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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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My common sense guides me to believe that insuring everyone nice thought, but nice is sometimes what ends up hurting us the most. It does not make financial sense to do this, and yes, it is financial. We may be the poorest country in the world considering the amount of debt that has been incurred. When I here that we deserve insurance, or the best health coverage in the world for one reason or another I cannot see an ounce of intelligence in that conclusion. Take away my liberty and my motivation to contribute to society dwindles rapidly.


This poll bears out the findings of other polls throughout the nation: that the opposition to health care reform is more a result of ignorance of, rather than opposition to, the bill's contents. People have gotten worked up into such an Obamaphobic tizzy, if you say "Obama's plan" they freak out. But if you just tell them what's in the plan, they like it. And the more they learn about it, the more they like it.

Watch for a dramatic swing in public opinion over the next few months, as people discover that Republicans lied to them about death panels, etc., and that when Republicans say they want to repeal health care what they mean is that they want to put the hole back in the Medicare donut, take insurance away from children with pre-existing conditions, slash funding for community health centers, put back in the lifetime and annual caps, reduce the reimbursement incentives for primary care and pediatric physicians, etc.

That's what happens when you predict doom and gloom, GOP. If it doesn't convince enough people, you're left standing there like a bearded idiot with a "THE END IS NEAR" sign.

Utahns like the part

where the healthcare bill gets invalidated by people who support liberty. It is unconstitutional to require me to have health insurance. One way or another, this bill/law cannot survive because it denies reality and opposes natural law.

BYU alum

WWJD? Work to get everyone insured.

The bill is a big step in the right direction.

Ms Gee

I don't know where they pull these polls out of, it must be at the prayer meeting, because everyone I have spoken to in our Corp. office likes the idea. So many of these Boomers are so afraid of change that it is an obsession with them. This will not come into affect until 2018 and there are many changes to come. So we will join other nations in caring about others instead of only ourselves. What a Consept! Shame on all of you greedy people! Remember this "QUOTE" We have nothing to fear but fear itself! {R.R.) Change is good it makes you tougher! So toughen up!

Ms Gee

A Concept! but I'm sure this won't make into the Deseret news lol

Only 40% strongly disagree??????

Only 40% strongly disagree that they should be required to have health insurance??!!??!!??

Are the other 60% of Utahns INSANE??? There are 17% who "somewhat" disagree with surrendering their liberty, while 42% (plus 1% uncertain) think it is good that they are giving up their liberty? Has America become so brain-dead?

What that clause in the legislation means is that you cannot say no to it! You either get insurance like Obama says or you are in violation of the law. YOU HAVE NO CHOICE. Notice that there is no clause to ensure freedom in this legislation.

I hope there is a lot of extra money in the healthcare bill (law?) for psychiatric services, because a lot of Americans are in need of it.


Given the fact that many of the predominant faith here in utah can go groveling to the church for assistance with medical bills. It doesn't surprize me that so many oppose the Health Care Bill.

Can't really blame people who always want something for free. That's what's wrong with america today to many people want a free ride at the governments expense.


The cost paid by Americans in the War on terror over the last 8 yrs, would have paid for every man woman and child in America total health care for the next 50 yrs. So wheres your'e priority now?

Move onto jobs and energy

What worries me the most now is that the GOP is going to be so focused on stopping Obamacare that it will forget about jobs and energy, which are also massive problems facing this nation. GOP, you lost on this one. This is no different when Dems lost on tax cuts for the rich under Bush.

Not only have Dems made progress on healthcare, but they're make great stides in our wars in the Mideast. Obama has waged more attacks on Al-Qaeda just this year alone than Bush ever did! The GOP cannot allow the Dems to make progress on war, jobs and energy alone while they spend all their time trying to dismantle Obamacare... the irony will be that Dems will take even more credit for cleaning up the economic, energy, and war messes that Bush left us.


Hmmm. The poorest country in the world because of our debt? We don't even have the highest percentage of gdp debt in the world.

And where was all this debt talk when the GOP was running it up? The debt nearly doubled during W's watch, but we didn't hear the conservative talk then.

I believe people deserve access to medical care, rich or otherwise. If you leave the insurance companies to regulate themselves, why do you expect the health care industry to run better than the suddenly underregulated banking sector?

Conservatives want big business free from oversight, then complain about the unscrupulous fat cats who abuse that lack of oversight. Make up your minds.


I'm betting Utahns don't know the content of the bill, even in summary form. So at this stage, this poll means nothing at all. Maybe the newspaper should do more to educate people BEFORE asking their opinions. This poll does, however, indicate that Utahns want their cake and eat it too.


This shows that people in our great state are niave and believe the fear mongering. They didn't even bother to find out specifics of this bill. Sheep. Mark Shurtliff will take advantage of them by making what he thinks is a political statement. Good Luck because when people stop, listen and benefit from this bill they will know they were taken....

Re: MormonDem

Please enlighten us with what exactly is in the bill. Not just little bits and pieces, but the entire bill. My understanding is that it is thousands of pages long and nobody has even read it. Sound familiar? Remember the bailout? I doubt that you even know everthing that is in the bill. But hey, if Obama passed it, it must be good. No need to read it and find out for yourself, right?

60 percenter

Then insanity is in somehow convincing yourself that you will never need insurance or that you will ever be in the position to deal with the costs some other way when you do. You will need health insurance.


Please correct me if I'm wrong. Is it OK for Republicans to require everyone to get health insurance, i.e. Romney in Massachusetts, but not for Democrats?

better poll question

The "mandate" would not be opposed by most Utahns if the question described it accurately. "Do you believe people who are eligible to receive government assistance to purchase health insurance for their family should be required to pay a small amount of that cost themselves?"


Democrats are the party of "Hope". Republicans are the party of "Nope".


Well said, MormonDem...VERY well said. Thank you for being objective about such matters. Here's one venue where emotionally driven politics has taken a huge sector of our country way off track. You are a beacon of common sense in a sea of hysteria, if not well-intentioned radicalism.

I like the bill and they did not

call me.

So call me, I'm for this bill.

If you don't like it reach into your purse and pay for your medical bills.

You don't have kids but you are forced to pay property taxes that build schools for the kids you don't have.

Perhaps we can get our Attorney General to file an action for all the people in Utah that don't have kids and don't want to be forced to pay their property taxes?

Utah, a very dumb state.

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