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Published: Wednesday, March 24 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Marie Devine

The way to affordable health care is to end insurance. It has not stopped various errors etc. Insurance is unnecessary and increased the cost of all phases of medical treatment making it horrendously expensive. The solution is in the hands of the people. God says, ye are saved by faith. Insurance is faith in the devil’s ability to cancel God’s promises of protection and healing. Insurance disconnects our faith in God. Divine-Way, a .com shows Ammunition Against Passed Health Care Reform and why it is vitally important to use it NOW.

Insurance is in about every phase of buying and selling most things, we are employed almost for the purpose of paying insurances. If those with faith concentrate on the power of their God, they would end insurance. It would be like a giant raise because the price of everything could fall sharply without affecting profits.

We need someone in the White House NOW who knows the power of God and how to use it to lead the people to end the oppressions we brought upon ourselves by unbelief. Our politicians need to focus on God’s solutions; there be more with us than against us.


The bill is not perfect, but it's better than the Republican plan of helping the insurance companies rip off the middle class. I was without coverage for 15 days this month, and it was scary.

I've worked hard all my life and had a small business in the Fashion Place Mall. Over the last five years, I've seen my life savings greatly diminished by the cost of health insurance.

Health care is a right. Every compassionate person believes it is a right for children. Then why not for 20-year-olds? If it is a right for old people (I'm 64), then why not for a 40-year-old?


Throw them all out.

It's a start

about time we joined the rest of the industrial work. We are already paying for those who use the emergency room for care so this bill might actually save money.


Does anyone remember the "PANAMA CANAL GIVE-A-WAY??Just for a refresher the majority of the senate that voted for that treasonus act went down in defeat the next election.Does history repeat??

I am working

to defeat Obama politics in all its forms

Obama = intolerance



This is Awesome! The more the republicants rant and rave, the more I like it!!!!


Time to move out of the country, Iraq soundes better then Obama land.


Re:Roger; The so called plan just shoveled hundreds of millions of dollars to both, the insurance co.s and big pharma. In addition because of the unconstitutional mandates, the insurance co.s will make more money yet. The One, took everyone to the cleaners, and they don't know that their pants are down!


And whose money is paying for this celebratory gala? Does anyone ever stop to think how many hours we work so that the government can wine and dine, using our money? Does anyone stop to think that we are being robbed to pay for their lifestyle? And they just keep on taking. If you really care about your neighbor, you will give your money to organizations that do the most good; fast offerings, the road house, the red cross as well as give man hours at the food bank, etc. The government will NOT spend wisely what they have taken from us. For anyone that thinks they have helped someone in need by giving more to the government, you are misguided. While you watch the politicians party, know that glass of wine they are sipping is compliments of your tax dollar. They are laughing in our faces.


Health Care Is not a right. Health care is not just insurance companies trying to make a buck. We do not need this. What riles me is to pay $200 to take my kid to a doctor when I know she has strep but the only way to get a prescription is to see a doctor. The drug only cost $7. We need to change the way we do things and start listening to people.


Seriously, Obama=intolerance?? I suppose you didn't hear the racial and homophobic slurs thrown at Democratic members of Congress on Saturday?? Also, let's not forget "Baby Killer" being yelled at Rep. Stupak on the floor of the House. But yet, you call Pres. Obama intolerant??

Heidi Phillips

At first glance, I thought the headline read, "Obama to sign health bill, celebrate with aliens."


I'm trying to see the upside to this:

- taxes go up

- insurance companies go out of business (and those people lose their jobs

- Millions more in line to get care - I think I'll need to schedule an appointment a year in advance

- Oh, yes, you'll have to wait for treatment - hope you don't die while doing that

- Medical professionals leaving the profession - so fewer doctors to see you and your ailment

Hmm, sounds great to me.

to citizen

The Panama Canal was not a give away. It was the United States honoring a long time lease contract that it had with the Panamanian people. This incident was used to politically damage Carter. And, it was successful in fooling a lot of people, including, it would seem, you.


How are we going to pay for this with 10% unemployment? Sorry Roger your health care costs for your business are going to go up not down and your health care will decrease. Why are we so concerned about health care now when our economy is in the tubes? Because if they can control your health care they can control your whole life by dictating what you can eat, own, and activiteis you can participate in. Mark my words this has nothing to do with health care but with control over YOU!!


Yes, please.


Obama = Intolerance of America and freedom.
Government is the worst manger of business affairs.

Go celebrate with 20% of the US while the other 80% prepares to get this country back inline with the divine intent of the constituion.

Proud to be an a american where once again soon we will be free.

Jeff R

Anybody who supports this bill, did you watch what happend to the Health Care and Pharmiscutical sectors on monday? Go to the GOPs official website and see the GOP health care plan. Its simple and would greatly bring down costs and save jobs. Unlike this 3000 page monstocity. The GOP Plan never made it to the Mainstream, why you ask? Well the media is becoming state controled. NBC, ABC, and CNN are all left leaning and countinue to indoctinate (There's that word again) the American people with Obama/Liberal propiganda. Look how much they didnt cover the million plus tea party goers on September 12, 2009. Liberal and Socialist (dont confuse the two) agendas dont work. Look at Europe for example. Many countries are threatening to go into default. Even the EU is stating it has alot of problems. The EURO might implode leading to an economic collapse that hasnt been seen since the 1940's. This country was founded on Conservative principles and the Constitution. Its that way for a reason, changing it will lead the USA towards what is happening in the European Union.

An even bigger handbasket

is needed for this country as the downward spiral definitely continues. The Mayans say 2012, but I think it is more like 2017. I really wish these idiots that supposedly run things would realize who is in charge.

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