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Published: Thursday, March 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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stupid title

Is this a biography of Petraeus or an article of him visiting BYU. I wanted to know why he is coming to BYU in the middle of a war. I got bored of the article before I found my answer.


Veteran perspective - Gen Petraeus doctrine of how to engage the people in Iraq has saved more lives on both sides and he is the only General that has turned the will of the people in a positive sense toward US policy. His command is based out of Orlando,FL; most of his schedule requires him to engage policy makers at all levels throughout the Middle East and Asian theater. My opinion having seen a CICNCCENTCOM in acton is that he is second in importance to those in the Middle East to only the President or maybe the Sec of State. Why?, because he's our envoy for most all events that occur in that region and is there all the time when he's not briefing President or Congress. This is the top General of his generation -- BYU is very fortunate to have him address them.

Modern truth

For those of you belly aching at why the general is here and not in Iraq, he is a high commander. He has tons of capable commanders under him who are doing the day to day stuff. At his level of authority, part of their job is diplomatic/public relations and not just pure military strategists.

The military AND public service sector could use more exemplary men like him. He is experienced, doesn't smoke and surrounds himself with smart people of differing opinions. He is a soldier from top to bottom and a great visionary leader. If he can get down with the basic private with pushups in the Army and still out duel the democratic scum/media which vilified him last year, he is obviously in a different sphere.

Can you think of a politician who could do the same? I can't.....

Remember "Patreaus Betrayus"?

Remember, "Patreaus Betrayus"... The headline and marching cry of the Liberal Media, when Gen Patreaus was being considered for this position?

They had judged him and condemned him before they even knew ANYTHING about him! Mainly because he was a President BUSH nominee... Eeeeuuw!

And NOW the Left preaches that EVERYONE should support their guy and anything he proposes? and never let a question or criticism cross their lips...

Remember all the bloggers here who would loudly proclaim that, "Bush is NOT MY President"... (Rocky Anderson and his followers among them). But now the SAME PEOPLE want everybody to accept Obama as their President?

I don't think it works that way. With the, "We'll do our own thing for 8 years and try everything we can to tear the President down and block whatever he's doing and tie him and his administration up in endless investigations and non-binding resolutions and various other partisan political games... But NOW... Everybody fall in line and worship the President? I don't think so.


MVP is right. Not only is this man a warmonger but he is also as dishonset as the day is long. You CANTNOT trust military officers! They make horrible politicians.

To "Confused. | 8:56 p.m."

You really are confused!

Maybe it's because you are dealing in total hypotheticals and IMAGINED or preconcieved slights instead of reality.

You say the DMN wouldn't write an advance article if Harry Reid, Stupak, Coburn, ect, came to give a speach at BYU.

Well none of these people have come to Utah to give a speach. So HOW DO YOU KNOW the DMN wouldn't write about it? And what does somthing that NEVER HAPPENED... have to do with reality?

Maybe that's why you're so confused.

Come to think about it... Harry Reid DID come to speak at BYU last year, and the DMN DID print artcles about it. So your presumption is proven false by the facts of what actually happened when one of your Heros came to speak at BYU. The DMN covered it... just like Patreaus' speach.

Wow! Maybe life isn't so confusing afterall!

Re: Crusty

Yeah. Like George Washington. John F. Kennedy. Dwight Eisenhower. Harry Truman. The list is fairly long. And distinguished.

And how is he a warmonger? Last I checked, all he is doing (and ever did) is carrying out the orders of the civilians placed in charge of the military--like Commander-in-chief Obama. Soldiers don't set policy. In fact, the use of the military is usually the last result of failed politics.

So, Crusty--you can be ignorant, or you can be arrogant. Try not to be both at once.

A Nonny Mousse

I served in the Canadian Army for a few years a long time ago as a very junior officer. It was not that long after WWII and Korea.

Petraeus appears to be a good general and a good man. Operating under the constraints that he has and is faced with must have been difficult.

For some reason, after WWII the idea of total victory and unconditional surreder seems to have died. It is probably a good thing that I cut that part of my life short, as I didn't fit in today's world.

It still seems to me that if a lot of a countries young men are going to die, that some-sort of victory is essential.

@ "MVP | 10:18 p.m."

You said... "BYU would have done better to invite a courageous human rights activist or a labor rights activist to speak. A person that would be worth hearing".

My response...
-Do you think Gen Petreaus is the only speaker they will have speak at BYU this year?

-If you want a courageous human rights activist... How about Thomas S. Monson? He and MANY others with a message of peace and love will speak at BYU this year too.

IF you're not OK with that...

-James Lovell (Former NASA Astronaut and Apollo 13 Commander) spoke at BYU Tuesday Mar 23rd.

Tom Sederburg (Associate Dean of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Professor of Computer Science) is scheduled to speak there this spring.

Greg Mortenson spoke on "Fighting for Peace through Eduction" October 27th.

-Do you believe in DIVERSITY? So why NOT have speakers that may represent MANY sides? And not just yours? Why NOT invite a widely respected person like Petreus... just because he is associated with the Military???



