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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I think that should say "can not"


To the person who commented that people should work their way through college:
Did you notice that Universities and colleges in Utah are implementing tuition increases of 10% this year and next. College is not affordable. Check out tuition costs. They are very expensive.


"...monopolizing the student-loan industry...?" They took Nelnet's job! I had three loans going through school. Every one was through a local financial institution. Every one was then sold off to one company: Nelnet. Why are concervatives so upset the fed is taking the banks out of the loop of what was a federal program anyway? Oh, that's right, for all their belly-aching, they still love a government subsidy.


This is yet another step the DemoRats are taking toward socialism -- the government controlling business. This health care bill will mean permanent economic stagnation. Because of it, we will never again see the prosperity of the past.

The student loan provision is unconstitutional -- read the 9th and 10th amendments. The federal government can only regulate commerce, not run it.


Socialized insurance?? You believe corporations a socialistic? What happened to education in Utah? This is frightening.


If I were a communist, i'd be happy today. Nyet.


All of you complaining about this provision have obviously never paid a student loan. So stay out of the conversation! For all of you who have, you know this provision is a good thing... I'm currently in the starting stages of paying back law school loans. Most of the loans came through the federal government, however, for some reason my school initially signed me up for private loans. So about 10% of my loans are administered by a private lender (Citigroup)... I only found out that Citi was handling a part of my student loans by mistake. I've never recieved any correspondence from them. When I try to view my information online, the information is bare to the bone. Very minimal and hard to gauge. It's like they want to keep me in the dark about what I owe and my repayment options! Working with Direct Loans (federal) is like night and day. Seamless and very transparent. This is a great provision because it essentially takes away free money from these private lenders. For true capitalists, let those private lenders go out and earn it!

Service loan or guarantee loan

The way I understand it, if you service the loan you are putting up the money. Thay is why you get the interest. If you are going to guarantee the loan, you are an insurance policy. In the past, the banks serviced the loan--put up the money. Now the government will. Hmm...where will that money come from? In the past, the government only guaranteed the loan--money was only needed for defaulted loans.

Same ol', Same ol'

What does Obamacare have to do with Student Loans? Riders on bills should be outlawed.

Oh, so sad

no more corporate welfare (at least not via student loans) for the banks. These changes should have been implemented long ago. No more corporate welfare (they’re the biggest welfare (taxpayer money) recipients).

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