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Published: Friday, March 26 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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It can't be, another BYU positive reinforcement story. I don't want to believe it. You know what... I won't.

Arizona Reader

I was expecting to read something very informative and ended up getting a great laugh. Thanks for speaking at the "Y" and thanks for serving our country.

Sign him up

to speak in Conference next weekend so the rest of us can hear him. Sounds like 1 awesome dude..


That list is so true. I always had my year supply of food over in Iraq and our captives always told us the information we needed when we threatend them with home teachers.


Loved it!!

This is news?

Really? A lame top 10? And you're featuring it as top news on your website? WHEW!


He either had inside men or he is LDS. Some one fill our a referral card for him. I'd vote for him.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That made my day.


Some people will complain about anything.. No this isn't news, it's just a funny. There's nothing wrong with just injecting a little levity into the day. Of course, somebody helped him write it, so what? Just enjoy it without being so danged judgemental...

Are we sure...

that this isn't another "attack" on Organized Religion?

I liked 6, 7, & 9.

BiBi Hillberg

Wish I would have heard the whole talk and interview
But love anything Gen/David Petraeus says anyway.

DO they make soldiers?

I thought they just promoted Rightwing war-thirsty politics and then avoided service.


Loved it


His talk, etc. is going to be replayed several times on byu.org and one other station. It was a great and informative talk.


This guy is pretty funny! :-) Did he actually say all this stuff...??? I think he has our number! Oh, Oh!..... Doh!!!

Makes Me Proud...again

Glad I'm a Vet (30+ yrs.) and a BYU grad.....we need more like Gen. Petraeus and NO MORE like: Obama, Biden, Reid, Pelosi, Steny, Barney etc......

re: Do they make

Are you really so insensitive towards a religion that you take advantage of a lightheaded story to spread false generalizations and stereotypes?

Only One

Not sure I see the humor in old jokes that have been used thousands of times, written by a member on his "staff" in an effor to make sure the audience was on his side. He's a great man, a great leader, etc., but this unoriginal top 10 really isn't worth the press it's getting. Does the BYU president really find him as funny as the picture portrays? Just all seems awkward.


Is it just me or does someone else feel the general has "betrayed us" (LOL!) with his inside knowledge of BYU and the LDS Church?...hahahaaa.... kidding aside, I think his top 10 was funny!!!

Its humor folks

Boy some of you have a hard time accepting a funny intro to a serious talk. If you want more on the talk just check it out elsewhere in the Des. News.
I'll ask my son the Lt. Colonel who he thinks prepped the good General.

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