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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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You can make the arguement for a one dimensional player all you want, but the truth is Korver is a shooting specialist that deserves to come off the bench and provide a spark in this system. You are not making a realistic arguement with the system they run. In a different system I "might" agree with you that experience would win out, but that would require the jazz to run a system through korver. That's not happening. We win big games like last night because of strong defense, Korver wasn't bringing that. He looked soft and they were getting good transition buckets on him. Matthews hustles and makes that 2/3 player he's guarding think of him and how hard he's defending him. If you'll be realistic Jazz Cop, you'll come to grips with this. You can have all the logic on your side in a "perfect" system, but no one has that. We need more defense over shooters, we've got those in our leaders already.


re: @todd
On your question about why we struggle with the length of LA/Den and not Boston, the first 2 teams have speed and length, while Boston is aging and just has length. Well Boston also has girth, which the Jazz can handle. Booz and Memo don't have the foot speed for Gasol and Odom. KG during their championship run would've gave us fits, in fact he is what neutralized Odom/Gasol's speed and length. Boston is still good but they have aged and i doubt they quite have enough to make another run. Thats just how I see it at least.

Jazz Cop

re todd: I watched a little of the memphis game too, dude, memphis turned that into a run away, brewer just being on that team and they're playing better already. I don't pity brewer, he went to a playoff contender and they wanted him for a reason, he has a chance to help them become a good team, and i'm pretty sure he will too. that's two games i've watched memphis w brewer, i watched a little of his first game back and the griz had an impressive win that night too. who knows, maybe the griz aren't planning on keeping gay, brewer might actually be a better fit alongside mayo than gay is right now, obviously they aren't better off with out gay, but memphis is happy to have brewer, he has a chance to make something happen for himself and his team and he should be stoked.


Korver is not an NBA starter. He is a 6th man. Very one dimensional with his offensive skills. Slow on his feet on defense. He is a great role player and the Jazz need him on the team. But look around the league at the elite teams, guys like Korver are not on their teams, let alone starting for them.

For example, Luke Walton is a role player like Korver. When he was a starter for the Lakers, they were not winning championships. When they improved their player base, he become a limited role player. He is not a bad player, just not a starter or impact player. Same with Korver on most nights.

Korver is right where he belongs, coming off the bench. That being said, I am not saying that Matthews is the answer as a starter either. But between Korver and Matthews, I will take Matthews as the starter.

Jazz Cop

NGB, again, myth that korver is a one dimensional player. you have reduced him to nothing more than a three point shooter. someone who cant' defend, or pass. that's a picture of him based on your view, and on your view, the better basketball player runs around alot like mathews does, does little else but runs around and up and down the court. on my view, the better player is the one who can get himself open off a screen and hit a j, and who also will find himself open for some easy baskets at the rim, not to mention, korver is a better finisher; and all around better offensive player at everything, including passing, and especially knowing whats coming up next.
so, sloan too thinks the better player just has to run around alot more, i think thats just the player who does more because they have less idea of what to do.


Miles, Couldn't agree more. I'm not saying Mattews is the answer to our 2 problem, i'm just saying Korver isn't deserving of being a starter. Sasha Vuyacrap is a shooter just like Korver, never ever should he be a starter. it's the way the game is. Matthews is getting better and I like that, but we need him to continue to get better and work on his 15 ft jumpshot. Jazz Cop and Miles: What do you two think of the signing of Jeffers for the rest of the season? Also, do you guys think it's still in our best interest to look at Mikki Moore or do we just use the guys we have now?

Jazz Cop

@ngb-but how many games do we actually win with our defense? not many. true, korver isn't as quick on his feet, but he's a little longer than mathews so that makes up for a little of it, he's also taller so that makes it harder to pass over him, mathews is just more active, korver is more effective.


Matthews comes off the screen up top, oh and he drains the 19 footer, Wesley Matthews. That's the play by play. Did Korver have that last game? No, he didn't cuz he went 0 for 1 and couldn't get open. That followed by his Veteran Free throw shooting... Oh wait, he's missing tech's left and right. Come on, more people are seeing it from the view i'm mentioning. Less and less people mention your view, maybe you should consider that. Korver has plays ran thru him while Matthews has to make due without getting a play called for him, when he does he drains it. When he gets position on the block he gets fouled, no call and still drains it.

I'm guessing your never gonna fold on this so we'll let it be, but like i said before. Sasha on the Lakers will never be a starter, Korver isn't made for it either, if his defense weren't an issue he'd be playin, plain and simple, in fact two games ago he said he played lousy defense in an interview.

