentic separate records of the books Bible in Greek, Hebrew, and other languages? What about numerous other ancient documents that have been found? If you say the Egyptians were serious writers, you must know about those people who wrote like in the B.C. era? You claim to know one aspect of the Egyptians. If you know that, you have some interest in history. You should look up other, older documents from all over the world. It wasn't just the Egyptians who were great writers. There are volumes of books about records all over the world that have been kept.

tweetie pie

Yes, watched it and appreciated. It's distressing how much cynicism, negativity, and pseudo-intellectualism cloaks us these days. Faith is not a physical or intellectual exercise. It is a lived experience.

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