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Published: Friday, March 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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All you stuffed shirts that can't laugh once in awhile, get a life!!!!! His talk, his whole talk was great and he answered the somewhat silly questions graciously and intelligently.

good stuff

Funny Funny.... One thing about mormons is that we can laugh at our selves. We are secure in our religion. Also I like it when a big sports or movie star tries to say potentially offensive comments about out religion because we all end up laugh together. A good example is when Colby did that and we all laugh. Good times.

Heber K. Romney

This clown is supposed to be in charge of our milatery? What a bufoon. I hope he relizes the offence this kind of humor inflix upon the saints. This is the most inapproprate invited guest to byu since billy jole played the marrott center in the 90's and made fun of the holyer-than-thou atmosfere of provo.



It would be interesting and informative to find out how many current BYu students have served or plan to serve in the military? What are the numbers compared to the general poputlation?

@ Heber K

Maybe you should type your letter in WORD and do a spell check. Who's the bufoon?

Heber K?

to Heber K:
You obviously weren't in attendance. Had you listened to all of his remarks, you would think differently. Have you never been to a devotional at BYU? Some speakers open up with light-hearted stories or humorous beginnings.
Get a life, Mr. Romney. Try smiling.

Bowler 3:10 NV time

His picture, looks like he is really having a good time. I admire anyone who serves our country and has such a sense of humor. The comments he made even though some old were still funny. His way of saying he cared and knew it would be accepted in the spirit it was given! My opinion. I see no malice.

Re: Heber K. Romney

If you are taking offense, then you need to "get a life!" No one else is taking it seriously.

Ralph Pierce

There are many LDS soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen. Much of the LDS doctine is to do your bit and earn your keep. Prior to my joining the LDS Church I learned a lot about it from a fellow marine in a place we referred to as Dog Patch! He was a fine example. By being around many of the LDS serviceman, those of who were not affiliated with organized religion learned lots about LDS doctine. The good general might not have been prompted as much as one would think by BYU representatives regarding LDS peculiarities.

SD Blue

"Axis of Evil," that's just about the funniest/True thing I have ever read. Wish I would have thought of that.

BTW, his full remarks were great, so those who are hating, once again, need to chill.


FYI, for those that can't grasp why he knows so much about the LDS, generals have speach writers too...just like the president. I'll bet a nickel that one of his speach writers is a BYU grad...


His actually (secretly) LDS, like Steve Martin is and Elvis Presley too :) j/k

Mormon Ute Iraq Vet

This beats most of Letterman's Top 10 lists. Funny stuff!

GEN Petraeus is a true hero who found a way to balance military and civil humanitarian operations. The US military is a force for good in the world today, in no small part thanks to his leadership.


No matter what, there is always an idiot who wants to find something negative to say, on any article that has the words BYU or LDS, never fails. That's why the world is upside down, people want to dwell on negative thinking. I think the General is an intelligent individual who knows what he is talking about. He has the respect of all Soldiers.

speech writer

He has a speech writer. So what? Petraeus is a general. His job is delivering military results, not entertaining. But it's still funny! And true.

I can't believe it...

oh man. that was funny.

Petraeus has good intel

The general has a very good team of intelligence operatives collecting data for the missions he undertakes.

K Riedler

As a West Point and BYU grad, and having served along with then MG Petraeus in Iraq, I can guarantee he always does his homework before speaking anywhere. His use of levity to begin his talk is ... well, just about like most every other very effective speaker we rally around!

As part of my job over there, I was privileged to spend a couple hours with him up in Mosul discussing why "security" was working in his sector, while suffering nearly everywhere else in Iraq. It was not by accident he was selected later to lead the entire force in country.

Gen Petraeus is a pleasure to serve with, a leader extraordinaire, and most folks in the military would follow him anywhere as his innovative thinking, combined with unadulterated common sense and ultimate "lead by example" attitude, separate him from most people -- inside or outside the military.

Loved it!

I watched him live on BYU television Ch. 11 Thursday night. The talk will be repeated next week several times for anyone who missed it. He was absolutely brilliant and funny at the same time. What a good man and a great leader! Thank you for running this story for more people to be aware of it. Tuning into this talk would be even better if you are interested.

My opinion

They do make really great soldiers.

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