Yeah, maybe BYU should have a courageous PETA activist visit! You are obviously lost. Get a clue.

Not welcome everywhere

The General got a warm welcome at BYU. How many other college campuses would that happen in America? Liberals don't like military heroes because the military is the only obstacle left in their way of total domination of all thinking, acting and living the way THEY force the rest of us to do. God bless our troops and God Bless General Petraeus.
To Anonymous: have you ever heard of Al Qaida? Yes those guys we fought and defeated in Iraq. Yeah, those guys who flew those planes into our buildings on 9/11? Wise up!


Goerge Washington-slaveholder. Wouldn't have trusted him.
John Kennedy-Meneber of rich ruling clan. didn't trust him.
Dwight Eisenhower-general in a war that we should never have entered. No trust.
Harry Truman-basically a nobody who stole his election, just like Bush, who was a backwoods moron and one of the biggest warmongers.

re: BYU Class of 69 | 3:28 a.m.

"Salvaged a failed attempt to find weapons of mass destruction."

I hate to be the one who breaks the news to you but there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq immediately before we invaded!

I know it may sound shocking to some of you but yes that statement is true. Contrary to what you have heard from certain political comentators.

You know who was TRULY shocked that no WMD's were found?

-- The U.N., inspectors who were still trying to find the weapons Saddam was obligated to surrender by treaty, but whom had been blocked in every attempt to inspect.
-- 60 Minutes, who SHOWED ON TV dismantled plants that were capable of producing bio-weapons, but had NOT been used to produce any medical products.
-- The Kurds, upon whom Saddam used bio-weapons of mass destruction.
-- Khadafi, who surrendered Libya's nuclear weapons program 5 minutes after the U.S. invaded Iraq

Find five people to play hide-and-go-seek. Tell them you will give them $10 million if you can't find them within three days, then count to a million. Then pay out $50 million.


Crusty and the rest of you cave dwellers who want to discredit a noble citizen you know nothing about, let me say that I'm so liberal I'm left handed. But that hasn't diminished my capacity to recognize an incredible person and outstanding leader of our nations armed forces. And if you ever got to know one of these folks (which by your comments I seriously doubt you have) you would know that the best and brightest in the armed forces are NOT warmongers and most of them abhor war and all of it's causes. They have been to the front lines and seen the death and distruction. But they still stand up and offer their lives for the rest of us. General Petraeus doesn't want to be a politician but I know from listening to him speak that he has a better understanding of what we all need, both here and abroad, than any politician ever has. If you can't accept his magnificant service then why don't you just use Mom's rule - If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. The General deserves at least that.

"Not welcome everywhere"

"The General got a warm welcome at BYU. How many other college campuses would that happen in America? Liberals don't like military heroes because the military is the only obstacle left in their way of total domination of all thinking, acting and living the way THEY force the rest of us to do. God bless our troops and God Bless General Petraeus.
To Anonymous: have you ever heard of Al Qaida? Yes those guys we fought and defeated in Iraq. Yeah, those guys who flew those planes into our buildings on 9/11? Wise up!"

I am assuming you are LDS. However you dont live your life by the scriptors do you? (Based on your comment)


The first page of the article makes it sound like having a PhD is unusual for a General. Really it is not. Maybe having one from Princeton is but many Generals and even Colonels have PhDs from very good schools. You don't get ahead in the military unless you keep up your education.
Now in addition to the civilian PhD General Petraeus would of graduated from a War College which is the equivalent of a PhD in Military Science. Before one is chosen to be a General one has to be a graduate of a War College.
What many don't realize is that our career military is generally better educated than their civilian counterparts. Officers especially must have their civilian graduate education as well as their military graduate education to be promoted and retained.
After serving 29 years in the military I was working in senior management in SLC. One of my employees asked me "Why are all you retired military officers such good managers?" I answered it probably has something to do with the fact that we spend about half our career in school learning management and leadership.


Correction: President Kimball said we are a "warlike people," not war-loving.

Voice of Reason

We seem to have short memories encrusted with irrational bitterness, bordering on hatred.

When will the Deseret News do something to encourage civility and serious reflection on these message boards?

Someone must raise the level of public discourse in the USA.

Why not start here?

Phyllis Hughes

I am comforted in knowing that someone such as Gen Petraeus is in his position of leadership at this time. I have two grandchildren in Iraq at this time, and one nephew. Other family members have completed their service and are proud to have been a part of this campaign. I only wish I could hear the General in person but will be very happy to read his words in Maridian when it comes out. Thank-you General Petraeus, my prayers are with you and your continued success.


MVP, you need to get some perspective. If you dont believe in the uniformed Service and what they do for your rights, I suggest you move to Afghanistan and fight with the terrorists.

It is the soldier, not the reporter,
who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the soldier, not the poet,
who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the soldier, not the campus organizer,
who has given us the freedom to demonstrate.

It is the soldier,
who salutes the flag,
who serves beneath the flag,
and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
who allows the protester to burn the flag.

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