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Published: Thursday, March 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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as a non LDS person, I am excited about this. I like the Deseret Book Stores, and when i go downtown I can visit this place as well. I get great service and a fine selection of reading.
I applaud and welcome the new store!

Put out of business

Haven't most other stores like Deseret Book gone out of business in Utah? I think Desert Book is the only surviving one of its kind.

Shame on Deseret Book...

for over pricing their products. I am LDS and am amazed at the prices.


I can't wait to see it. Sheri is right, sometimes you have to see the book to know you want it. If you can't recall the name or author you will have trouble finding it online. I am in such a situation right now and I'm sure the book I lost is still available and would recognize it when I see it. I love being inside a real bookstore and browsing to my heart's content. Glad to see Newbie's comments - someone from outside the church who isn't afraid of something associated with "Mormons" - thanks for your comments.


Where are all the comments on these posts? I hardly ever read comments like there use to be. What happen to all the reading people? It's not too much fun to read comments any longer, there aren't any.

It is strange, but I as well, find Deseret Book way over priced.

Amy, Ohio

Why another store in SLC? How about several in the mid west and east coast?


I am troubled when I shop at DB and find books by Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. As an active LDS listener, their radio monologues are offensive. Deseret Book prominantly displays Glenn Beck's book "Arguing With Idiots".

These divisive media celebrities are in direct opposition to Deseret Media's claim of respecting everyone.

These commentators, entertainers, or whatever you wish to call them spout political vitriolic commentary that undermines the Church's stated position of political neutrality. These people make their millionaire-living by denigrating the President and all those that support the President (about 50% of the electorate).

What message does supporting these commentators give to our children and young adults who shop at Deseret Book? Deseret Media needs to eliminate the stain of extreme politics from their media.

DMC and Ms. Dew, I applaud your new mission statement. It is predominantly reflected in the media you sponser, but not entirely. Please fully implement it!

Pround LDS Supporter

I am not troubled at all by finding Sean hannity and Gelnn Becks's books in Deseret Book, as an active LDS person myself. While people's individual "style" may not comport with theirs, the underlying information and messages they have resonnate with LDS people FOR A GOOD REASON! They're more the mainstream of solid, American values and not the Secular Progressive (SP) movement contained everywhere else in the media. So if you don't like their material, then don't buy it.

I don't particularly like some of the LDS popular culture (stuff) DB offers, and some of the really campy, insipid LDS cinema offerings either, but I just walk away and don't buy them.

Let the free-market reign. That's a good LDS value and at odds with the SP idea of forced Socialism, government takeover of Health care and everything else.

Maybe Glenn's title of "idiots" is offensive? Maybe so. But then, sometimes the word FITS!

CDs are Way Overpriced

It's absurt for Deseret Book to sell CDs at $16 and $18 apiece when most of those offerings are available on iTunes or similar sites for $10 or less. The MoTab's latest, Heavensong is a perfect example. $16.99 at the store; $11.99 on iTunes.

Hummmm --- what should I do?

Time to review your retail marketing plan...DB.

Overpriced complaints

I've never had to deal with overpriced anything at Deseret Book! They've always said they'll price match anything, so price match your stuff, and you still get all their points! It's fantastic!


Deseret Book carry's many books written by amateurs. Some extremely strange tales on them there shelves. Anyone who wants to write a fairytale can have it on the shelves tomorrow.

I also think

that Glenn Becks b0ooks should be banned from Deseret Book. He is very offensive and has no place in a a church bookstore. The word idiot certainly applies in his case however. Just one mans opinion and I am an active member of the church.

Banning Books?

Than an LDS person advocates banning books they don't agree with because of politics is troubling. What ever happened to teaching people "correct principles," and letting them "govern themselves?" And so "I also think" returns the label "idiot" on Glenn Beck after having just condemned its use as an "active member of the church?" Sorry, but that's hypocritical. Repent, brother, or Sister.

to CDs are Way Overpriced

I guess you can quit buying them. Some people like to own the physical media. Others like you can get a better price by just getting the MP3 or whatever digital format...

I have no problem with their pricing...


DB is another business catering to the LDS who think LDS members will pay any price for that association. Check the distribution center for MoTab cds and also for scriptures, other books might be less through Amazon.


Half the stuff people write and put on Deseret Book shelves is complete malarkey. All i know is that there are some mighty odd ball minds out there who are way out in outer somewhere.

El Guapo

Love the business model and the quality products. Best wishes on the new store opening.

The Monolith of DB

I've worked with DB for a number of years now. In the 1990s they were a powerful force trying to expand their market share. Of course, they operated at a true fiscal loss, but that was to be expected (they serve a need). Then in the 2000s they seem to want or need to change in order to become profitable. This meant eliminating products from the shelves that didn't move unless there was a strong compelling reason (you can imagine those reasons). It also meant eliminating the competition as it was coming down to LDS retailers vs. the world (aka Walmart). If DB and Seagull kept carving up each other for a dwindling market share they were bound to both fold. So, now you have a pretty good business approach with DB stores acting as flagships, Seagull as the lower priced outlets and their online efforts seeking to meet the needs of non-wasatch front consumers. They seem to have found their footing. Of course, it is coming at the price of innovation, but they don't know anything else. They're a monolith, but they can't help themselves.

willie augustine juwen

good to have bookstore...people from every kind can buy their book n keep it for life... something to remember like diary...LDS members do keep journal right...wish u have this bookstore in malaysia. wish to operate one in miri, east malaysia...help me with this...

to Amy, Ohio

The fact is that bookstores that specialize in LDS material struggle outside Utah, Idaho & Arizona. Even in California, which has a much more substantial LDS population than the midwest and east coast, these kinds of stores struggle to survive. There simply aren't enough members east of the Rockies for a Deseret Book, or any other kind of LDS store, to be viable. Although a very few do exist/have existed (one adjacent to the Chicago temple, for example).

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