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Published: Wednesday, March 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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GO Jake GO

Better look over your shoulder Riley.....

The curse of BIG BLUE is coming to get YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just hope Bronco doesn't pull a Pete Carroll and start Heaps because he is the sexy name. The best player should should start no matter what.


Didn't Ty Detmer start as a true freshman? I recall a Wyoming game in which he was thrown into the fire as a Freshman.


Play him!


Detmer redshirted his 1st year at BYU. He first started a game as a redshirt freshman not a true freshman.

Re: Steve

So far he is the best player, and unless that changes that's probably who will start.


I'm confident that Bronco will choose the best player for the position, and I'm excited to see who that will be. I've no doubt that any one of the three will be outstanding.


I just hope they pick one guy and one guy only. a platoon at QB never works.

loaded at QB

We are loaded at QB. We're going to have at least 3 guys who would all do great starting for us. Like LaVell Edwards used to say back in the late 70's and early 80's it's a nice problem to have.

Best Player with leadership

should start! Don't burn his redshirt year unless he's the one.


Who cares what they say now... of coarse they,re going to sing praises of all their QB's now. Heaps will start unles he's terrible and he's not terrible. It will serve Nielsen right to be a career back up for leaving Utah St.


Is number 1 right now as quarterback.


Over hyped Heaps + depleated OLine = 5-7 season.

He'll be lucky to make it to his sophmore season.


Let's see...

The Cougars won a conference championship with Senior John Beck at QB, then proceeded to win two of the next three conference championships.

Last year the Cougars had to move a tight end to the offensive line, and DT Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma who will go anywhere from #2 to #6 in the NFL draft was virtually invisible.

The Cougars will have a great running game to take pressure of whichever QB, and they will do just fine...


I am a Ute fan, but I have to say, the Y would be crazy not to start Heaps. Heaps did the Y a favor, and the Y should return it. If you disagree, you are being arrogant. He could have gone to much better programs, but chose not to do so. Of the current Y QB's, he has much more raw talent and potential. While he may be younger and less experienced, the Y should take advantage and INVEST in building this kid into the greatest Y QB in history. It might not happen, but of all the QB recruits to sign with the Y, who has had more potential than this to become the greatest Y QB in history? It will only happen if he gets 4 years of development and experience. Just the honest thoughts of a die hard Ute fan...

Jump off Ute "fans"

You're jealous as usual of our outstanding QBs. Our 4th string would start for the Yew.


Firstly Ty never started a game his freshman year. Yes he played a lot, but never actually started a game, until his sophomore year. He finished agianst Wyoming and Colorado. The colorado game was in the freedom bowl, where he was named MVP, but he never started as a freshman. And as for you ute trolls that remain anonymous. The O-line is not depleated they are holding most guys out of spring drills. they should have around 10 O-linemen when the season starts and how can you call someone Over Hyped when you have never seen him even take a college snap. GO back to your ute posts, OH yeah no one cares about utah. And as for your QB. He is a twig and will be broken before the season ends.

Chase SL

Coach made a great point, we are trying to be National Champs, and we have a very good chance. I think we red shirt Heaps and let Riely win the National title back to back years, and then have Heaps hold the mantle for three stright years proceeding that. Do I hear 5 peat! I think so...


As a BYU fan I expect them to win 8 games this year. They will probably end up 3rd in conference. That isn't a knock on the talent. That is just the reality of inexperience. In a couple of years BYU looks to be absolutely dominant but they need experience before that happens.

Y Fan

I'm a die hard Y fan and I completely agree with the Ute Fan. Heaps had many choices coming out of HS and if he is the best QB he should start. He shouldn't be favored or hurt for being a true freshman. If he wins the job- then play him

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