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Published: Thursday, March 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Give the" CJ is so inconsistent" a rest already.....

He has been playing well for the last 10 games.

Northwest Division

Here we go!!!! We need to come out at Indiana and put it to them finish this road trip strong!!!! We are now tied for the Division lead and I swear if we can go undefeated up until the Laker game we are gonna pull that one out in L.A. We are gonna get 2nd seed in the West and cruise until the west finals when we meet the Lakers.
I love our chances this year if we can keep up the winning and get the 2 seed. I think this postseason is going to be special!!!!!!!!!GO JAZZ


This was one nice solid effort from everybody on the team,balanced scoring,dominated the boards,shared the ball.Nice nice win,when AK gets back completely healthy,we`ll be ready to rumble,Go Jazz!!! Bonus time...Denver lost again!!!!


@Northwest Division: How does having to play OKC and Dallas allow us to cruise into the finals? No matter where we finish, the road will be difficult.

todd from santa ana

It is exciting to see this team come together. Kevin O Connor is looking good now, saying for 2 years a "full Jazz roster", again the verdict at the end of "the playoffs" will then be more accurate.

Tonight, again ball movement the key, they say Boozer has trouble aagainst bigger players. He certainly had no problem getting position on Bosh did he? I was suprised he had little resistance defensively. Sure Bosh taller could post on other end, but Carlos at least broke even and tonight pronbably won that individual matchup.

Miles maturity now when he first came in instead of shooting, he passed the ball. The Jazz did not score that time, but the light bulb is going on for CJ and he still contributed in other area outside scoring. Matthews hit enough jumpers to keep the D honest, great defense again. Korver excellent in the first half. Millie on Boards, Okur good start etcc...

A huge win, stunning how bad Toronto was. Please no letdowns the next 2 games...

I did have to add-Fes back not being used, it is not criticism, just reporting. It worked out. Maybe down the road again if we need size


Re Miles : Your the first post on this site, what are you referring to?
I'm happy to say CJ is playing more consistent and that really helps the Jazz. He is playing much more unselfish, looks to pass, looks to drive, looks for deflections and steals, all of which make him valuable to the team.
Tonight, even though I thought he had a good game, I wasn't real thrilled with his energy. He looked a little lazy, didn't play nearly as tough of defense and he can.
CJ wants to play easy, nonchalant and coast if possible and he needs to guard against that, and play like he has the last several weeks. CJ hasn't come close to his potential and hopefully he will realize that he needs to work extra hard to play well and if he will, he will continue to improve.
I thought Mathews had a good game tonight, he played with alot of energy and hit his shots.
I thought Okur has a few moments of good Defense and played pretty good.
DWill & Booz played how we would hope they would.
Good road win, now they need to stay focused¬letup.

My predictions

Jazz: 54-28
W(@Ind, @Wsh, NY, GS, OKC, @GS, Phx)
L(@LAL,@Houston, @NO)
Dallas: 55-27
Den: 51-31
W(Portland, LAC, SA, Memphis)
L(@Toronto, @Orlando, @Dallas, @OKC, LAL, @Phx)

Top-3 in the West:
1. Lakers
2. Dallas
3. Jazz

Re: Miles|8:29PM

I like Utah's chances if Utah can finish 2nd.
However, I think Utah will finish 3rd place though.
So, Utah-SA matchup in the first round is tough but Utah can win that series.
Utah-Dallas is quite tougher though I think Utah can win that series.

In the west final, I am hoping Denver can pull an upset win over their series with Lakers and will meet Utah.

There you have it --Utah in the NBA finals versus Orlando

Finish Strong

Playoff Picture...
Dallas and Denver still play each other in Dallas, so that will help the Jazz either way...

Denver has 10 games left, 8 of them are against playoff teams, and 4 of those games on the road. I predict they will go 6-4 the rest of the way, with an ending record of 53-29.

Dallas has 11 games left, 6 of them are against playoff teams, but only 2 on the road. I predict that they will go 8-3 the rest of the way, with an ending record of 55-27.

Phoenix has 11 games left, 5 of them are against playoff teams, 3 of them on the road. I predict that they will go 8-3 the rest of the way, with an ending record of 53-29.

Utah has 10 games left, 3 of them are against playoff teams, with only 1 on the road (Apr 2 against the Lakers). I predict that the Jazz will go 7-3 the rest of the way, with an ending record of 54-28.

...That would put the Jazz in the 3rd, avoiding the Lakers until the conference finals!

@ Miles

That is the truth. I don't know who I'd want the Jazz to play. Even Portland and the Spurs (whom the Jazz swept this year) will be tough at playoff time. In the playoffs, there are no gimme's.


The Jazz have shown that we do not match up well with LA/DEN. The new DAL is playing very well and stronger than when the Jazz played them. OKC may be just as bad a match up as DEN. The Jazz have not done that well against PHO.

I do not see any easy playoff match ups. SA is always dangerous and POR will most likely play LA and they are not easy.

Winning the first round may come down to home field advantage and luck. Anything beyond that is a coin toss at best.


The Jazz have shown that we do not match up well with LA/DEN. The new DAL is playing very well and stronger than when the Jazz played them. OKC may be just as bad a match up as DEN. The Jazz have not done that well against PHO.

I do not see any easy playoff match ups. SA is always dangerous and POR will most likely play LA and they are not easy.

