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Published: Thursday, March 25 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I Love This Man!!!

Thank you Sir for your Service.


This is one good man. I thank you sir for your service to our county. We could sure use a man like this in the White House.

Utah Marine

A great man that is truly worthy of our respect.

Thank You.


What an inspiration to all of us.
Thank you for your service sir.

This man is great and so is

his boss.


It's very nice and wonderful to read an article about the commander of the famous 101st Airborne Division had been invited to speak at BYU. Very Nice of you, General Petraeus, and thanks for coming to Utah, Airborne, Sir!!! Bless You and the rest of Troops. Viet Nam Screaming Eeagle.

Utah Citizen

Thank goodness for such good men as general Patraeus and the equally good man like him that we have in the White House. The hand of providence is with the Leader of this great republic!


Deseret News, you wrote 2,400 words on an advance article of Gen. Petraeus' visit to BYU tomorrow. Why? This seems rather audacious fawning. Or maybe it's just to sate your ego? Regardless, I believe you could have said what you did in maybe 500 words. Being published online is great, and I get the "unabridged" methodology. Still, you needed to write 6 screens worth of web copy to get this news out? What's on tap for tomorrow's event? A whole section dedicated to the General? What he had for breakfast? Where in Provo he buttoned up his prepared speech? If you want to cover national news locally, that's great, but you missed a golden opportunity with the healthcare coverage this week. Your coverage was, well, weak. Or maybe you would have written 2,000 words if Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Bart Stupak, Sen. Tom Coburn or other key players were also making a stop in Utah Valley? Sorry, weak. I call them as I see them.


I will for sure be there! Go USandA!

What in tucket?

Is this man our next president?

Back down, there Confused.

Yes, it was long, probably too long a profile, but seemed a thorough examination of a complex man with complex issues in this complex world. Can't help it if he picks the reddest county in the reddest state in the land to come speak to the cadets.


How many ways can you say Stupid?? It doesn't matter how many words you use to declare a law like Obamacare stupid. Disregarding the will of the majority of the people in this country is nothing but Dumb!!!! We the people rule this coountry. This is not a dictatorship of the Congress and the President.


Why do we honor the warmongers? BYU would have done better to invite a courageous human rights activist or a labor rights activist to speak. A person like that would be worth hearing.


How far do you have to read before you get to his visit to BYU?


MVP - you make me sick with your human rights activist junk ! the only thing human rights people want to do is jam things down our throats and we all then have to accept it because otherwise we are a hateful people, if we had less human rights activists and more of Patreaus' we would not be in this mess !
people like you need to wake up before it is too late.... or maybe not, that is the current agenda at the white house at the moment.


Bush is the one who was in office when Petraeus was assigned to lead in Iraq. So one of his bosses at least was a good man (although I will admit, not really an amazing President). His current boss... well, one of the only good things I can say about Obama is that he hasn't been dumb enough to stop having Petraeus be one of the top leaders in our Military.

BYU Class of 69

"Salvaged a failed attempt to find weapons of mass destruction."

I hate to be the one who breaks the news to you but there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq immediately before we invaded!

I know it may sound shocking to some of you but yes that statement is true. Contrary to what you have heard from certain political comentators.

Also one more thing Iraq had nothing to due with 9/11 contrary to what Karl Rove and the Bush administration would have you believe.

The unfortunate incidents of 9/11 were conviently used to drum up support for the invasion.


How come the troops are not allowed to just come home, roam the countryside and share their wisdom? Thought a Commander was there to COMMAND ? I guess I was wrong.


I saw a filmed interview with Petraeus in a leadership class at Harvard and then we got to compare his attitudes and actions to those of Paul Bremer, who was supposed to be rebuilding the country. Petraeus' understanding of priorities and how to get the Iraqi people on our side was totally opposite of the bungling approach of Bremer. It was enlightening to me to understand how much better our military leaders understand human nature than so-called diplomats - at least some of them. Petraeus is amazing.

to MVP

Wow, an interesting statement. Petraeus is all about building peace and nations. Somtimes bad guys have to be attaked and killed in the cause of a greater good. Although things are not perfect in Iraq, The people there are better off after the Warmongers got rid of their Dictator and started them on the road to real freedom.

It looks to me like BYU did invite a human rights activist -- one that has in fact offered to surrender his life if needed to defend those human rights.

If you love your freedom, thank a soldier, if you don't know one, start with Gen Petraeus.

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