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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Ak Fan

It was defence. Did you see rotation classic. Big win.

Congrats to CJ and Memo

I sure hope CJ has many games like this one in the playoffs. He really earned his 3.7 mill tonight and played a complete game with offense/defense and leadership. He hit from outside and went to the rim. Way to go CJ and a well deserved standing O.

Memo was awesome in the second half. 3s and boards. That really turned things around. Not bad for being sick.

Boozer and Williams did their usual. Pace was a key to winning. Williams pushed the Cs and did not let them get set in their 1/2 court defense. Boozer played some great D.

Mathews was solid. Koof played well and was needed. All he needed was some playing time, 4 points, 3 rebs.

This was an impressive win against the number 1 defense in the NBA and it came without AK.

You never know what you are going to get from the Jazz but they were in championship form in the 2nd half.

Dallas lost again and OKC lost at home. Now if GS can just beat PHO.


Doug | 9:35 a.m. March 22, 2010

Too bad CJ had his game for March this past weekend.

Oh Doug, what was that you said this morning? So negative about the most improved player on the team. CJ scores 23 and gets a loud ovation at the end of the game. I guess Doug, the true fans understand the value of CJ. Where does that leave you?

todd from santa ana

at the moment Golden State leads Phoenix 108-105. By the way, "nellie the bufoon" waived Raja Bell tonight.

This was a night to very proud of our professional basketball team. This was the most impressive win of the season for many reasons. Okur and Boozer being in foul trouble, Koustos had so many problems with Big Baby... DWIL, Millie and Price, Matthews and Korver helped keep us in the game.

The 2nd half was the most impressive half against a quality opponent all season. It was awesome. Okur, 3s of course, then the rebounds and 2 blocks. 2 Boozer blocks.

No one I doubt could ever picture Boozer blocking a shot and then taking it to the house for a dunk.

I have always said "if he wants" he CAN PLAY DEFENSE BECAUSE HE DID AT DUKE.

Same for Okur. Miles did it all tonight. Dwil was great.

Against the size and length of Boston, the Jazz ung there and effort and more effort carried us.


Sloan had the right combos i will give him credit there and the players tonight played with focus-you see in playoffs

Tonight is a good example of

wings who can shoot coupled with strong rebounding. That combo makes the Jazz very hard to beat especially when Memo is hitting from the outside.


I hope Matthews is okay.


Good win, we need everyone to step up like they did to beat good teams like the Celtics.
I hope CJ can stay consistent, he hasn't been so far this year but lately he has shown that maybe he is learning and growing and starting to play better each game. Like I have said all year CJ has great potential and if he continues to learn and grow and gain confidence he will be a big contributor and really help the Jazz be able to challenge the Lakers,Nuggets,Mavs,. The way he took the ball to the hole tonight is the way he needs to play every game, if he will, it will build his confidence and then his shooting should become more consistent.
It was good to see (big)KK get some minutes, I think he and Fes have alot of potential and just need minutes to develop and be positive contributors. Whether they will be able to contribute this year or not is questionable.
Mathews is tough and works hard, he looks like his knee is bothering him, I hope it doesn't get any worse and that he will be able to keep playing.

todd from santa ana

Yeah I am worried about Matthews hope he is ok they have like a 4-5 hour flight in the am to Maple Leaf Gardens, Aka Canada Center.. Unfortunately, Phoenix just won in typical Warrior fashion as they find ways to lose...However, if we take care of business it will not matter


Kudos to Sloan for getting this many wins so quickly. His brilliant move to rate each player on every defensive move after every game has brought a measure of accountability to each player, and that includes Boozer, who is the most improved defensive player on the team because he went from maybe the worst defensive player on the team last year to middle of the pack. That will increase his value to the degree that the Jazz might not be able to afford to keep him now. But I'm excited for the playoffs this year. It will be tough to get past any team in the West, but they have the talent and they have developed enough teamwork lately that they might get it done.


is fine according to a radio interview that he did.

CJ has made major progress in his complete game. He came thru against the number one defense in the league.

It is not just CJ who is inconsistent. You never know what you are going to get with this whole team. Even from one quarter to another.

However, they do much better when they are aggressive, play at the right tempo, play defense and hit outside shots.

CJ and the team will have down nights. It is okay for CJ to be down 1/2 of the time. Millsap, Korver, Okur and AK are not much more consistent than that.

As long as CJ attacks the rim and plays defense then he is not a liability when his shots do not fall. Attacking the rim makes CJ a lot more consistent than just slinging 3s.

todd on "coach of the year"

On the Memphis-Sacramento telecast tonight, colorman Jerry Reynolds discussed his "coach of the year candidates"

He listed Scott Brooks, followed by Skiles, Hollins, Sloan and then Mcmillian.

I would rate Gentry ahead of Mcmillian. Portland struggled until Camby got there. He blew the Andre Miller issue at the start of the season.

This is about right. Sloan if he could pull off an upset or two in the playoffs and get to the Finals will shut me up about Sloan.

Tonight was tremendous intensity by his team. The next step is to do this on the road consistently. That means no more excuses--A FULL SQUAD EVERY NIGHT DEDICATED FOR 48 minutes.

My Jazz friend relocated to South Bend, is going to the Pacer-Jazz game at Conseco Field House Friday Night in Indy. Lets get 3 out of 3 on this road trip. Toronto will be difficult...

Big Smack from Little Jack

I liked what I saw tonight from the Jazz. It seems like all of their players really have the pick and roll down not just D-Will to Boozer, and hitting the trey really gives us a complete offense. Those green gansters had it going in the first but they were missing one thing, their only white guy. Scallabrini usually kills us from the 3-point line, so it helped having him out. I really enjoy watching the Jazz win, almost as much as watching the Celtics lose. Doc Rivers showed real poise at the end there.
I hope the confidence keeps building and they keep hitting the 3-ball like that because they will need it against Denver and LA. Fingers crossed that they get the 2 seed. Later jazzfans


@ Miles

What did you think you think about C J running the offense for most of the 4th? What is his turnover ratio the last 15 games. Are his rebounding numbers up? Do you think he has become more consistant over the last 15 games? Did you hear him on NBA TV when they asked him what was the most frequent Sloanism he had heard from Jerry this week when he replied, "Come on man, you know I can't say that on TV." ?


Well a I guess C J is becoming a little bit more consistant. I guess he can play better defense than I thought. Well so what you guys aren't always right either.


I don't understand why fez didn't play tonight. All the bigs were in foul trouble, and fez was coming off of the best game of his career, but he didn't even make it in the game. Was he unavailable for some reason that I missed?

Koufos did ok, and everything turned out fine, I was just surprised to not see fez on a day when he was obviously needed and played well in the previous game.


hit on big baby was the key to the game. he had 13 ppoints in the first half. dident do much after that. soon as he came back in knocked him down again. wasent paying much attition at the time game was about over and i relized garnett dident do much. someone must have played good d or he was wore out.

Curt Kjar

For some reason the Jazz were trying last night. It was good to see Money Balls going for some rebounds. Boozer was a monster in the fourth. CJ finally learned how to drive with confidence. It looked as if this kid actually knew what he was doing. That could help us if it is not just a one game thing. Deron is a great passer and he looks to be becoming a LEADER! Paull put a big Louisiana man on the floor. That was pretty cool!

Hugh G. Hater

Wow. Sloan outcoached Doc Rivers badly.


Who is this Koufos? I like to see this man playing in the paint. Why do they not use this man more? He is not a little weak man. He wants contact. Contact is for the big boys!

More contact = more contract...ask Paul.

hey steve...

fes was out with "stomach ailment." super easy to check those things online, dude.

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