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Published: Monday, March 22 2010 12:00 a.m. MDT

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NO! Decorum is only required frum dem evil nasty republicans, NOT the good guys, the Democrats. They can do no wrong.

Don't apologise Congressman. Shout louder! BABY KILLERS! Demoncrats need to be exposed for who they are. Stop playing nice. They never do. SPEAK THE TRUTH with the voice of thunder!

Good for you!

Should have done it 50+ yrs ago in front of his mother, to let her have some food for thought. Oh, that's mean isn't it? Unlike abortion, which is such a kind, loving procedure.

Utah Doctor

If it supports abortion then it is in fact killing babies.

Sometimes the truth is not popular... Neugebauer has it right!

Texas or Utah,

those were the only States that a fool like that would have opened his big mouth and stuck his foot it. I'm a little surprised it was not Utah.

Great work Democrats for this HUGE victory.

Too bad Republicans for your very Huge loss.

Thank Goodness

Whew! Not from Utah. This is good news.


Only Dems could find such behavior offensive.

What fools

think how many abortions will be prevented now that a young mother will have health coverage to deliver the baby in the first place.

Republicans only see things one way, their way.

Too bad on your huge historic loss to the Democrats yesterday. They kicked your back ends back to about 1950. And if you do take over the house and senate in November just remember that Obama will be waiting for you with his veto pen every time you try to do anything.

Sorry, I would like to say more but I have to run to my Democrat Victory Party!

God bless the President of the United States of America.

The Rock

We need to stop worrying about if a statement is nice or not. Let's just worry about the truth.

Some guy named John was baptizing in the river Jordan when he call the Scribes and Pharisees "Generation of Vipers" to their faces. It was not nice, but it was true.

Will Stupack's vote lead to more dead babies?

The Real Offense

is the Baby-Killing itself, which is elective abortion. Truth is an affirmative-defense, or should be! Stupak's actions were pathetic; he always intended on voting for the bill. Just needed political "cover" by a public hodling-out first, which is what he did. Calculated deception. That's really offensive, and his constituents should boot him out!!!!

Party of....

From the Party of "No"...

"You Lie!"
"He__ No!"
And now "Baby Killer!"

It's sad to watch what the modern conservative movement has done to Republicans.

BTW - Should have just stuck with "No!"


The true sadness is that our country has deteriorated to the point that civility is mocked and the lack thereof applauded. We might as well start selling jerseys for our favorite political team. Cheer, cheer, cheer for our team no matter what the bill says. Nothing will be fixed in this country until we stop fighting like children. Unfortunately, if history is a guide, it will take a major blood-letting before people realize once again that all Americans bleed red regardless of whose "team" they belong to. That's the lesson the Greatest Generation learned, and that is why they created the most prosperous nation in the world for the rest of us to enjoy.


Not one of you has mentioned the deal he worked out with Obama making sure that no federal funds are going to be used for abortion. This is what he was holding out for and he got what he wanted.

Abortion, whether you like it or not, is legal in this country if you pay for it yourself.

Civility is dead.

@the rock

no it will not it did not change existing law regarding funding which is the point, the outburst was nothing more then another pathetic baseless rant from the right, sadly this type of boorish behavior has become expected and dare I say acceptable in congress.


Why is it pro lifers have such a narrow view of life? Caring about life can't be limited to the unborn. Once born, Republicans and other pro lifers don't seem to care much about the quality or quantity of life anymore. Seems to me that they pick and choose what life is important to them just like the rest of us but in their case they seem to have the most limited view possible. I am 7 months pregnant, pro choice , and can tell you how many babies you kill because the mama doesn't have access to good prenatal care. Every time I have an appointment and get checked, I wonder how pro lifers imagine they are saving babies just by opposing abortion. What nonsense.

Interesting facts...

Since mandatory health care was passed in MA, there has been a decrease in abortions.

All countries that have guaranteed health care have lower abortion rates then the US.

All evidence indicates that, funding issue totally aside, this bill will reduce abortions.

Another lost freedom!

Thanks to Democrats, your tax dollars are being used to fund the killing of unborn babies! How does that make you feel, if you value human life, are a moral person and believe life is sacred? If you have no values, no conscience, no morality, well then I guess you are happy to kill innocent children! God forgive us for electing these tryrants!

Re: Chunck

The rest of us do not owe you a living! Your parents should have taught you that America is the land of equal opportunity for self determination,the pursuit of happiness, not for the government to determine the quality of your life! That's called slavery when other people control your life!

@Another lost freedom!

What part of the executive order which does not allow for the use of federal funds to pay for abortions did you not understand? God forgive us for tolerating the emotional, uneducated, holier-than-thou right-wing moutpieces.

to Doctor.

The issue is not whether the bill supports abortion. It is rather, whether or not Federal funding will be used to pay for it. This bill will not stop abortion, it may reduce it however,as preganant women will have health care benefits that allow them to bring a baby to term. But the content of the bill makes it certain that federal tax dollars cannot be used to pay for an abortion. Those that pushed the Stupec ammendment were really trying to expand restrictions on abortion by unrelated federal legislation, and trying to use this emotional issue to stop the reform effort.

But, if you really want to criminalize abortion then do it by constitutional amendment, declaring that from the moment of conception a fetus is fully human and therefore invested with all rights and obligations under law. Hey, maybe we should tax fetuses to pay for maternity health care. Call it a pregnancy tax. What do suppose that notion might do to the abortion rate?


Another lost freedom!

What freedom did you lose? I could not tell from your post. Would you clarify it for me?

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