Winning the first round may come down to home field advantage and luck. Anything beyond that is a coin toss at best.

Ak Fan

Doesn't matter whom to play as long as not Lakers until conference final. That's why home court advantage is important.
Very good game. lately Jazz winning without big production from Boozer. May be it's shows Boozer expendable.

Kudos To The Players

Great game Jazz. Wish I could same the same for Sloan. Why don't the bigs that are reserves get playing time in the real flow of the game instead of garbage time minutes with blow outs like this game was from start to finish? I wouldn't go in and likewise wouldn't last long in SLC if I was a end of the bench player here. It's either garbage in defeats or garbage in blow outs, along with the embarrassment that goes with both. Tonight 1 player at a time (Fess & Koufus) could have played with the regulars and recieved quality minutes instead of sending all of them in together to recieve garbage time. Digusting!

todd from santa ana

I thought The Jazz showed some moments of loss of focus tonight on the defensive end.

It will say Toronto shot 40 percent. Let us be honest. The Jazz played good defense in the first quarter building up a 16 point lead. Okur blocked a shot. After that, Toronto had no trouble getting the shot they wanted for the most part. They just bricked all night. It happens. The Jazz seemed willing for much of the 2nd quarter and second half to "trade baskets"

I am not complaining, we won by 26. The point is we have to play defense every game like the Boston game. Tonight efforts by MIles, and Okur and Paul mostly were not as strong as past games defensively. AK coming back will anchor and improve this issue.

We have to pretend every game we are playing Dallas, Denver and LA and I want that mind set the last 10 games. It is now focus, intenisty, toughness along with the normally good offensive execution that will get us where we need to go.


Jazz played great.

To blow out a team trying to make the playoff still at their home when they are rested is very difficult in the NBA. With Denver Struggling the Jazz will the Jazz have a very good chance of being the 2 seed.

Hopefully AK will be back for the Washington game - It would have a little more depth before the 2nd back to back.

On the broadcast they asked what player was the x factor. Williams, Boozer and AK are play better in the post season.

The X-Factor is Matthews. End of story. His ability to hit the corner 3 (Bruce Bowen 2.0). Seriously, the pick and role is 10 times more deadly with Matthews than with Brewer. This makes the Jazz - Even more so when you have Korver on the court with him. Once Miles (who I agree has been playing very consistent) pick up his second foul. Okur, Korver and Matthews all spreading the floor - Toronto left Matthews and he hit multiple 3s. The Jazz ran Pick and Roles until Toronto had to go to a Zone Defense.

Toronto is a horrible defensive team that was Outstanding.

IND is no gimme

They beat OKC. The Jazz will have to play hard and hold down Granger.

DEN misses KMart badly. He is the heart of their defense. I am not sure what DAL's problem is. They should win most of their remaining games but who knows.

DEN beating OKC and SA is not going to be easy and why they would lose to POR twice really does not make a lot of sense.

The Jazz should beat HOU as they are really beat up. The Lakers may or may not play their starters in the last game. OKC and PHO are not going to be easy and the Jazz are likely to have at least one bad game.

If DWill is injured or in foul trouble the Jazz have the same problem (weakness) that the Celtics have. They have no true back up PG. Jazz management never learns. They may be fixing problems but that is one problem they have not fixed at least for this year.


Who ever we end up playing it will be tough and hard, but if we have home court advantage I like our chances.
A 3 or 4 weeks ago, I thought the Spurs were fading, but they are showing they can be tough. Even though we swept them I'm not sure I would like to play them. Wtih home court advantage we should win but it would be tough. Jazz vs Spurs = Jazz win.
OKC young but talented, they created match up problems, Jazz vs OKC = Jazz win
If AK can come back full speed and Okur,CJ,Mathews & Milsap play like they have lately we should be OK.
Against the Lakers, Nuggets, maybe the Mavs we may need Fes to step up and play well. Especially the Lakers, they are so long and athletic. They create a real matchup problem for Booz,Milsap and Okur.
I would really like to see Fes get more time so he could develop and become consistent. We need his size and length.
Phoenix, Nash and Stodamire tough but Jazz win.
Dallas, Nowitski, tough match up but Jazz win if they have home court advantage.


We won by 26, I am sure the defense was a little lacking compared to Boston. The idea is to win games on the road, not kill yourself while doing it.

CL: I posted first because I am tired of all the posts whining about CJ and his play. He is logging serious minutes and playing great basketball. Matthews and CJ have turned this team into a contender. They are like 27 - 8 the last 35 games. Don't know for sure but it might to be best record in the West during that time?

todd from santa ana

"On Point Guards 943 post"

I disagree...I feel we have the best group of points around, The Lakers have D Fish, Farmer and Shannon Brown, Others like New Orleans have 2 strong points. We are the deepest. Price and Gaines have earned my trust. Tonight I notice, Price did not thrill Sloan because DWIL came back in sooner than normal.

I am sorry to report the Lakers are still the Lakers, they made the Spurs crumble tonight because of Gasol-length, boards and block shots, Ron Artest and Kobe were all over the place getting steals. Artest had a huge game.

I thought the Lakers would win out with Artest over Ariza and it appears I am right. The Spurs could handle pressure defense, t.os the Spurs scored 35 points in the 2nd half.

I think we can safely say:

The Spur Run has ended.

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