Jazz Cop

@ngb-it would definitely be worth our time to bring in a guy like moore, it pretty much looks like a good match, and it makes sense for a playoff run to pick him up. as for jeffers, sure, its a good thing, i wonder why though, if it is going to be double against the cap, it seems unnecessary, even if it ends up being that we need jeffers to play which is unlikely.


Re NGB,: I would side with you in this argument with Jazz Copp, Korver is a specialist and that is it. He is a very good shooter(especially this year)and tries to make up for his lack of athleticism/defense with smarts but he doesn't do that good enough to start over Mathews or CJ. He is not starter material, unless you don't have better talent available. Both Mathews and CJ are better suited(more talent/athleticism) to start than Korver.
I like Korver, but he's not better than Mathews or CJ, period.
If the Jazz can win all the up coming road games, it will go along ways to being able to hold on to the 4th spot in the playoffs. Let's hope they don't have a lapse of concentration and come out every game with energy, intensity and toughness and they should be able to beat all of these teams.

ol' Stinky

Miles, nobody asked you. Matthews is cemented in, your little cj is on probation & he better keep playing good or he is gone. Scoring alone does not account for all that builds a victory. There are things that happen that I am sure could be explained to some fans but I am not sure I could explain it to you based on your posting history.


@Jazz cop, I just haven't seen Moore play and i'm wondering how injured he could be and if sloan would even bring him off the bench. I know he's already played for Jerry, but we both know he's set in his ways and would want to go with Chemistry and not throw off his line up. but what could 15 mins a game do? against the lakers and den a least we'd have lenght

Jazz Cop

Korver was closing out games for us at the end of last year, he did fine, he needs to play more, start, and close games. thats when we need him. sloan is getting it wrong, i'm afraid, most people are wrong about this. it's sloans biases that are so blinding for those who can't see it like me. as for vujacic, he's too short, korver is a better player simply because of size. the trend is such that guys like korver aren't starters, but for our team it is the right move to make, that argument isn't convincing, hyperbole doesn't sway me. admit, you like watching mathews run aruound like sloan does, like just run around run. ok, i wouldn't match korver up with someone like bryant or ray allen, but you give korver a chance and see how he does, you always have mathews to run around for you if you want.

Jazz Cop

Just because most people don't want to hear it I'm not bringing it up, but let it be known, i have no ideas what you guys are talking about or thinking.


There is no one out there that could help this team except Raja Bell to guard Kobe. And I don't know the age of Bell or if he has lost a step since leaving the Jazz?

Moore is not going to help this team this year. I would just keep what we have a push forward and hope that we are not a walking wounded team come the playoffs. I think we have the ability to finish no worse than 4th and could move into 3rd behind Denver and LA.


@ol' Stinky.....Since you know my posting history, you must post under a different name.......Try that and we can talk.


I can admit that I like it when Matthews is in there because i know that he's not gonna have a play ran through him. Korver may be a good shooter, but he can't always get open and the play ends up being a lost possesion when we can't get it to him. Matthews has had a break out game with 29 pts. I haven't seen Korver come to that and it's because we can't always just set screens for him every play, we pay millions for guys like booz, williams, memo, ak to get those plays, not Korver. Matthews gets shots on a kick out because his guy leaves him and instead of always settling for a jump shot he takes it to the rack a lot of times and something good usually happens.
Korvers height is 1 inch, 1. his arms are long, but if your beat it doesn't matter how long them arms are unless your AK with 7'3" wingspand. He did guard ray last night and fouled him because he was left open for a jump shot.


Sorry 2 Inches short, Misquote

Chuck Nunn

Some people hate Fesenko so bad that he can't even catch a break when he's sick. The virus was bad enough that Okur had to leave a game and miss another, and who do you think he's working against in practice? I wasn't surprised that Fess would catch that bug, although I did want to see how he'd follow up from the Saturday game. It was nice to see Koufos get some floor time, and he got in there and battled. Memo was obviously over the virus, and once he got a rhythm going in the second half, he was awesome. Hopefully Fess is ready to go for the road swing and Utah is at full strength for the stretch run to the playoffs.

Peace out from the Jazz Oracle!


Sloan has done a great job adjusting line ups with the personnel available each night. I think the reason Korvers minutes have gone done is because AK has been hurt. The combo of AK's defense and Korvers offense along with dwill, boozer and Milsap was lights out to close games when we needed offense. When we need a defensive close out Mathews plays. When AK comes back I think we will see Korvers minutes go up.

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