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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Tyronne H.

Thanks Doc for being classy and respecting our state as well as your opponent. Good luck on the rest of the season.

Well done Jazz....

I really liked seeing KK in play. I am impressed with his talent...he will develop to be a great player if we give him a chance, like tonight. And, with major playing time to his credit...he helped us win against a great team. Thanks Jerry, for letting the big guys get some time...we sure need them.

i was at the game

and the refs were calling everything against the jazz. Okur got called for everything and did anyone see KG shoulder checking wesley?


Great win for the Jazz, Utah has been really been consistent since the streak a month and a half ago. Now if only Denver could start losing some games.


Thanks Doc for respecting us here in Utah. If only we could get our own coach to do the same. Love Sloan as a coach, but his trash mouth is pretty offensive to me. Also, refs called everything against the Jazz only in the first half - second half everything called against the Celtics. I don't know if they consider their biased calls at halftime and then make it up in the second half, but I think it balanced out by the end of the game. Here's a novel idea - pay attention and call a fair game all night.


Coach Sloan also feels the same was as Doc Rivers, and that's why he never swears at home games...

Big Baby

I love how Glen Davis has been very clear, I must have heard atleast 100 times, that he doesn't want to be called Big Baby anymore. Its like one of those recurrign stories you always hear... like the stories about Jimmer's brother and him playing in prison. Or Ronnie Brewer broke his arm and thats why he shoots funny. Or Matt Harpring played football growing up and comes from a football family.

Doc Rivers

is a class act. Good job-Bishop Ainge-in hiring him!


people are mad at sloan because he swears during games?? what are you, 5?

Is Doc being classy?

Or is he mocking Sloan?

I'd prefer to think he is being classy. I respect him for it. However, he is lying through his teeth when he says he doesn't feel the first technical foul was justified. Its obvious he wanted to get kicked out of the game.

25-year Jazz Fam

Lived in Utah 5 years and worked w/many LDS folks outside Utah. And SOME of these LDS people have real trash mouths, just as bad as Sloan (although Sloan much milder than he used to be).

Come on!

Doc is a good guy, but he was poking fun at us Utahns a little bit. Everyone is a bit naive to think an NBA coach isn't going to swear in Utah!

Like the Celtics

But love the Jazz. I was at the games and the calls definitely went Boston's way.
Ed Malloy is just pure and simple incompetent and Crawford just plain lacks integrity. Good for Doc for mocking Malloy. He deserved it!

Henry Drummond

I think the first technical was really for Doc's "body of work" during the whole game. I was close enough to the Celtics' bench to hear the endless complaining about the calls even though the Jazz were the ones who really got victimized. I heard the officials tell Doc to calm down at least once before the technical. Doc's reaction was to throw his hands up in a "oh I'm so afraid of you" mocking manner. None of us liked the officiating Doc, but give us a break. The calls were overwhelmingly in your favor. Look at all the people we had in foul trouble which is what kept you in the game.


DSB- Your'e at an NBA game, grow up or wear some ear muffs. I am sure you are not free from profanity anywhere you set in the crowd.
Doc Rivers is a classy guy, and I admire him for his confession. It is hard to look up to any of the "thugs" that play now. Way to be honest even if you did not let out how you truly felt.


To all you guys who think Doc didn't mock Utah by saying he doesn't swear cuz he respects where he is, go watch the actual post game video of him saying it... It is obvious he said it in a mocking fashion while he was laughing.


He was so mocking the State by his comment. Actually I think it was funny!! Great humor.

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