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Published: Saturday, March 27 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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No Thanks

I thought it was a cornball movie, horribly over acted and just as silly as any other make belive fairy tale.


I love The Ten Commandments. It's a wholesome show with great actors. You don't see those kinds of movies anymore. Most of the movies today are nothing but sex and violence, no family needs that kind of garbage. I will watch Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner any day before I would watch Tom Cruise or some of the so-called actors of today. So, I disgree with No Thanks.

Ralph Pierce

It is an epic and one which our family enjoys at least once every year. Cecil B Demille will site other sources used in the compilation of this great movie other than the old testament at the beginning of the film such as in the writings of Josephus. The movie was such a hit in the 50's that my entire 4th grade class was marched the 5 blocks to the movie house where we paid 50 cents for the privilege of watching it (regular movies were 15 cents). It does lack the tremendous visual effects that movies of today have.


it was, is, and always will be a great movie.


it was, is, and always will be a great movie.


it's amusing to read that the movie was "riddled with fiction" when it is based on a book that is riddled with fiction, and being critiqued by someone in a religion that has more than a little fiction in its history...


a few unmentioned items-
*Utah's own Arnold Friberg was asked personally by DeMille to provide some input into historical costume design- Friberg's work was liked so much that DeMille asked him to stay on and help with the look of the design of the whole film
*The world premiere was held in Salt Lake City, in part because of Friberg, but also to thank the LDS church for it's help- and DeMille knew he would have a receptive audience


Yes, there are consitencies. But, try to tell that to an awestruck 9 yr. old watching the movie in 1958 on the big screen and in Cinemascope!! I was very active in church but that movie made the Old Testament come alive. I still get chills every time I watch it.


I feel bad that this sounds like it is written by someone who believes truth can only be found in the Bible. Josephus was a very credible historian. Also, as an amateur Egyptologist, I can tell you that the names used are thought to be strong contenders for the characters in the film. Lastly, since the Bible gives so little of the story, it is fine to make leaps of logic like assuming that Moses had interaction with Pharaoh's sons. To infer that this and other things are wrong because not specifically put in the Bible is narrow minded.

I will grant that the romance is fiction along with other points but I believe most deeply thinking people assume literary license is used.

re: Anonymous

Were you there to know that those stories in the bible are fiction? How would you know they are fiction if you weren't there?

This is probably a waste of my time responding to your comment since you will dismiss it anyway, but there are things that happen that can not be explained by science or logic. I have had experiences that I know can not be explaned with science or the natural mind. Does that mean they did not happen? Absolutely not. You may think it is made up or fiction, but that does not take away the fact they happened. I know you probably won't buy that explanation. Say what you want or believe what you want, but do not dismiss that which you no nothing about.

We love the movie

My family watches it every year. The underlying meaning and theme are powerful and it has a great message. So what if some of the characters aren't real. The meaning and story are important for us today. I am glad that this movie was made and wish we had more like it.


I still think it is a great movie after all the years that have gone by since I first saw it on the big screen..I was just a young lad but I can still remember sitting in that big theater with my popcorn and other assorted goodies having a grand old time..I would be the first to admit that it is not a literal presentation of scripture;but not being a rigid dogmatist myself I still believe it is a decent representation of Biblical times.. It is kind of ironic how a person with my views on religion can enjoy or be moved by such a movie,but I always have been and hope I will continue to be..If nothing else I get to watch a drama that is uplifting without all the vulgarity of modern cinema ,and really Charlton Heston and Yul Brenner are heads and shoulders above most modern actors in the application of their acting skill(as CP correctly pointed out)..Also I would like to point out that "The Robe" and "Ben Hur" are excellent movies of this genre..And for laughs"A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum"


I love the movie, and look forward to it. Far more details were missed and added in the Hollywood depiction than Lynn Arave identifies.

Charlton Heston needed a sign placed on the back of the rock at the bottom of Mt. Sinai, saying, "Don't trip, Charlton!"

Did the actors part their hair on the same side as the original individuals?

Why was this article written? This article is not up to your usual standard, Lynn.

Pooh Bear

I loved this movie when I was a kid. It was one of the great ones.

Good Article

Thanks for writing the article and sharing the difference with the Bible. I appreciate seeing your reference to other historical literature.
I love the movie and now will share with others some of your insights!!


Chuck Heston makes us Left Coast liberals proud. I love a great story. There was no Exodus. There is no evidence of of Moses. This was a great fictional movie.


They need to make more movies like this one.


Actually, when the scriptures say that a man "gives his daughter" to someone else to be his wife it means that at the very least that the father of the bride consented to the marriage. It is possible, of course, based on the customs of the time, that Zipporah had no say in the matter. However, the Bible is also clear that Moses lived for several years with Jethro and his family. It's certainly possible that, as a result, Moses did actually choose Zipporah as his wife. The other points mentioned in the article definitely aren't biblical.


Wow. Shocker that the movie was different than the book. When has that ever happened before?

More to Ponder.

And if you think this is bad, you should check out the Lightning Thief... they totally butchered the book... ;)


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