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Published: Tuesday, March 23 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What a Surprise

Wow! The Federal government snuck in a provision to take over something else from private businesses??? What a shock!! You mean those politicians forgot to mention this to the American people?? Social Security is broken, Medicare is broken, the health care system will soon be broken and now they're going to break someone's education.

ABBO 2012

reconcilliation, which is the little trick they are ising to push this catastrophe, is only to reconile budget items. Student lending has nothing to do with health insurance, so it is against the rules of congress to include student lending with health care. But leave it to the dems to ignore the rules as long as they get what they want.


More funds available for people who want to go to school to improve their lives is a bad thing? Cutting the greedy banks out of the picture is a bad thing? I think we all would be disgusted if we really knew what was included in this bill by both parties. Albeit good or bad, at least it is a step forward. I personally will benefit from the changes taking effect immediately as will a lot of people. The republicans missed their chance and stalled a little too long. Sorry!

Student Loan Program?

One more lending program to allow congress and liberals to push social engineering at the expense of the tax payer. The government promoted substandard home loans for substandard borrowers and them blamed the bankers. Who will they blame for providing substandard loans to substandard students.

Call it what it is folks. Student loan losses will end up being a social welfare project and be the beginning of runaway educational inflation. I am sure the liberals won't blame big education for this failure.

Dixie Dan

Where is John Boehner and the Republican party health plan? Remember, Boehner said last summer that the Republican's were putting the finishing touches on a better plan. John, where is your plan? America is waiting!


You may be pleasantly surprised, but that would be disappointing, wouldn't it? Because you're not looking for the good, just the bad. You just like belly-aching.


Student Loans? What does that have to do with health care? Oh wait a minute! It doesn't! A hidden agenda...what a surprise! Not! At least, not for those who read the fine print....



Just Me

Wow, there could be a provision in the bill that brought Jesus back and the haters would find a reason to complain about it.
My goodness, this could be a really good thing. The reality is, neither party is good nor evil and neither one is or ever has been completely forthright with the American people. They are all politicians serving whoever pays them the most (the Republicans, too, participate wholeheartedly in this un-official system, in case you've been under a rock your whole life).
Can we please get over the dim-witted partisan pigeon-holing and discuss the issue at hand? Not likely on the DN forums, I suppose.
And the comment about "substandard loans to substandard students"? It would be great to have some clarification on exactly what the poster meant by that. What would qualify said students as being substandard? Your attempt at cleverness by drawing some parallel with the housing market fiasco is, well, substandard!


Finally they got rid of that scam. The way student loans were working was ridiculous.

We the tax payers paid for the student loans and took on all the risk for the loans. If someone defaulted on these loans we still had to pay for it, not the banks. The banks made these loans and collected interest on them with zero risk. They didnt have to pay a dime, all they did was collect the interest on them.

Thats absurd and im happy its gone.

When the government

controls all student loans, the government will decide who is worthy of being loaned money--which means that the government will decide who is worthy to get an education!
It will also mean that a local lender, who can judge individually who is or is not a good candidate for a loan based on the individual's needs, student record, and the risk of the loan, will be replaced by a functionary in Washington with no knowledge of the individual, his needs, or his worthiness.
If you don't like what happened to government-guaranteed home loans, or the control those who administer your medicare, medicaid, or insurance health benefits and decide what medical care you doctor can give you, you won't like the way this is going to work out either.
And for the person who mentioned "greedy banks", did you not realize that the interest PAID to you on your savings account comes from the interest banks charge on loans?

just me

It sounds good. Hope it works but if it's like s.s., medicare, etc. it will eventually help break our country. You can't get something for nothing. I would guess there is a pretty high percentage of people who will not pay back their loans. Up goes taxes. It is all pretty scarey to me. I guess none of us really know. Certainly congress doesn't.


I trust the federal government to run the student loan program about as much as I trust Obama to live up to his campaign promises. Which means I see this as a disaster.

robust robert

I think its great

Troubled America

This bill will put america in to a downward spiral of corruption and financial desparation we will never recover from. The tax payers cannot support or pay for this education and health care socialism. If you think the economy is bad now, wait until it starts coming out of your paychecks.

Education and healthcare are not rights, they are privileges and the tax payers are not required by the constitution to pay. Especially for illegal aliens from south of the border who pay no taxes, who loot and pilfer americas poor. It's unconstitutional taxation.

Too many students and education think getting an education is a right, well it's not a rights and they are forgetting that when they graduate or stop going to school they join the ranks to pay this tax. Which in turn will be a high cost affecting their ability to repay student loans and this tax and the penalties this law will impose.

Socialism will rule and our country will become a foot note in history, a had been. In a few decades we will not exist because of greed and socialism under Muslim rule.

like the present system

I like the present system, where you can choose which lender you would like to go through. Credit Unions charge less of an origination fee than the banks do.


Before you make comments about how Federal student loans work, learn something about how federal student loans work.

re: Just Me

"a provision in the bill that brought Jesus back " would be just as likely to come to pass as some of the things that are promised in the bill. Saying it does not necessarily make it come to pass. That should be obvious at this point.


I couldn't get a private refinance of my loan because the conservative Rupublican state of Utah makes you refinance throught them. Not that I am complaining. I find it ironic that people are bagging on Congress finding a way to save $/Pell Grants when in fact the the State of Utah already pretty much does this.


10 months ago my student loan went to the federal government, which is who I payed it to. This happened BEFORE the bill was passed.

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