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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Black Bone

Korver needs a few touches...to get going! He can score man!

louisiana jazz man

everybody rippen on cj for having one good game out of ten. i dont see any of them doing much better. kirlinko included he had about 6 good games then faded. even boz has more bad games than good. so cj is not alone there.


Re Phnehme : Interesting thought, but I don't think it's too accurate. Korver gets minutes when Mathews or CJ aren't playing well or if Korver is hot with his shooting. If CJ is playing well he plays and gets the minutes ahead of Korver and lately even ahead of Mathews. Last year Korver closed and got the important minutes because CJ wasn't playing D like the coaches wanted, this year they are happier with CJ's defense & lately his all around game. It is nice to have Korver in the game at the end for his free throw shooting and that could be a scenario where he will get minutes and CJ & Mathews would be on the bench. It depends on what the coaches think the team needs, if CJ is playing good D, and the matchup dictates it, CJ will be in the game. If toughness, and in your hugs D is what is wanted Mathews is in. If we have the lead and the other teams is going to foul, Korver will be in the game. All of these senerio's have AK in the game, with CJ,Mathews or Korver.

Jazz Cop

I'm pretty sure moore, even coming over an injury and with limited exposure, would be more effective than fesenko or koufus. i like getting those guys minutes, but they're not ready for the playoffs, and if we get an injury, there we go, we're going to really need someone.
it's possible that koufus or fesenko could step up in limited roles in the playoffs, but its better to just get someone whos been there done that and let him go to work for this playoff run, because you know, i want to see how far this team will go, and someone who knows what they're doing would be an upgrade in this situation.
i saw moore earlier in the year, but i watched him last year with boston, he gave them a lift, they were better last year than this year for sure, so thats a possible case for moore right there. his game is best when he close to the basket, he can hit the occasional 10 ft jumpshot, his length causes problems for slower players, he played good enough last year to have a role with boston.


Re Jazz Copp : I think I heard that Management dedided to resign Jeffers for the rest of the season, so your hopes of getting Moore won't happen.
My problem with Mikke Moore is he was too skinny and got pushed around too much. If he was very good, he wouldn't keep getting cut. He's 7'but he's not big enough or strong enough.
Give Fes enough minutes before the playoffs and he would be able to give us the minutes we need in the playoffs and be more effective than Mikke.

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