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Published: Saturday, March 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Charlton Heston was born for this movie...and Ben Hur. Both are both inspiring even if not totally accurate...we take that into account before we even see them.


Charleton Heston was born for this movie and Ben Hur. Both are inspiring even if not totally accurate. We take that into account before watching.


The Movie isn't what really happened? Next you are going to tell me the Easter Bunny isn't real, or Santa Clause, or Jesus.


If you understand the story as a whole, then you should be alright. If you focus on the fantasy, then you missed the point completely.

Hollywood has a knack for exaggeration, it sells tickets.


The Egyptians were serious writers and recorded everything. There is not a single reference in all their literature that indicates there were EVER any "children of Israel" in captivity there.
The entire Moses story is just that, a story.


Ah so many memories.

Moses unknowingly saving his own mother from being crushed by the stone.

The best Joshua ever. (Its hard not to have him come to mind when reading about Joshua. :)And his lovely girlfriend and her weasel master, Dathan.

The great music as the awesome views of the thousands begin leaving Egypt, through the facing line of lions.

The swirling green mist of the plague moving through the streets.

Moses's adopted mother and her bearers being invited to join the Isralites.

The patriarch Joseph's bones being taken home to be buried in his own land.

The old, old man being invited to be hoisted onto Bithia's conveyance.

The donkey who doesn't want to go, now that the time has finally come.

"The weak make few, the dead make none"

RE: Anonymous 12:21 & 12:25 a.m.

It WAS worth saying twice.

He WAS born for these two great movies.

Their inaccuracies ARE trumped by the what is good about them.


It's also worth pointing out that while the movie is traditionally shown during Easter weekend, it's shown because that is also the time of Passover and there are events in this movie which are related to that event. Don't assume that it's only for Christians.

To Dennis

Saw a PBS documentary a few months ago where archaeological evidence was found (writings) that supported the idea of Israelites being in that area of Egypt.


I always enjoy watching The Ten Commandmests Movie; I suggest that if Hollywood return to making Biblical movies, instead of the trash that they make today; The next time Hollywood makes a biblical movie; they need to follow the Bible as accurately as possible and leave out the fiction. For those of you who call the Bible stories fiction, your comments were not needed and I fail to understand why the desnews needs to print comments addressing Bible stories as "fiction."

To No Evidence

No evidence? I guess the Bible & the hundreds of millions of people who believe the story aren't considered "evidence".....


The Ten Commandments film is a classic and worth watching on every Easter. So what if not everything is accurate or there's this and that put in the film. I guess Hollywood does have to make use of artistic liberties to hold some audiences attention. Anybody really want to see a hilarious depiction of a Bible story, check out Noah's Ark with Jon Voight as Noah. It 's a two part mini series you can check out on Youtube. Talk about a riot of laughs. People will have to see what I mean. The Ten Commandments does have it's share of laughs too. Not to take lightly the amazing true story of Moses and the awesome symbolisms and and spiritual aspects of his amazing journey, but Nefertiti, the wife of Ramses was a cheeseball; ("Oh, Moses, Moses! You splendid, adorable, wonderful fool!")And most of the daughters of Jethro the High Priest were goofballs and silly young women. Alot of the dialogue by the other characters was pretty corny but no matter. Gotta love The Ten Commandments.

awesome jello

The parting of the red sea scene I understand was done with jello. I love classic movies and how special effects were done creatively without computers. What an awesome movie. When I'm watching a movie like this I'm not taking it all as "gospel truth" and my faith in God is certainly not dependent on it, so who cares whether or not the details all come from the Bible or not.


The article is a little too picky here, but it got the naysayers to come out from beneath their rocks...


The movie is almost 4 hours long - not almost 3 as the reporter states...

Seems like fact checking is a thing of the past ... :)

Gimme a Break

The movie doesn't use the KJV spelling of the name Jochebed? Next you'll be telling me all the Spanish language scriptures should be classified as fiction for referring to Moses as Moises!

Exodus is not written as a screenplay. I think most of us are intelligent enough to figure the moviemakers were embellishing the story for cinematic effect.

I'd like to see some good movies made of the old Bible stories, like Abraham and Sarah, but don't do like most ofthe old movies where the prophet is depicted as always staring off into space. Make them more real.

Loved it

It was a fiction drama, but a great movie.


Poor Dennis has a superficial knowledge of Egypt. Many things have been struck from Egyptian records. Anything that was embarrassing or uncomfortable was often struck out of records. The fact that the Moses story is not there is of very little significance.

However, it is very clear that whoever wrote the Exodus story had a very intimate knowledge of the workings of the royal court of Egypt.

Absense of evidence is NOT evidence of absence. Anyone with true understanding knows that.

No question, the movie is kind of hokey. But, I love it anyway. It is a product of its time and I think it's great.


I agree with the first posting. It is nothing but a melodramatic piece of garbage.


The Bible isn't "evidence" to anything. It's an old book. Saying the bible is evidence is like saying "Lord of the Rings" is history too. though I like Rings much better.

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