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Published: Friday, March 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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As a U of U grad and proud US Sailor, I will take that number one "bullet" with pride...muuuahahahaha....Iraq was overrated for that title anyway.

Army Saint

I truly appreciate it when our military leaders take time to offer their respect to us as latter day saints, just as I appreciate it that the church takes so much care to make sure that members in the military care cared for. Having served in Iraq twice and Afghanistan once over the last seven years, I've had an opportunity to see the results that have come forth from GEN Petraeus' leadership and vision, and they are extraordianry. The western media will tell you how bad it is, but fewer people die, per capita, on the average day in Iraq, than do on the average day in America. These people are learning to govern themselves in their own way, and that's an incredible gift that Im proud to have taken part in giving. We owe GEN Petraeus a deep debt. He has served his country with all of his heart might mind and strength for many many years. There are very few men with the character, dedication, and vision that he displays.

Bob Uda

General David H. Petraeus is a national hero, patriot, and great American. His "Top 10 reasons BYU grads make great soldiers" are simply hilarious. It is very sad to hear a few people call him General "Betray Us." This man would be a 100 times better president than the current POTUS. I thank him for his dedicated service to our country that our current politicians are running into the ground. If we ever needed to go to Martial Law, this is the military man I would like to be in charge.

Ranger (BYU Alumni)

Thanks for the humor General...


This is pretty funny, red or blue, member or non.

Diriye Barre

One thing which is in this joke. The General's
desire to recuite the Mormon youth for services.
Why? it is not new. the goverment see them as best
because of decipline and their high morality that
they were raised.
Now, we are in time as country losing our position
in World as super power in all aspects. economy,
political influences, militery. due to our losing
of our morality and values.
So only way now visible, is to learn from this
Church how to teach our kids.
We need restoration of faith. and that is what this
church is about.

Larry Butler

Class act from a very class man! Our troops are in good hands!



Army Soldier

This comment is not related in exactly the same way that the other comments have been. Yes General Petraeus' comments were funny, but does everyone realize who they were directed to? They were directed to those future soldiers, those student/soldiers who are training and preparing to serve their country in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those same 200+ student/soldiers that were turned away at the door of the JSB auditorium in a rude manner and sent to watch the question and answer session on a projector screen in a separate building. Is it right that the student/soldiers that are preparing to, and if needed, give their lives for their country under the orders of General Petraeus' command do not get to meet their General when he comes to visit their home campus? Is it right that those student/soldiers do not get to voice their questions because they are not allowed in the auditorium when their commander comes to visit? Metaphorically speaking, if Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein was coming to speak at BYU, I would gladly give my seat up to the physics major. Should it not be the same for the soldier?


The ROTC detachments at BYU/UVU (they're combined) for Army and Air Force are the largest in the nation outside of traditional military schools.

So in response to previous comments, yes BYU does actually make soldiers and airmen that serve, and really this is the last place General Petraeus would need to recruit. When it comes to signing up, BYU students don't need a motivational speech from top brass. We do it on our own.

General Petraeus said multiple times that his staff wrote his talk and these jokes; "I'm only as good as they write." I highly recommend watching the whole lecture on kbyu whenever it airs! He generally described the situation in central command and what he's responsible for and then opened up the balance of the time for Q&A.

BYU Cadet

It was an honor to have the General visit campus. Although it would have been great to sit in the same auditorium with some of my companions, it was an honor to watch him and be on the same campus.

By the way, did nobody get that "Heber K. Romney" was satirical?

Cadet Cloe

It's too bad that Gen. Petraeus couldn't speak @ the Marriot center. We have had several other keynote speakers for BYU forums that do not have the global impact of authority similar to his. His willingness to come here is not for recruitment but more for acknowledgment. The state of UT is the primary provider of all the linguists and the best provider of military intelligence personnel.
I recommend that you remember that your opinions can be freely offered as they have been ONLY because someone else volunteered (or was drafted) to eliminate an enemy that you have never met, and hopefully will never ever have to. And also remember that those people who sacrifice don't do it for you. They do it for their brothers they are in the fight with. (Also mentioned in Gen. Petraeus' talk) "Get a life"???? No, live it, and live it well. Do something, and do it well. Enjoy your freedoms and show others respect by your words and actions always.

Re: Army Soldier

Agreed Army Soldier, it was a bit disappointing to have to march around campus and not know what was going on or where we were going. I was looking forward to meeting or seeing General Petraeus. That being said, if all the cadets there that day (BYU, UVU, SUU, and Dixie) sat in that auditorium, there would not be any space for the public. You should have heard the cadets when he asked for that Hooah! I don't understand why they chose such a small auditorium for a distinguished speaker when they knew there would be such a large turnout. It was good to hear how intelligent spoke about even the most potentially controversial topics as well as have humour and humility about it. Overall, a great leader indeed.

(I say he runs for president as well)


Great article, Des News! Thanks for posting it. BYU showed a lot of class in having a terrific military leader come to speak. And it shows the sense of humor the gentleman and the school both share. I was touched by the article. Thanks again.


Funny stuff. Glad to see the General has a sense of humor. Thanks for your service.

LDS Chaplain

Enjoyed the article. Wish I could have been there, but I'm off serving my country. The list was humorous. Glad to see folks like him speaking at my alma mater. I met him at a memorial ceremony (for an LDS Soldier, BTW, killed by an IED) once in Kirkuk, Iraq. Impressive fellow. Humble and a gentleman.

Bryant Ridgway

Very funny! Enjoyed the remarks and I will pass this one along.

Billy Bob

Outstanding General. You did your homework. God bless you and the US Army.


"year's supply" not years' supply


If you don't mind the base being finished 40 years later sure....

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